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FLASHBACK – How the European Union is manipulating the Syrian refugees

refugees syria

Ed-note – Thierry Meyssan reveals that it is the German Ulrich Grillo who, during the 2013 Bilderberg meeting in the UK, demanded that Germany and the EU at large countries, bring in refugees to be used as slave labor “to fill gaps in the German workforce”. CONTINUE READING

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FLASHBACK – Germany is ‘exploiting’ refugee suffering to recruit ‘slaves’ via mass immigration


RT – As Germany welcomes thousands of refugees, with industries seeking ways to integrate newcomers into country’s workforce, Berlin’s move to temporarily bypass EU-wide regulations has met strong criticism from France’s Marine Le Pen who accused Germany of recruiting “slaves. CONTINUE READING

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FLASHBACK – The phoney «refugee crisis »


VOLTAIRE NET – The President of the German Industrial Federation, Ulrich Grillo, hopes for 800,000 extra foreign workers in Germany. Since European agreements forbid this, and since public opinion is hostile to the idea, he is playing his part in the staged « refugee crisis » in order to force the evolution of the law. CONTINUE READING

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Jewish student spray-painted graffiti at Auschwitz

auschwitz holocaust

TIME OF ISRAEL – Students from an Israeli high school who visited the site of the former Auschwitz concentration camp said they will apologise after a member of their delegation spray-painted graffiti on a wall at the site.

The graffiti discovered in recent days on the wall of a cell block included the date of the visit, the name of the school and a Star of David, Ynet reported. Photos of the graffiti have been circulating on social media in recent days, according to reports.

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Shameless Pathological liar Dershowitz– ‘Anti-Semitic Article Tweeted by Valerie Plame Just Like What Was Written in Nazi Germany’

ed note–yet another example as to ‘how they do it’.

Keep in mind that Dershowitz knows, as well as every other person of the Hebraic persuasion operating at the level that he does, that every paragraph, every word, every letter, punctuation mark and syllable in Giraldi’s piece are as true to fact as saying that water is wet and fire is hot. In fact, moreso than most, because THEY THEMSELVES in the run-up to the Iraq war and in all the screeching they have done for additional wars since then, have congregated like cockroaches in their various minyans and conspired with each other as to how they could get the next phase of this ‘clash of civilizations’ rolling and what role each was to play in helping bring it all about.

AND YET, SURPRISE, SURPRISE in YET ANOTHER damning testimony concerning the Judaic penchant for blatant dishonesty and forked-tongue dialogue, we have Dershowitz coming out with his usual verbal diarreah and Judaic black magic trying to make the case that all Giraldi’s assertions are nothing but lies, conspiracy theories, and ‘anti-Shemitism’, when in fact they are 100,000% correct, true to fact, and unimpeachable.

Until the rest of the sane world comes to its senses and understands that there are no ‘good Jews’, only former Jews, since Judaism BY ITS VERY NATURE is as intrinsically, organically, and magnetically pulled towards lying and dishonesty as a fish is intrinsically, organically, and magnetically pulled towards water, then the world as we know it will continue to march at breakneck speed towards its own oblivion as as result of those deluded and deranged who yesterday and today have afforded this mental illness known as Jtosis a place at the table of philosophies that was not/is not/never will be warranted. 

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Trump — An American Gaullist

Trump -- American Gaullist

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Ex-CIA agent tweets article blaming Jews for US wars, then apologizes

Valerie Plame Wilson links to piece called ‘America’s Jews are driving America’s wars,’ then says she is of ‘Jewish decent,’ finally says she made a ‘doozy’ of a mistake

ed note–the piece in question written by the very estimable Phil Giraldi, was 100,000% correct, every paragraph, word, letter, punctuation mark and syllable. Please note that our esteemed Hebraic writers at Times of Israel do not do the scholarly thing, which is to debate the facts point by point, but rather engage in the typically Judaic business of screeching, hollering, rending robes and gnashing teeth. That is the Judaic way.

But there is actually a much more important point to be made here concerning all of this. This article should have been written not just years ago, but decades ago, because the facts contained therein were as true yesterday as they are today. Jews as an organized body, ever since chewing their way into the foreign policy apparatus of the USGOV decades ago have been utilizing their energies and resources towards exactly what we see taking place today, which is Uncle Sam and all its economic/military/political might being used as Judea, Inc’s primary attack dog in resurrecting that thousands of years old dream of Pax Judaica with Jerusalem set as the headquarters from which all major decisions emanate.

The problem however is that professionals such as Mr. Giraldi, as much as they would like to, simply cannot pen articles of this type and speak in the kind of frank language necessary in bringing clarity to the situation, and not just because of the stranglehold that Judea, Inc maintains over the discourse, but rather the manner by which certain problematic elements making up the ‘anti-Zionist/911 ‘truth movement’ give Judea, Inc a ‘leg up’ in painting all anti-Zionist discourse as unhinged, hateful, criminal, etc. The tidal wave of Hitler rehabilitationists, Hollerco$t debaters, White Nationalists and others whose only qualification as ‘political scientists’ is that they happen to be pissed off and have a computer by which they can voice their anger over the internet indeed play a vital role vis a vis Israel making sure that sane, serious professionals such as Phil Giraldi do not speak as candidly as our dire situation demands, and when he DOES, as took place with his recent piece, that he receives a healthy dose of holy hell for doing so.

Yes, we can blame ‘the Jews’ for preventing the kind of sane, honest, intelligent discourse that is required for issues of this type, but at the same time, we also have to consider the INDISPENSABLE role that certain unhinged individuals/neighborhoods within ‘duh muuvmnt’ play in assisting Judea, Inc in her drive to silence all opposition to her apocalyptic agenda. If we truly fashion ourselves as political scientists out to find a cure for the various Judaic plagues that threaten to wipe out all life and civilization on earth, there needs to be a meeting of the minds where people retain what works and toss out what does not.

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