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40 Orthodox rabbis pen letter slamming Trump’s ‘hateful rhetoric’


Citing ‘core beliefs,’ clerics publish condemnation of GOP nominee, highlight his ‘disrespect’ to parents of slain US Muslim soldier

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Anti-Erdogan coup was a desperate attempt to prevent Russian/Iranian alliance with Turkey


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Remembering Jerusalem


ed note–as we say here often, one cannot understand what is taking place today vis a vis Israel and organized Jewish interests in general without first understanding the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD by the Romans, the 2,000 years of ‘anti-Semitism’ that followed as a result of Jews being ‘robbed’ of the land which their ‘god’ gave them, coupled with the Judaic penchant for revenge, typified in the Old Testament commandment ‘an eye for an eye’.

Having said this, the following essay penned by Steinsalz–the translator/editor of the Steinsalz edition of the Babylonian Talmud–is very instructive as to where all geo-politics these days are going as they relate to the Jewish state. Everything taking place today is rooted in undoing the events of 70 AD, in making the ‘aggressors’ pay for their crimes and in renewing once again what was interrupted with Jerusalem’s destruction–the creation of a world empire where Judaic ‘ethics’ rule the world with a Judaic ‘rod of iron’.

Please keep in mind as you read the following that this is not some nameless, powerless little cult of people hiding out in the hills of Montana waiting for the rapture to take place. These people LITERALLY have the world by its testicles through their control of money, media, the political processes of virtually the ENTIRE West as well as several hundred nuclear weapons that are there ‘just in case’ someone such as Donald J. Trump decides to get froggy in the application of his presidential authority and begins deviating from the script that organized Jewish interests wrote for themselves and for everyone else just shy of 2,000 years ago.. Read the rest of this entry »


Netanyahu–‘I care more about Palestinians than their own leaders’ 


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Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia–The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington


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Ahmad Dawabsha, survivor of Judaicly-inspired arson that killed his entire family taken to hospital after health deteriorates



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Tisha B’Av, 2016

ed note–for Jews around the world, this weekend marks the celebration of Tisha B’Av, which in Hebrew means the ‘9th’ day of the ’11th’ month, the day upon which Jews mourn the destruction of their 2 temples, the first by the Babylonians (modern day Iraq) and the 2nd by the Romans in 70 A.D.

Viewers need to watch this particular video and understand the deeper implications behind what its creators are saying, and in particular, the rebuilding of the temple (s) destroyed by both the Babylonians and then the Romans and how all of this fits in today with the present ‘clash of civilizations’ that has been deliberately engineered by organized Jewish interests between the ‘Roman’ Christian West and the ‘Babylonian’ Islamic Middle East. It is much bigger than just ‘Palestine’, much bigger than the ‘Neocons’ and the ‘Zionists’, much more dangerous and life-threatening to all 7 billion people on planet earth than simply ‘Greater Israel’. It is the process of ‘creative destruction’, whereby billions of people are scheduled to die in erecting a Judaic world imperium, to borrow a phrase used often by the irreplaceable Michael Collins Piper, where Judaic ‘ethics’ will be imposed upon a Gentile world with a Judaic ‘rod of iron’ and where all ‘life’ for Gentiles is arranged and managed in such a way so as to facilitate this Judaic world imperium for Jewry as represented by the all-seeing eye at the top of the Masonic pyramid.



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