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The Jewish people have been shaped by Purim…We can’t give it up, and no one can take it away from us

ed note–lots of goodies contained in this for the survival-conscious Gentile…

1. The statement on the part of our deranged Hebraic author that she has always been a ‘religious Jew’ and qualifies her statement by saying that she has ‘studied and taught Torah for years’.

And, once again, there’s that word again–


And, once again, we are forced to point this out due to what is the anchored-in-concrete willingness on the part of various personalities who claim to know a thing or two about how things work these days to continue on with the utterly false and factually bankrupt assertion on their part that Torah plays no part whatsoever in the life of today’s Jews and in the Judaism that they practice. As we point out here on a regular basis, using news stories and OpEds that come from from the most authoritative sources there are, this is simply NOT TRUE in even the slightest sense. The Jews are a product of their Torah, and for all those out there–and particularly those of the Christian pedigree of whatever specification–who are uncomfortable with this fact, then perhaps the proper response is not to continue entertaining, coddling and enriching your delusion but rather to just come clean and accept the ugly truth of it all for what it is and make those adjustments necessary to come to some place of mental and spiritual peace.


Remember that Purim is the Judaic religious celebration commemorating what the Jews believe was the mass-massacre of 75,000 Persians by a gang of bloodthirsty Jews on one of their chronic Goy-hating, genocidal warpaths. If any other members of the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths, be they Christian or Muslim–had an exact carbon copy religious celebration that encompassed the very same parameters as Purim, but instead of those bloodthirsty Jews succeeding in their rampage and murdering 75,000 innocent Persians, instead, the soon-to-be massacred Persians rose up and defended themselves and forced the Jews to flee to another country (as they always do) such and such ‘faith’ would be accused, convicted, and sentenced for its being ‘anti-Shemitic’.

Remember as well, in better understanding and in coming to terms with the more problematic aspects of the Judaic mindset, that as part and parcel of this yearly ‘celebration,’ Jews prepare and eat pastries made to appear like the body parts–including the eyes, ears, and internal organs–of their Persian enemies of ‘yesteryear’. If any other group of people did this, it would be used as prima facie evidence of the inherent barbarism of said religious group and they would be branded as a threat to all civilized peoples worldwide.

But perhaps the most profound statement about the implications associated with this comes from the deranged Hebraic author herself who, in saying that ‘the Jewish people have been shaped by Purim: We can’t give it up, and no one can take it away from us’, is that the Jews are products of their addiction to Goyicide, and indeed, as it is with most addicts, will indeed go to their graves as addicts and more importantly, are destroyed by their addiction.

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The Arab world just trashed Trump’s Mideast ‘peace’ plan

Despite U.S. envoys’ exaggerations and pretense, the Warsaw conference burst the Trump Mideast team’s biggest delusion: that Arab states would back a deal that sells out Palestine and the Palestinians

ed note–and the 2nd half of the title sentence that did not appear is as follows–

‘And Israel couldn’t be more pleased’

Please keep in mind that this piece was written by none other than Saeb Erekat, the spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, so it is not just some nobody within the bigger picture, but rather a ‘big banana’, as the saying goes.

The Palestinians and those who support them who think that maintaining this ‘code of silence’ with regards to Trump’s proposed ‘peace deal’ is somehow going to lead to the liberation of their homelands, here’s a newsflash for you–it won’t.

You are walking right into a trap that has been laid at your feet by your enemies who will use this to further entrench the very same narrative which they have used against you for generations in painting you as the recalcitrant, irrational player in all of this, as well as utilizing it in justifying all the inhumanity that has been inflicted against you.

Why would you give your enemy who has cut you a 1,000 times a brand new, shiny, razor-sharp knife to continue that process?

And the idea that the other Arab nations would never ‘abandon’ the Palestinians–just as they have already for generations–is equally coo-coo.

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Israeli TV host in hot water for saying control of West Bank turns IDF troops into ‘animals’

PM, right-wing politicians denounce Oshrat Kotler for her comments, made in reference to soldiers’ alleged beating of two bound Palestinian detainees

ed note–yet another glimpse of the nature of the problem affecting and afflicting the entire world down at the cellular level.

When the farmer foolishly puts the fox in charge of guarding the henhouse and then the next morning finds all his chickens dead and the fox covered in blood and feathers, it is his own fault for not taking the nature of the fox into consideration when making his decision.

Likewise, the jackals of the IDF who have–not for mere decades, but indeed–for GENERATIONS slaughtered the Palestinians set before them like defenseless sheep were only behaving in accordance with the spiritual nature imbued within them as a result of their Judaism. Take a people whose religion commands them to kill Goy and then arm them to the teeth and set them as guards within the henhouse and, guess what?

Well, there is no ‘guess what’ as the outcome in such a situation is as difficult to predict as water freezing at 32° Fahrenheit.

What’s worse is that the parameters of this problem have existed now as an open secret for thousands of years, just waiting for sane, rational, moral people to examine, study, and discuss and yet, despite what are black and white protocols as difficult to recognize and understand as a wolf baring his teeth and snarling from a mere 12 inches away, nevertheless, out of all the discussions the world is willing to have on the ‘whats’ of Zionism and its barbaric and bloodthirsty behavior, with equal vigor and enthusiasm they are absolutely unwilling to discuss the ‘whys’.

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How They Do It– ‘The acceptable way of speaking about the Israel Lobby in a non-anti-Semitic way’

ed note–prima facie example of ‘how they do it’.

Anyone trying to deny the fact that AIPAC–although not giving money to US politicians directly, nevertheless–is THE political Kosher Nostra in DC and that any and all persons with as much as a rat whisker’s worth of political ambition needs to get on AIPAC’s good side might as well be trying to argue that water isn’t wet and that fire isn’t hot.

