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How They Do It– ‘Remembering Auschwitz: Should Israel Bomb the Syrian Regime’s Extermination Camps?’

Israel has avoided playing a role in Syria. But a near-genocide is happening on its border. How can we say ‘Never Again’ this year and do nothing?

ed note–the Jews don’t care about any Syrian ‘genocide’. The Syrians are their ancient enemies going back thousands of years and as far as Judea, Inc is concerned, the only good Syrian is a dead Syrian.

HOW-FREAKING-EVER, there are enormous points to be scored here by playing the sympathetic/humanitarian card. After all, our esteemed Hebraic author can’t actually come out and say what he’s really thinking, which can basically be summed up thus–


And so, what he does instead in true rabbinic fashion is to pretend to care about the suffering of the Syrian people and to argue for more war on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Notice as well that this argument is only used in situations where that Gentile suffering can be utilized for Israel’s benefit. There certainly aren’t any ‘humanitarian’ concerns for the people of Gaza, Libya, Iraq or elsewhere and for the simple reason that Assad and Syria are ‘unfinished business’.

As we say here often, no one ever accused them of being stupid.

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Jewish Terrorists Attacked Arabs in Order to End Their Romantic Ties With Jewish Women

Three of the six charged with terrorism, in addition to aggravated assault. Weapons used in the attacks include knives, clubs, and metal bars

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Lost Scribe Media interviews Brent Schlueter

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Netanyahu to Fox News–‘Imagine Iranian submarines in the Mediterranean’

ed note–It isn’t Iranian subs people should be worried about, but rather those of a derelict nation peopled by religious nutcases who believe that their god wants them to destroy the world with nuclear weapons. Read the rest of this entry »

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US-Israel extradition battle looms in case of teen JCC bomb hoaxer

Youth, said to be unrepentant, was charged on 31 counts in the US on Friday and faces a lengthy jail term there; Israel is set to charge him on Monday

ed note–there are 2 reasons why Israel is reluctant/unwilling to extradite the terrorist to the US–

1, Generally–except in those cases where the refusal to do so would generate so much negative attention that could be a gateway towards bigger problems–the Jewish state does not extradite Jews to face Gentile courts. Since Judaism permits any and all acts of chicanery, violence, deception and every other crime imaginable towards Gentiles, in the eyes of the Jewish state, no ‘crime’ has occurred.

2. More importantly though as far as this case is concerned, what Israel is worried about is that once arriving in the US where the FBI is free to interrogate the ‘yoot’ without interference is that more info is likely to come out, such as what role Israeli intelligence played in overseeing his false flag operations.

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US files charges against Judaic terrorist accused of JCC bomb threats

Allegations against Israeli-American youth, whose identity in Israel remains under gag order, include making threatening calls and cyberstalking. Florida indictment says he made 245 threatening calls, most of them to Jewish community centers and schools

ed note–In typical Judaic fashion, the terrorist is always described in the most harmless of terms– ‘youth’, ‘teenager’, etc–as if to convey the idea that it was all just a case of harmless pranksterism that comes with the territory of being a mere ‘tot’. All can be assured that if this were a Gentile of whatever age who had engaged in the same business, no such disarming language and adjectives would be used. Rather, it would be recast in the following light– ‘Doubtless that these were merely the first steps in what would have been a long, bloody career as a terrorist who would have graduated from making phone threats to real bombings had he not been caught’.

And, as we have pointed out here on several occasions, all can rest assured that the powers that be making up Judea Inc are not in the least bit pleased that this has taken place, as it has robbed them of the one thing that works best in achieving their ends–false flag terrorism–and that by Trump sending a team of FBI agents uninvited and unannounced to the Jewish state with warrant in hand to arrest this operative that he was sending a very clear message to Israel that the old rules whereby Judaic terrorism leading to the death and injury of unsuspecting Americans being covered up no longer apply.

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Does The State of Israel Have the guts to do what must be done?

ed note–please read this very carefully, because contained within it is the monster in the room that the ‘smarter’ elements within Judea, Inc are desperately trying to keep hidden these days–that Judaism is a brutal, barbaric, backwards mentality, always was, always will be, and is completely incompatible with western Gentile political/cultural institutions and thinking. All of this talk of the Jewish state being a ‘democracy’ is a ruse intended to garner western support in the form of money, military action and political protection in western institutions such as the UN, and all can be assured that as soon as the last blood has been sucked out of the Western Gentile nations helping to build the Jewish state to its biblically-mandated size and power, all of this talk of it being a ‘democracy’ will indeed be stopped dead in its tracks. Read the rest of this entry »