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In French Poll, Majority says Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy

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How They Do It– ‘The Holocaust did not legitimize Zionism…3000 years of Judaism does’

If international public opinion does not understand that Jews deserved Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in 1933 no less than in 1948, it will infer that Zionism owes its legitimacy to Hitler.

ed note–remember that for the last half century and more, the Hollerco$t was THE reason given as to why the Jews deserved to be given ‘that land’. Book after book after book, movie after movie after movie was made hyperfocusing on Jewish suffering before, during, and after WWII to the complete negation of what others endured and this event was used as ‘exhibit A’ in making the case for the creation of the Jewish state.

Now however, as it always is, the real truth comes out–that indeed it was not the Hollerco$t that ‘legitimizes’ Judea Resurrecta, but indeed, Judaism itself as laid out within the bloody and diabolical pages of the ultimate ‘book of hate’, the Torah, with its prescription of anti-Gentilism and recipe for total world control, just a few examples of which are laid out below, to wit–

‘The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And their kings to the brightness of your ascension…
You shall drink their milk and draw milk from the breasts of their kings…
Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks,
And the sons of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers…
You shall be named the priests of the Lord and the Gentiles shall call you the servants of God as you eat their riches, while they boast of your greatness and surrender unto you all their gold and incense…
The children of those who afflicted you shall come bowing down to you,
And all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soles of your feet,
The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls,
And their kings shall minister to you, as your gates remain open, day and night,
So that men may bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles, while their kings are led in humble procession before you,

For the nation which will not bow down and serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly destroyed…

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Zion and Jerusalem

‘Torah will go forth out of Zion, and God’s word from Jerusalem’. (Isaiah 2:3). The source of Torah is Jerusalem and the land of Israel.

ed note–as we (try to) point out here often, the problems associated with Zionism are not limited merely to the theft of some small sliver of land that used to be called Palestine, but rather that the creation of the Jewish state is the primary step needed in creating a Judaic world empire from which the iron-clad rules and regs of Judaism–as specifically spelled out in the pages of the Torah–are implemented on a GLOBAL scale in exactly the manner as our unesteemed Rabbi describes in kristol-clear language.

It is for this reason that anyone of whatever stripe claiming to be a ‘truther’ or an activist who either sidesteps the global character of Zionism or else who parrots the idiotic position that ‘Judaism and Zionism are distinct and separate’ need to be summarily dismissed and ignored as they bring nothing of any substance to this deadly serious discussion.

Please pay close attention to a few goodies contained herein–

‘Jerusalem indicates the city’s function as a spiritual center for the entire world, influencing the nations of the world, and is the means by which Israel’s spirit of holiness penetrates and directs the inner life of distant peoples.’

‘For the Torah to influence and enlighten the world, it must be established as a complete Torah, a Torah that governs all spheres of human life and human activity.’

But hey, those of you (many White Nationalists included, unfortunately) who allow yourselves to be seduced by the Sirenesque noises coming out of the mouth of Judea, Inc warning about DEM MOOZLUMS–pay no mind to these very telling quotes on the part of the most powerful and megalomaniacal group of people in human history and instead, allow yourself to get all hot-n-bothered about Sharia law taking over and destroying the ‘Christian’ character of the West.

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By wrecking the Iran deal, Trump has politicized Israel and exposed Zionist influence over US policy

ed note–it goes without saying (or at least it should) but we’ll say it anyway–Trump was advised that this would be the end result of scrapping the Iran deal and did it anyway, just as he was advised that his Jerusalem Declaration would (at least temporarily) unite the Muslim world against Israel and the US, thus erasing all the deliberately-concocted fractures, factions, and fault lines.

In short, it is much more complicated and multi-layered than the one-size-fits-all explanation that seems to dominate in any and all discussions within ‘duh muuvmnt’ involving Trump and his FP agenda that he is ‘owned by Djooz.’

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UK – Britain in the grip of the Zionist lobby: Living in an Orwellian dystopia

Britain in the grip of the Zionist lobby: Living in an Orwellian dystopia

Gilad Atzmon writes: It is puzzling to witness the speed and ferocity with which Britain is deteriorating into an Orwellian nightmare.

The Evening Standard reported last month that “a London council worker has been suspended after being caught claiming Zionists ‘collaborated’ with the Nazis”.

