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Israeli Zionist Union lawmaker demands PM recall US ambassador


Claims envoy has angered Obama administration and is hurting US-Israel ties; PM reportedly refuses to comply

A Knesset member from the Zionist Union party has called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to fire his Israel’s ambassador to the US Ron Dermer as a “necessary first step” in efforts to rehabilitate fractured Israel-US relations.

Dermer has incurred the wrath of the Obama Administration and senior Democrats for colluding with top Congressional Republicans to arrange Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress – behind the back of President Barack Obama.

In a letter sent to Netanyahu Wednesday, Knesset member Erel Margalit said the Obama administration has been giving Israel the cold shoulder since Dermer arranged the speech along with Speaker of the House John Boehner.

According to Margalit, Dermer’s current persona non grata status in Washington is endangering Israel, and Netanyahu must dismiss him in order to show serious efforts are being taken to “rebuild trust with Israel’s best and most important ally.”

Dermer, for his part, has not shown any contrition for his actions, according to a lengthy piece in The New York Times describing the ambassador’s activities.

“As he visits lawmakers and entertains them over dinner, sits for broadcast interviews and speaks with groups of journalists, Mr. Dermer has shown … little sign that he is rethinking his approach.

“The outreach comes as some administration officials and members of Congress have privately said Mr. Dermer’s standing has been so tarnished by recent events that he can no longer be effective in his post.”

Richard LeBaron, the former American ambassador to Kuwait and a former deputy chief of mission at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, told The New York Times that the speech episode was a mistake that had rendered Dermer “damaged goods,” and “practically persona non grata among senior policy makers” in the United States government.

“It was poor judgment, and it was poor judgment affecting the relationship with the most important country that has a partnership with Israel,” said Mr. LeBaron, adding that as a former ambassador, he would expect to have been sent home for a similar infraction. “If he’s not gone within a month, it’s another indicator that Netanyahu is only out for political advantage and is not serious about repairing relations.”

A source in the prime minister’s office told Israel Army Radio that PM Netanyahu is not planning to replace Dermer.”



Lest We Forget–Hitler was not a ‘Zionist’

ed note–It has been accurately said that the entire Hitler/Holocaust/WWII revisionist business is a dead end as far as waking the average person up to the dangers that Zionism and organized Jewish interests pose to today’s world, but I also think that accuracy for history be maintained as well.

On this note, a great deal of distraction is/has been created by those who claim that ‘Hitler was a Jew’ and that he was a ‘Zionist’–intellectual stink bombs that cause otherwise productive discussions on various important issues to transform into something of an intellectual tornado that goes nowhere and leaves nothing but ruin in its wake.

Below should suffice as a good starting point in settling the question concerning Hitler’s ‘Jewish’ roots and his support for a Jewish state in Palestine.

As always, our eternal gratitude to Trevor for the info.

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Likud closes gap: Netanyahu leads Zionist Union in 1 exit poll, tied in 2 others
Polls close in elections for the 20th Knesset, first numbers released.

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Update: Miko Peled and his vile, deceitful smear campaign against Trevor LaBonte… Anti-Zionist Zionist gatekeepers face off against the real truth movement


Ed note (Trevor) At TUT’s new companion site, Jonathan Azaziah’s Mouqawamah Music, whose mission is to liberate the discourse, we have declared war on the gatekeeping establishment, and are under heavy fire for it. It is a fascinating study of the lay of the battlefield, and a lot is coming out in the wash, so please read. 

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Mask of Zion Report Feb 11, 2015

kosher reaper

“Is it good for the Jews? – The International Intra-Jewish Gang War and A Third Party’s Entry Into The Conflict” 

Azaziah The Anomaly returns with a bombshell discussion on the Jewish “solidarity activist” gatekeepers’ entry into the Intra-Jewish gang war between the neocons and neolibs that has raged for years and is now reaching critical mass. Also, our host completely eviscerates the hasbara behind the recent WaPo/Newsweek “revelation” about CIA hands in Hizbullah commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination. MUST-LISTEN!


Mask of Zion Report 12 pm EST, Feb 11, 2015

Once again we will be LIVE today…

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ISIS, MEK Zionists’ boots on the ground in the region


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Zoabi: There is no difference between Netanyahu and Zionist Union


MK Tibi in response to Bennet: Most thieves, criminals, and murderers in Israel are Jews.

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Mark Glenn on FARS News: Iranian Leader’s Letter Aimed at Healing Rift between Islam and Christianity Caused by Zionism



Mask of Zion Report, Feb 9, 2015


“Hizbullah’s Historic Retaliation, Worldwide Resistance, Gatekeepers and What Is and Isn’t News”

The Mask of Zion Report returns in nothing less than blistering fashion as the one and only Jonathan Azaziah tackles the life-or-death struggle between the Donbass Resistance and International Zionism’s Kiev coup regime, the historic retaliation Hizbullah carried out for the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s criminal raid on Quneitra and the end of our rules of engagement with the “anti-Zionist Zionist” gatekeepers. This is one for the ages folks.