The entire reason, ENTIRE REASON, for this piece (of what we won’t say in polite company) by our unesteemed Hebraic author is to function as an instrument/exercise in damage control, misdirection, re-direction, and anesthesia.

The screechers could have gotten away with shouting down anyone talking about AIPAC using ‘the Benjamins’ in corrupting the American political process a few decades or even a few generations ago, but not now. It is the equivalent of one of those giant spaceships hovering over the various cities of the world prior to them letting loose with their firepower in that silly pre-911 propaganda movie Independence Day and only a fool fails to see the obvious.

This ‘strategy’ (scheme) on the part of our unesteemed Hebraic author is the equivalent of the vicious, bloodthirsty pitbull whose snarling, growling, barking, and salivating has frightened away the sheep, and who then–in the interests of wooing them back–lies on his back in a submissive posture, wags his tail and in general adopts a friendlier, less threatening posture until dinner finds itself within biting range again.

We’ve said it before, and it bears repeating in the interests of saving what is left of this damaged and dying world–


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How the rule of the rabbis is fueling a holy war in Israel

ed note–an absolute ‘must read’ and especially for those who insist upon remaining permanent residents on Fantasy Island vis the often-repeated yet baseless assertion that Israel is not a theocratic state based upon the violent and racist teachings of the Torah.

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How we got to where we are right now–Iran’s Zarif says ‘We Respect Judaism, Oppose Zionism’

‘Iran’s historic and cultural record has been one of coexistence and respect for divine religions, particularly Judaism.’

ed note–as we like to say, take a good, long look at that quote featured in the pic above. It is not from the Talmooood, the Kabbalah, the Zohar, Herzl’s ‘Die Juden Staat’, or some pamphlet from the publishing house of the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Jesuits, the Black Pope Kolvenbach, or any of the other booger-men which far too many people claim are the ‘REAL rulers’ pulling and controlling all the big political gears in motion today.

It comes from the Torah, otherwise known as the 5 books of Moses, and is thousands of years old. It is just one of many, many others that clearly, explicitly, and without any ambiguity whatsoever COMMANDS–as part and parcel not only of stealing that land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, but as well, in establishing a Judaic caliphate in Joo-roo-salem from which all decrees governing all human affairs are to go forth–that the ‘chosen’ people of yahweh utterly exterminate every living non-Israelite that happens to fall within their Judaic grasp.

Now, being an educated man, it is somewhere between improbable and impossible that Zarif is not aware of this particular passage noted above. So the question must be asked–Why then would he characterize a ‘religion’ that espouses such bloody business as ‘divine’, as the reader will see for his/her own eyes in the piece below?

The best answer is that he–following in the footsteps of all powerful men who preceded him going all the way back to Titus–would rather not ‘go there’ in the discussion. It is just so much easier and so much less time-consuming/energy-depleting to keep the discussion focused on the symptoms of the problem rather than getting down to the root cause of it all.

But, as any HONEST student of history (as well as of the very dangerous Apocalyptic climate in which the world now finds itself) can and will attest, it is PRECISELY this ‘strategy’ of avoiding discussion of the root cause of the problem that has brought us to the point where we presently find ourselves–7 billion people in the world, all men, women and children on God’s green earth, each held hostage with a Judaic thermo-nuclear gun being held to our heads and a razor-sharp Judaic sacrificial knife held to our throats.

Mr. Zarif et al, we have avoided this discussion for far too long. You have a very large pulpit and a very loud microphone with which you can speak to the world. Please, while there are a few remaining minutes left, let the discussion start. You have nothing but the truth on your side, and maybe, just maybe, the truth on this matter will set us free, as once promised/predicted/prophecied by a certain fella named Jesus Christ. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump demands Europe put ISIS fighters on trial

Despite warnings to the contrary from his generals, US president insists, ‘We are pulling back after 100% victory over the Caliphate’

ed note–and here we go again, ladies and gents, yet another contradiction to the irrational/hysteria-based assertion (s) on the part of entire neighborhoods of experts claiming to know a thing or two about the complicated and oftentimes convoluted nature of modern-day politics that have been infested, infected and corrupted by the toxic rot of Zionist intrigue that Trump is a ‘puppet’ to Jewish interests and that there aren’t more nuanced twists and turns taking place.

ISIS has been the most cost-effective killing machine in Israel’s arsenal. In addition to the ‘facts on the ground’ which it has created–the very real, tangible, and measurable bloodshed/destruction of those countries in the Middle East which Israel intends to absorb in the future as part of her ‘Greater Israel’ project, as well–ISIS has also been absolutely indispensable in reinforcing the negative stereotype (s) that Judea, Inc has concocted in her psyops labs and distributed (unfortunately with the willing cooperation of entire legions of dupes and dopes, including many self-described ‘troothers’) concerning Islam being a dangerous, violent menace upon the world that must be eradicated by whatever means necessary.

Therefore, a Trump that is ‘owned’ lock, stock and barrel by Jewish interests–as those aforementioned ‘experts’ claim–would not have immediately cut all funding and support for this group as existed under previous administrations. Had he been the ‘puppet’ that these experts claim, the bloody drama would have continued, as well as the escalation of US military involvement in Syria, rather than the current program of de-escalation and draw-down taking place at this very moment to the howls of anger from Israel and her tentacles dug deep in the American military and intelligence establishment.

Furthermore–and equally important–please consider the more nuanced message Trump is conveying with his statement concerning the EU taking these people back in and putting them on trial, where they would then spill the beans about who created, trained, funded, resourced, and supported them throughout the entire ordeal of their murderous rampage upon Libya, Syria, and Iraq. 

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