Stan Keable was removed from his duties as an environmental enforcement officer for Hammersmith and Fulham Council after saying, “The Nazis were anti-Semitic. The problem I’ve got is the Zionist government at the time collaborated with them. They accepted the ideas that Jews are not acceptable here. CONTINUE READING


FLASHBACK – Judaism, Zionism and Jewish Power

israel jewish state

BY PAUL EISEN, 19AUG04 – The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons with Jewish religious symbols all over them, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organised Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do. The past is just too terrible. All of us know of the hatred and violence to which accusations against Jews have led in the past. Also, if we were to examine critically the role of Jews in this conflict, what would become of us and of our struggle? Would we be labelled anti-Semites and lose much of the support that we have worked so hard to gain? CONTINUE READING


Gangsters for Zion–How Jewish mobsters built the Jewish state and helped it gain its independence

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Zionist Organization of America says it stopped ‘anti-Semitic’ Al Jazeera documentary exposing tactics of the US Jewish lobby

Group claims planned ‘viciously anti-Semitic’ exposé will not air thanks to ‘exhaustive’ efforts by its president, Morton Klein

ed note–2 things worth noting,

1. The documentary was based upon words taken right from the horse’s mouth, meaning that various rodents working for these Jewish organizations allowed themselves to be caught on film/tape saying things they should not have been saying. The documentary makers did not do what the Jews themselves do when convicting someone they have deemed an EOZ–enemy of Zion–by fabricating, stretching, or taking out of context, what so and so said, but rather, utilized hard evidence–confessions–given by the perps themselves.

2. Remember as well that whenever someone of the non-Hebraic persuasion makes the charge that Jews as a group work cooperatively with each other to stifle free speech and free inquiry, such persons making such charges are condemned as ‘anti-Shemites’ dabbling in ‘old canards’ and in ‘blood libels’, and yet, here we have Morton Klein, powerful Hebrew working for the Hebraic ZOA proudly boasting of the fact that he and various members of his organization did indeed work cooperatively with each other to stifle free speech and free inquiry.

As we say here often, fish swim, birds fly…

What was that last part again? Seem to be having a ‘senior moment’ here. Read the rest of this entry »

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70 Years of Nakba: The Deir Yassin Massacre Sparked 750,000 Palestinians to Flee Their Homes, and the Establishment of the Zionist State


Survivors remember the loss of innocence that every generation to come would possess as result of the slaughter that was committed in Deir Yassin. More than any single incident in Palestinian memory, Deir Yassin continues to stand out, not because of the bloodshed or gruesomeness of this particular massacre but because of the depth of its injury. It became a haunting symbol of the Palestinian Nakba, which sparked 750,000 Palestinians to flee their homes, and the establishment of the Zionist state that was predicated on the erasure of Palestine. CONTINUE READING

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American Involvement in the Vietnam War–A Holocaust for Zion?

‘One of the purposes of the Vietnam War desired by Johnson and his masters was to create a diversion while Israel was engaging in the decisive stage of its expansion. Imagine for a moment that there had been no Vietnam War, in 1967 and thereafter, to mobilize Americans’ limited attention on world affairs, and to divert their indignation. Could the Washington Post and the New York Times have managed to hide from the public the scandal of that war of aggression and illegal annexation? Even more importantly, Israel’s strategists surely understood that the legitimacy of the US state to condemn Israel’s crimes would be much diminished if the US could be blamed for even worse crimes.’

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The Jew vs. The Zionist


Zionist is a fairly new concept, too new in fact to have allowed the Gentile DNA to get accustomed to and develop a self-defence mechanism against it.  ‘Zionist’ is an asepticized word, it has no substance, it carries no intrinsic value, it does not speak to our inner self. And precisely because it is too new, it does not trigger anything in us, it does not provoke any auto-immune reaction to it.

The word Jew however, speaks to our collective psyche. Our collective Gentile DNA recognizes it straight away: it has had to to deal with this dangerous foreign body for the past 5000 years and diagnose it as the cancer to society that it is.

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Iran: On Passover, Zionist tyrants murder those marching against bondage

Foreign Ministry says Jewish state engaged in ‘savage massacre’ of demonstrators

ed note–again, the futility of the Iranian Foreign Minister’s statement–no offense to you, Mr. Zarif–is underscored by the fact that he is trying to argue a moral point by utilizing the very same Judaic narrative which condones the very behavior taking place, and by doing so, undermines, counteracts, countermands, and contradicts the direction in which he is trying to formulate his argument.

