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Jewish reporter says Trump supporters bombarding her with ‘anti-Semitic’ rhetoric


After penning an unflattering profile of candidate’s wife, Julia Ioffe is threatened with Hitler speeches, Auschwitz photos

ed note–several ‘goodies’ in this one.

1. Doubtless that a good portion of those ‘Trump supporters’ she claims are sending her hateful and threatening messages are Jewish operatives themselves. How many self-inflicted swastika spray-painting attacks have to take place before they figure out that people are catching on to them?

2. Doubtless as well that some of those sending the violence-laden messages are genuine, and of those, a good portion doubtless hold membership in some ‘white nationalist’ gang who don’t have the minimum intellectual horsepower needed in recognizing how their engaging in such business actually helps the very people against whom they claim to be fighting. Note how–once again, surprise, surprise–Andrew Anglin is showcased on–YET ANOTHER, surprise, surprise–story in the Times of Israel for the kind of rancid language he uses in describing organized Jewish interests, a default-mode strategy he and his fellow travelers use that has only one beneficiary, which are organized Jewish interests themselves. I disagreed with Mike Piper a few years ago when he theorized that Anglin was a spy of some sorts sent in by the usual suspects in order to not only keep tabs on who was who but also to paint in ugly brush strokes all otherwise intelligent discussion dealing with the Jewish problem by utilizing the kind of overt, inaccurate, and unattractive Neo-Nazism that is Anglin’s spice du jour, but now am coming to see the wisdom of Mike’s thesis after seeing how much ‘airtime’ Anglin gets in the Israeli press.

3. And, last but certainly not least, there is the elephant in the room, which is the Judaic predilection and propensity for engaging in obnoxious and provocative behavior, and then when the inevitable Gentile backlash occurs, to screech, wail, moan, and kvetch that they are being ‘picked on’ by ‘haters’ who have no rational basis for their anger.

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Russia: Deployment Of US Troops To Syria Is Violation Of Sovereignty


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Judaism in the Twilight Zone


ed note–Our apologies to the reader ahead of time in being forced to endure the oftentimes rambling, incoherent babbling that seems to accompany virtually all Judaic ‘literature’, but the piece below is very instructive on very levels.

As we say often, we cannot understand the world in which we find ourselves today without understanding the nature of Jewish power, and the nature of Jewish power cannot be understood without understanding the peculiar electrical current that animates it and gives it life, which is Judaism and Judaic thinking.

Having said this, the piece below is instructive on all the aforementioned levels. Things worth noting here–

1. Torah. The writer constantly and consistently refers to the teachings of the Torah and not the Talmud. This is important for several reasons, not the least of which is that there is this erroneous notion running rampantly through the ‘movement’, propagated by various persons who make the fallacious claim that modern day Judaism is a ‘Talmud’ thing and that the Torah and its teachings were abandoned almost 2,000 years ago–WRONG. The entire Judaic paradigm as it exists today, from all the bloodshed taking place in the Middle East to the destruction of all Gentile societies is rooted in Judaic hatred for ‘the other’ as originally laid out in the Torah, so all of you out there who really like the fuzzy-wuzzy rabbis of Neturei Karta because they happen to say the right thing with regards to I$rael and Zioni$m, keep in mind the following–THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

2. Note the obvious and inescapable derision with which the author holds all Gentile societies, cultures, and nations, going so far as to ascribe various ‘Gentile’ angels that preside over their affairs, as opposed to Israel, which has only ‘G-d’ guiding its existence. Therefore, when you hear someone from within the Judaic community talking about how they are loyal only to the country of their birth, and even moreso, those Judaic shapeshifters today using sly, deceptive language to make Christians (and Muslims) believe that some sort of ‘friendship’ or ‘alliance’ exists between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, keep in mind the following–THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

and finally–

3. Note the obvious idolatry with which the author views the state of Israel, going so far as to say that a Jew cannot be a ‘real Jew’ in any country other than ‘the Jewish state’. This by itself is problematic, because what it intimates (correctly) is that it is the duty of all ‘good Jews’ living in whatever country where they happen to reside to focus all their attentions, affections, and energies towards supporting and sustaining the Jewish state. What this intimates then is that all forms of 5th column activities, from espionage to theft to outright acts of terrorism against the host nation are considered ‘mitzvoth’ if in any way it lends towards something good finding its way to Israel.

