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TUT Broadcast Feb 27, 2017


Tonight’s program–

Yours truly invited by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran to attend the conference dedicated to the Palestinian Intifada. More importantly, the various discussions I had with certain ‘movers and shakers’ there vis a vis the Presidency of Donald Trump and what it portends for the future of the Middle East.

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NYC rabbi gets 60 days in jail for teen sex assault charges


Ed note–But remember, it’s not Judaism that’s the problem,  but Zionism,  and its not the Old Testament (Torah) which condones this behavior, but rather the Talmud, and before there was Zionism and Talmudism there was no such thing as ‘the Jewish problem’ and everything surrounding these people was–as they would say– ‘Kosher’.

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Rebroadcast–The Piper Report Jan 7, 2011


Michael Collins Piper continues with the discussion concerning the inanity of worrying about the EEEEEEVIL Nazis, using as the backdrop the recent article written by Keith Johnson of

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Ahmadinejad backs Trump’s stance against political elites, media


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Homs terrorist attacks aimed at derailing Geneva talks


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Trump’s National Security Adviser Gen. McMaster Reportedly Rejects ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Term


Breaking with a key ideological position of the Trump administration, McMaster said Muslim terrorists go against their religion, according to The New York Times.

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Muslim campaign raises over $100,000 for vandalized Jewish cemetery


ed note–it cannot be overstated how much of a loss this is that the Islamic community has fallen into the clutches of Judea, Inc. Better than anyone else, they should have known that the very people cozying up to them in the aftermath of Trump’s election are the VERY SAME people who arranged, orchestrated, and oversaw the entire campaign of demonizing them in the aftermath of 9/11.

In all fairness however, equal blame goes to those circles within ‘the right’ and specifically the ‘White Nationalists’ who fell for the Judaic bait years ago when they began the campaign of growling about ‘the Muzzies taking over white lands’. Rather than recognizing the strategic importance of building alliances with the Muslim community–and let’s keep in mind here that we are talking about almost 2 BILLION PEOPLE–these groups/individuals elected instead to ‘go with the flow’ of ‘the brotherhood’ and in the process, by so doing, drove these people into the waiting arms of Judea Inc, and now–as evidenced by this story–are being used to line the pockets of the very people which were/are primarily responsible for the wars in the Middle East that have killed/displaced tens of millions. Read the rest of this entry »