By utilizing the Judaic narrative of the Passover myth, where the angry, vindictive god of the Jews YHWH brought a healthy dose of holy hell upon the innocent people of Egypt as collective punishment for what mean ol’ Pharaoh did, resulting in plague after plague after plague and then topped off with the angel of death slaughtering the first born member of every household, Zarif is giving weight, credibility, and strength to Israel’s stated ‘right’ to engage in genocidal force against the innocent people of Gaza because of what a few ‘evil-doers’ may have happened to do in resisting the predatory actions of the Jewish state.

Furthermore, lest we forget, the Judaic narrative regarding Passover does not end with beautiful, angelic music as the poor, beleaguered, ‘chosen’ people of YHWH walk peaceably and amiably into that land that had been ‘promised’ to them by the aforementioned violent, vindictive, psychopathic entity named YHWH, but rather, begins a chapter of bloodshedding and bloodletting against the indigenous people there (along with all their livestock, olive groves, places of worship, etc, exactly as we see taking place today) that might as well have featured in a Stephen King novel.

As long as the ‘enlightened’ world continues in its millenia-old failed strategy of placing the religion of the Jews atop some mantle of respectability and of affording it some place of undeserved honor alongside other philosophies that have contributed (and indeed continue to contribute) to the betterment of mankind and in the process, assiduously avoid diagnosing it as a malignancy and a toxicity upon well being of all men, then massacres such as what is taking place now–and even worse which are to come–will continue unabated and unrestrained as the Jews laugh themselves silly whenever someone comes forth using their own bloody narrative as an inducement towards trying to shame them for their behavior.

As far as Zarif’s statement concerning Trump’s ‘support’ for Israel being the catalyst for this latest bloodbinge in which the Jewish state must periodically engage in order to get her ‘fix’, well, doubtless there is some truth to that, but let us remember all the previous bloodbaths that took place in the past, including during the 8 years of Obama, who was not considered a ‘friend’ of Israel by the present Likud leadership, and how this had no effect on anything whatsoever.

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MUST READ – How Zionist is the New World Order or How Biblical Is Zionism?


THE SAKER – The paradoxical nature of Yahweh is, in reality, a deception. The idea that the Heavenly Father of humankind, somewhere in the second millennium BCE, chose a particular people and ordered them to dispossess and slaughter other peoples is, any way we look at it, an outrageous absurdity. The fact that billions of people have believed it for thousands of years makes no difference. Or rather, that is the problem: many peoples throughout history have believed themselves to have been chosen by God, but only the Jews have managed to convince others that they have. That has turned this outrageous absurdity into the most devastating idea in world history. (…)

Ultimately, the deceptive nature of both biblical monotheism and Jewish universalism is a key to unraveling the Zionist paradox: nationalism and internationalism go hand in hand in Israel’s destiny, because Israel is, fundamentally, a biblical and therefore universal project. For the Jewish cognitive elites who determine Jewish public opinion to a large extent, the New World Order is an ancient et eternal idea. It is Israel’s destiny carved in the Bible. It is inherent to Jewishness. CONTINUE READING


How They Do It–U.S. Jewish groups say Putin’s statement about Jews sabotaging American elections is ‘eerily reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

‘Why Is Trump Silent?’ U.S. Lawmakers Demand After Putin Says ‘Jews’ May Be Behind Election Meddling

ed note–remember that way back when Trump suggested that it was Jews responsible for all the fake bombing scares at Jewish centers that the reaction was the exact same–HOW DARE HE!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! THIS IS JUST LIKE THE PROTOCOLS!!!! IMMINENT HOLLERCO$T!!!!

And then it turned out that Trump was 100,000% correct.

Again, the real significance of this event is as follows–

1. Putin throwing out the possibility that it was Jews or organized Jewish interests with ‘dual citizenship’–Putin’s words–monkeying around with the US elections means that he has hard intel that this was in fact the case, and all can rest assured that given Putin and Trump’s ‘shared values’ in averting WWIII as Israel intends that if and when the Russkies bring forth the information that Jews WERE monkeying around with the US elections that it will be focused on what these Jews were doing in trying to PREVENT a Trump presidency in favor of a Clinton one.

