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How They Do It– ‘ Trump and the Baby Snatchers’

ed note–keep in mind several factors when processing the various moralizing sermons coming out of the JMSM vis a vis the Trump Administration’s policies with regards to illegal immgration–

1. There are laws that were passed and which must be enforced, and the same fury with which Judea, Inc is attacking Trump for enforcing the existing immigration laws of the US would be applied in equal measure if he were to NOT enforce existing laws on gun ownership by felons or any other cause celebre’ which Judea, Inc holds sacrosanct.

2. Please note all the care and concern for ‘the children’ who are being ‘ripped away’ from their mothers because of mean ol’ Prez Trump and his cadre of ‘baby snatchers’, and yet, when it comes to the ULTIMATE act of violence in ‘ripping away’ a child from his/her mother, namely THIS–

–meaning legalized abortion on demand, these very same Judaic voices out to cause Trump as much grief as possible are strangely silent as death, no pun intended.

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Can the EU Become a Partner for Russia?


THE SAKER – Not all EU Russophobia is US-generated, by the way. We have clearly seen that these days when Trump suggested that the G7 (or, more accurately, the G6+1) needed to re-invite Russia, it was the Europeans who said “nope!”. To the extend that there is a “EU position” (even a very demure and weak one), it is mostly anti-Russian, especially in the northern part of Europe. So when Uncle Sam tells the Europeans to obey and engage in the usual Russia-bashing, they all quickly fall in line, but in the rare case when the US does not push a rabidly anti-Russian agenda, EU politicians suddenly find enough willpower to say “no”. CONTINUE READING


In Their Own Words: Was Every Israeli Prime Minister a Racist?


THE RUSSOPHILE – Most nation states in our world today have dealt with their fair share of institutionalized racism and bigotry, and Israel is no exception. However when it comes to Israel, the volume of racism expressed by prominent political figures is both astounding and concerning.

A compilation of various racist and hateful quotes by Israeli Prime Ministers demonstrating the extent to which racism is entrenched as well as normalized in Israeli political culture.

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NEWSWEEK – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly discussed his nation’s military attacks on targets in Syria, describing them as measures that will prevent more refugees from fleeing to Europe.

The Israeli leader said that these alleged efforts by Iran are “a recipe for a re-inflammation of another civil war” and that the results “could be millions more that go into Europe,” Reuters reported. CONTINUE READING

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Israeli minister disappointed at not killing Palestinian young man

judaism palestine israel

“It would have been better if they would have finished the job, just finished the job and shot him. We do not need to take him into custody, we need him dead,” he said. CONTINUE READING

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US blacklists 14 firms tied to Israeli mining magnate

Dan Gertler (Screen capture: YouTube)

TIMES OF ISRAEL – The UnitedStates on Friday  blacklisted an additional 14 companies tied to Israeli businessman DanGertler, whom Washington accuses of profiting from massive resource corruption in Africa.

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The World Cup on one leg on the Gaza border

MONDOWEISS – Even though France’s first encounter with its Australian rival won’t be held at the World Cup till tomorrow, Frenchman Antoine Griezmann scored two goals yesterday. But not in any Russian stadium– about 750 meters away from the barbed wire between Israel and Gaza.

The real blonde-haired Griezmann was represented by his number 7 blue shirt, worn by the 25-year-old Rami Jendia, who played for a Gaza sport club in a simulation match of the World Cup, held at “Malaka”, the base camp for the Great March of Return protests in Gaza. In the simulation, 14 amputee players played who had lost a leg from Israeli fire either from the weekly marches that began March 31, or from three wars on Gaza over the past decade.

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