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TUT Broadcast Feb 8, 2016

The ever-entertaining and informative Dante Ardenz, ‘anti-Semite extraordinare’ returns to the program to discuss the result of last week’s caucus in Iowa and what is likely to take place this week in New Hampshire.

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European security benefits from closer ties with Iran


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The Piper Report Jan 24, 2011


Is espionage against America a Jewish bad habit? Among other things in tonight’s program, Michael Collins Piper suggests that while Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is busy investigating so-called Muslim radicals in upcoming congressional hearings that King would do much more to contribute to American national security by launching a widespread inquiry into a recent and clearly-documentable political phenomenon–The repeated involvement by Jewish American supporters of Israel in all manner of espionage (including at the highest levels) that has been investigated by the FBI but which has been largely unreported (except for the Jonathan Pollard case) by the mass media in America.

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Sheldon Adelson-Owned Las Vegas Newspaper Endorses Rubio


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Rubio campaign tries desperately to quash gay stories

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The Piper Report Jan 21, 2011


MCP discusses the latest news as well as comments left on the website dealing with the White nationalist issue and the manner by which day by day it is being corrupted by Jewish interests.

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INCONCEIVABLE!!! Jewish frat members at Chicago U sent each other racist emails

ed note–Jews, the inventors of racism and of supremacism (we alone are God’s chosen people) engaging in open, unveiled racism? 

Clearly, this is a hoax. Obviously, some MOOZLUM hacked into the servers of the fraternity’s website and posted these messages, since Jews are the salt of the earth, the apple of Yahweh’s eye and would never engage in the very same behavior which they accuse others of doing.

Keep mind as well that if this were a fraternity associated with any other group–Christian, Islamic, etc–the fraternity would lose its charter and its members would be expelled from the uni.

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