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Kremlin calls Joe Biden’s threat to ‘cyber strike’ Russia ‘unprecedented’ and pledges to protect itself from the ‘aggressive, unpredictable United States’


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In Contrast to Clinton, Trump Has No Appetite for War With Russia


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USA is about to face the worst crisis in its history


ed note–the author is 1000% correct about everything–No matter who gets elected, the ship is going to sink. Israel and her supporters–itching to see Rome pay for the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD–have waited too long and have worked too hard and are not about to allow their plans to evaporate in front of their very eyes as a result of one Donald J. Trump.

The entire Trump phenomenon is an attempt on the part of a minority within the power elite who have just gotten the bad news from the doctor that the empire is dying and who now are attempting to reverse decades of bad behavior in the interests of eeking out a few more years of life, but it doesn’t matter. If Trump gets elected, he will have a Congress that is 1000% in the hands of organized Jewish interests who will stymie him at every step of the way. In fact, if indeed he does get in, there are all sorts of ‘Plan B’ contingencies that Judea will employ outside of open war with Russia such as a complete economic meltdown which they will blame on all the ‘insane policies’ and ‘instability’ caused by the Trump administration. The only way there is a chance of holding it together is if Trump utilizes his powers as Commander in Chief to round up and throw into prison every goddamned traitor within both the government and civilian sectors of the US.

The only thing absent from the author’s analysis is that it is not just America that is about to be plunged into chaos, but indeed the entire world, except for Israel, of course.

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The West’s war against people of Yemen being done to prevent a repeat of Iran’s 1979 Revolution


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SURPRISE, SURPRISE–Adelson ‘really upset with Trump,’ said to regret candidate’s attacks on Ryan


Frustrated with nominee, top donor placing financial emphasis on battle for control of Senate, CNN reports

ed note–As we said at the time when many–including here on this website, unfortunately–were engaging in the ‘NUH HUH…NUH HUH…TOLD YA’ THAT THE JEWS WANTED TRUMP’ business, don’t jump to such conclusions so quickly. Our position was that Adelson’s ‘support’ for Trump was more than likely a ruse meant to confuse and distract people, the most obvious proof of which was that Adelson only forked over 10% of the $100 MILLION that he gave to Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012.

What this little vignette with Adelson shows is that if Trump were truly the ‘candidate for Israel’ that some ‘experts’ in this ‘movement’ have claimed, the red carpet–along with all the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to get him elected–would have been laid at his feet from the beginning,  along with a completely compliant JMSM that would make sure to celebrate a Trump presidency with the same vim and vigor with which they are working to get Hillary Clinton elected.

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Israelis train with live stun grenades in Palestinian neighborhood


ed note–No other country in the world gets away with this except–drum role please–the Jewish state. If any other country around the world were to engage in such activity, why the JMSM would be screeching up a storm, throwing into the discussion terms such as ‘human rights’ and ‘compassion’ and–last but not least–making comparisons between such activity and how the mean ol’ Nazis did this to the po’ persecuted lil’ Jews when they were in prison camps during WWII.

Those who have been seduced and stupfied into a state of total delusion by the sweet nothings whispered into their ears by those out to paint a pretty face on Judaism will counter by saying–drum role please–that such behavior runs counter to ‘Judaic ethics’. The facts however are another reality altogether, as these parrots simply don’t know what they are talking about. The behavior described in this story is a natural to Jewish behavior as killing sheep is to wolves. The Jews–by virtue of their religion and the various ‘great minds’ who have been the interpreters of that ‘religion’–hold fast to the notion that only they are ‘humans’ in the eyes of their god Yahweh, and that all other persons are mere actors in a screenplay written only for them.

And for those who take a relaxed view of the kind of barbaric behavior described in this piece, remember something–the only thing differentiating the Palestinians form you is geography, and as soon as the beast rampaging through the Levant has finished in devouring everything there is to eat there, it is your turn.

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A World Gone Mad


ed note–please keep in mind that the person writing this is not a ‘peacenik’ or someone who is operating from a position of poorly compiled facts and flawed conclusions. Having known/worked with Phil Giraldi many times over the years and having met him personally over lunch in D.C., I can tell you that as a former intelligence officer whose job was to look at the situation and assess what it is and where it is going, his analysis of what is headed our way needs to be taken seriously to the point that all other issues of lesser importance need to take a back seat.

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