Mask of Zion Report, with Jonathan Azaziah, Live at 12pm EST

Once again we will be LIVE today…

Those wishing to listen live can do so by clicking here–

Those wishing to participate can do so by calling 347.989.8550

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Miko Peled and Robert Martin: two more gatekeepers of Zion, policing the discourse


ed note (Trevor) I recently exposed Miko Peled a gatekeeper. He kvetched about it here on his blog. Below is my response. Peled and Robert Martin have thousands of followers which they are misleading into believing that Judaism, the holohoax, and 9/11 are irrelevant to Palestine. The movement will never go anywhere as long as the discourse is being scrubbed by these gatekeepers. Judaism, like the billowing BP oil leak on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, is the source of the problem, and it is going to take a lot more than a little “clean-up” (in this case, with “Israel’s” “apartheid” policies) to resolve the issue. 

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Former chief rabbi of Greece: “Syriza is an anti-Zionist party that is against Israel”

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Preview: Trevor LaBonte contributes to upcoming Iranian book about anti-Zionist revolution

Texas-Israel protest pic 1 (1)
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German judge rules: Anti-Zionism is code for anti-Semitism

Protester who chanted against Zionists during summer demonstration convicted of incitement against a minority; will appeal

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Canada: Hypocrite Nation Ruled by Zionist Deception & anti-Free Speech Laws, by Arthur Topham


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Harper government steals $9 million from taxpayers to fund covert Zionist ‘Digital Public Square Project’ by Arthur Topham

undercover kosher operative in canada

Driven by an unquenchable lust for power and control of the world via deception and control of foreign governments and being the pathological liars and swindlers that they are, nothing appears to deter the Zionist’s endless political machinations which inevitably include deceiving the general public in order to have the dumbed down goy pay for these traitor’s own nefarious aims. This transparent process is no better exemplified than in their latest swindle of $9 million bucks of taxpayers money to help Israel continue its relentless, hate-filled disinformation campaigns against the Russian Federation and the Muslim nations throughout the Middle East that Israel has its greedy little eyes set upon invading and controlling.

Government of Canada backs digital public square from U of T’s Munk School” writer Terry Lavender states that the Zionist Israeli disinformation scam, code-named the “Digital Public Square Project” is being marketed by the mendacious Munk and Harper Zionists as “a new project to increase digital communication access for people in countries ruled by repressive governments.” (That is, countries outside of our own.)

OCDG: In other words, subversion, kosher-style. The judeo-west, which monitors EVERY single communication, digital or analog and which legally bars any device/service that isn’t backdoored for the use of the three-letter devil agencies, which they claim is to combat terrorism (which they themselves create) has NOT stopped a single terrorist incident (gee, I wonder why). Its main purpose is to defuse any legitimate opposition to the JWO and economic espionage, which is a nice bonus.

This is more of the same… gather ignorant or malicious people and use them to undermine and destroy any society/nation that the dirty, rotten chosen want to rape and pillage on their way to total world domination. The relatively recent incident in Cuba, with the jewish spy alan gross… exemplifies this approach. He was just a nice jewish boy, helping distribute communications equipment to help the disenfranchised to have freedom…

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Does Zionism Have Room For Minorities? (Like A Lion Pride Has Room For Gazelles)

kosher PR 3

A new campaign aims to promote Israel as the bastion of freedom, liberty and pluralism. “Which side are you on?” the video asks. The side that believes in open debate; the side that strives for gender equality; the side that protects its young people; the side that goes out of its way to avoid harming innocent people, and the side that takes pride in its diverse society? It asks. “I know which side I’m on,” a series of individuals — men, women, black, white, declare: “I am for Israel.”

OCDG: Like shooting fishing in a barrel with dynamite; too easy… The most chafing/repugnant/absurd claim by those lil’ “Natural Born Liars” is that “israel has bad PR”… The best liars and deceivers in the world and they have “bad PR”?! They literally invented PR.

From an electioneering perspective, it’s easy to see why the joint Labor-Hatnua ticket, led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni, would dub themselves the “Zionist Camp.” Hoping to unseat Netanyahu — he who has become synonymous with Israeli leadership in the eyes of many — Livni and Herzog need to position themselves as the “real” Israel. And so far, it may be working: Recent polls reveal that the Herzog-Livni alliance is leading.

Ahh, there’s the other aspect to this story. Trying to sell the “old boss” as the new boss. Like putting…

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Charlie Hebdo attack the inevitable backlash of Zionist-engineered mass murder in Islamic countries



Can Zionism Exist Outside of Israel?

quote unquote zionism devouring world

If Zionism is solely focused on developing the Modern State of Israel “from the inside,” then it would be impossible for Zionism to exist outside of Israel.

Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, a Torah luminary and the first Chief Rabbi of Israel, explained that religion and Zionism are innately intertwined. Stated otherwise, he believed that Zionism is a religious issue. Thus, individuals who find themselves embroiled in the constant struggle to safeguard Torah values are not just deeply religious but also true Zionists.

OCDG: Not only do these psychopaths want their cake and eat it as well, they want to devour the whole world. quote unquote zionism’s goal from the beginning was to “rule the world with a rod of iron”… it hasn’t evolved or changed from it’s original purpose. As the rabbi “kook” states, ZIONISM IS JUDAISM AND JUDAISM IS ZIONISM. That includes atheist jews as well as talmudic/torah jews. Thanks for giving it up so easily rabbi, you kosher whore. Also pay attention to the way the author (and by extension all jews) try to expand the definition of zionism… (in strict technical terms it only refers to the land of israel Palestine but they would never be content with just small plot of land) using their maniacal imagination, warping the boundaries of reasoning. Other interesting tidbits are also to be found.

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