2. An example of ‘how they do it’–Whenever a Jew or a group of Jews is accused of something, the automatic and autonomic response on the part of GAAAWD’S chosenoids is the reflexive charge of ‘anti-Shemitism’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘Protocols’ and ‘This is just what Hitler did’ as if the possibility that they could EVER be involved in anything criminal or underhanded is as removed from reality as the notion that water can burn. As we like to say here, rather reflexively ourseleves, is that there are laws of nature every bit as powerful as those governing gravity at work here and can be summed up thus–Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie’. 

And finally–

3. What it also shows (once again, for about the billionth time now) is that all the various talking heads within ‘duh muuvmnt’ making the idiotic claim that ‘Putin is a Joo’ and ‘Drumpf’ (Trump) is ‘a joo’ need to be avoided as if they were any typical street crazy in the middle of either a bad acid acid trip or in the throws of delerium tremens for all the validity that their opinions hold. These people–only by virtue of having a computer hooked up to the internet and an overly-inflated sense of their own intellectual importance and accumen–have as much business rendering commentary on complex and complicated political events today as they do in performing brain surgery.

No, we take that back. They are actually more qualified for performing brain surgery and stand to do less damage by sawing into someone’s head than they do in rendering their political opinions.

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Must Read–How Zionist is the New World Order?

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The ‘Anti-Zionist’ Zionists Freak Show

 By now, the discourse of the oppressed is defined by the sensitivities of the oppressor. 

BY GILAD ATZMON – If you want to understand how Jewish domination of the Palestinian solidarity movement has derailed the Palestinian struggle and caused complete paralysis of the movement, the explanation can be found in and Tom Pessah .

“Anti-Semitism is unlike most other forms of hatred” writes Pessah at today.  And why? Because  “it is both a form of bigotry and a false accusation.”  An Israeli Jew ‘pro’ Palestinian is telling us that while hatred of Jews is based on lies, other forms of hatred (misogyny, anti black, Islamophobia) must be factually supported. Can you think of a more telling example of morbid Judeo centrism?

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UK – More than 70 attend re-launch of UK Zionist party

From left: Mark Lewis, Mandy Blumenthal, Harry Saul Markman, and Karma Feinstein Cohen executive director Of World Magshimei-Herut

TIMES OF ISRAEL – More than 70 people attended the re-launch event of Herut UK, the political Zionist party affiliated to World Herut in Israel.

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Religious Zionist rabbis call upon Netanyahu to push bill enshrining Torah study as the ‘basic values’ of the Jewish state

ed note–again, at the risk of beating an already-dead horse, please note that they are not calling upon study of the Talmud, but of the Torah, as it the beating heart of Judaism and therefore the ‘roadmap’ directing Judaic thought and by extension the political energy that drives the Jewish state.

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VP Pence–A true friend to both Israel and Zionism

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Why I’m Not a Zionist – and Why You’re Not, Either


“The death of Zionism” is fashionable in some circles. It fits in a handy tweet and “Why I stopped being a Zionist” as a headline is clickbait. But it’s meaningless. Despite the -ism in its name, Zionism was never an ideology, it was a program. For the 66 years of its existence there were heated debates over Zionism’s justification, objectives and the best means for achieving them. They ended on May 14, 1948, when an independent Jewish state was established on part of the ancient homeland.”

ED-NOTE – Zionism, as our esteemed hebraic writer highlights here, was JUST a program, a program that only meant to bring back to the Jews to the Holy Land to reclaim it as their own and revive that ancient Beast of the Land which the Romans and Roman Catholic Europe afterwards thought had declawed, de-fanged, pacified, civilized and thus made non-venomous to Mankind.

Zionism was a program that had no other purpose other than to give the Holy Land to the Jews, as a place where they would be able to shamelessly live their Judaism in full, follow their Jewish precepts as detailed in their Jewish Torah and do everything their Jewish deity orders, starting with holocausting innocent victims because, as sick and deranged as this might sound, THAT is the Jewish god’s favorite smell, nothing being more pleasing to his nostrils than the aroma of burnt offerings/Palestinians dedicated to him.

Zionism was just a program which had no other purpose other than allowing the creation of Israel. That has now long been accomplished and Zionism died the day that state was born. What we are left with is Judaism, as spelled out for us in the very appellation of the state itself – the Jewish State (and NOT the Zionist State) . And while Zionism’s only goal was to give the Holy Land to the Jews, Judaism only goal is to give them the entire world.   Read the rest of this entry »