And finally, remember as well–This idolatry on the part of Judaism towards a specific piece of land is not limited to just ‘Jews living in the Jewish state’, but rather is but one piece making up an apocalyptic puzzle whereby Israel is viewed as the center of all world affairs, and where all peoples are ruled by ‘Judaic ethics’ with a rod of iron, a microcosm of which has been on display now for generations with the manner by which ‘Judaic ethics’ are applied to the lives of the people of Palestine who are murdered, brutalized, and dehumanized on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »


Defense bill would require women to register for draft


ed note–people should not make the mistake of thinking this is all the result of feminism gone wild. The powers that be have BIG things in store for America, including not only war with 1.5 billion Muslims spread across almost 100 countries around the world, but as well with Russia, China, etc, and know that ‘manpower’ for such wars can only go so far.

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Syrian Journalist/Activist Afraa Dagher on Aleppo, Syria

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Trump’s Support for Israel Marred by Troubling Revival of ‘America First’ Slogan


Republican frontrunner’s foreign policy speech will remind American Jews of isolationist movement stained by anti-Semitism that tried to block war with Hitler.

ed note–as we have advised here many times since the entire Trump phenomenon began, don’t get too riled up by things he says that appear (we stress the word APPEAR) to sound ‘zionist’ and ‘pro-Israel’. He is a smart man and understands the nature of the field on which the current political game is being played and knows that you don’t cross such a minefield by deliberately putting your foot where you know something is going to blow up. The obvious proof that this is the case is the fact that organized Jewish interests are not ‘buying it’ and that whatever he says that APPEARS to be ‘pro-Israel’ has no effect on them whatsoever and that rather than being assuaged by the lip service he pays to the Jewish state, instead they hone in on the meat and potatoes of what he has to say about American foreign policy and how it threatens to undo everything that organized Jewish interests have been working towards, not just for decades or generations, but for millenia. 

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Witnesses: Palestinian siblings posed no threat when shot dead


?ed note–given that so many of these types of incidents are now being revealed as deliberate murders of innocent persons who then have knives planted at the scene in order to make the murders appear justified, the question that begs being asked is ‘why’? What is it Israel is trying to achieve by setting up such situations on a seemingly daily basis?

As we say here often, Israel–peopled as she is by mentally/psychologically unstable individuals, it is in effect the world’s largest insane asylum. This being the case, to hold together some sort of coherent cohesive, political entity when those making up this entity are in and of themselves the human equivalent of Nitro-Glycerin and ticking time bombs, the only way to keep the members of this ‘state’ from turning on/eating each other is to have some sort of constantly-existing threat on the outside, and the only way to maintain this is to have manifestations of this threat ‘pop up’ on a regular basis. In sum, if Israel suddenly found herself at peace with the Palestinians, she would fall apart from within.

And so, what is obviously needed is the theatrics of what all are witnessing now, with innocent Palestinians–in this case, a mother-to-be, 5 months along in her pregnancy, and her brother trying to save her, both gunned down in cold blood and then afterwards, machine-gunned again for ‘safe measure’.

The other thing that must be considered as well is that Israel–again, not a ‘normal’ country–is peopled by individuals who see the gunning down of non-Jews as a type of blood sport of sorts, similar to the mob at the coliseum who loved watching people being fed to the lions or gladiators hacking each other to pieces, and there is no better way of ‘keeping the peace’ within an unstable political entity than with bread and circuses.

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