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Trump says he’ll tap ‘natural talent’ Kushner to broker Mideast peace


In interviews with Bild and Times of London, president-elect slams ‘dumb’ Iran deal, calls on Britain to veto any further anti-Israel resolution at UN Security Council, wishes it had blocked the last one

ed note–Keep in mind that if what Trump intends to do in bringing some kind of workable resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli situation that involves putting pressure on Israel to retreat back behind the lines established by international law prior to 1967 that it is going to be very difficult for Judea, Inc to make the claim that it is all the work of ‘anti-Semites’ trying to bring about another Hollerco$t if Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, whose Judaic credentials have been touted since day 1 of the campaign, is overseeing the whole thing.

As we discussed on last night’s program, it may very well be that what Trump & co have in mind is to lay down the law with Nutty Netty, break the bad news to him that the entire ‘Greater Israel’ business isn’t going to see the light of day, that America is done fighting Israel’s wars for her in the ME and beyond, that indeed the Palestinians are going to get their state and that Jerusalem is going to be turned into a sovereign entity that is owned by no one but protected by American military power, thus insuring ‘Israel’s security needs’, thus fulfilling the half-assed excuse that the Jewish state has used since 1967 in refusing to abide by the various UN declarations ordering that she withdraw from the territories she stole in the 6 Day War.

However, as we have stressed over and over again on this website, the notion that Rome–The United States–would once again militarily occupy Judea as took place 2,000 years ago is as blasphemous a notion as what took place with the destruction of the Temple itself in 70 AD, and Israel–presently led by a group of religious nutcases who are as incapable of listening to reason as someone whacked out on LSD is incapable of doing higher math–are not going to sit idly by and watch as 2,000 years of meticulous planning in bringing the world to this present place in history evaporates nor accept this reversal of messianic fortune as a result of one man named Donald J. Trump. 

This is precisely the reason why Israel had to have those nukes and why the one president who stood in the way of her getting them, JFK, had to be assassinated. Read the rest of this entry »

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ADL jumps to Rep. Lewis’ defense after Trump tweet

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Jewish group says everyone at ADL proud to call Lewis ‘an ally’ and a ‘true civil rights hero’

ed note–keep in mind a few definitions here–

The word ‘ally’ is used exclusively within the context of war. If indeed, as the ADL stated, that it is an ‘ally’ of Lewis against Trump, then by definition it means that the ADL is at war with Trump.

Why would this be the case, if indeed as conjectured by many, that Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’? What is it that Trump has planned for Israel and for entrenched Jewish power in America that has the ADL vexed enough that they consider themselves to be at war with the incoming POTUS?

Nevertheless, despite these glaring inconsistencies, along with the present no-holds-barred attempt on the part of Judea, Inc and its subsidiaries in the US Intelligence Community and JMSM, the only retort to these important questions will revolve around Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

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Trump Suggests that CIA Director Brenner Is Leaker Behind Unsubstantiated Report

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ed note–by long-time TUT reader/listener Bogdan Herzog

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Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017? — Paul Craig Roberts

america on life support 2

excerpt– ‘I cannot assure you that Trump is not another fake like Obama, but it is a mistake to begin with this assumption. Why write off in advance the only person with the courage to put his life on the line and take on the corrupt and evil Washington establishment? Why help the Establishment defeat Trump? If Trump sells out Americans, we can turn on him then, or we can decide whether Chris Hedges is correct that only revolution can rectify the situation.’

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TUT Broadcast Jan 15, 2017


Tonight’s program–Judea’s attempted takedown of the new American Caesar, Donald J. Trump, before he has even taken the oath of office, utilizing its tentacles within the American intelligence community, the Jewish Mainstream Media and a bought-and-owned US Congress, all of whose loyalties lie more with this–



Than with this–



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MUST READ– ‘How Will Jews Fare in the Trump Era?’


Get ready to stand out, as Trump peels away the layer of political correctness that blurred distinctions within humanity; now everyone will be reminded that we’re Jews, and that’s not necessarily in our favor.

ed note–a few ‘worth noting’ items in this one–

1. ‘It is forbidden to think, let alone express out loud, the obvious: that the differences between Judaism and Christianity, which embrace different systems of morality and differ in character, manifest themselves in the way states conduct themselves. And now, even before Trump has been sworn in, a layer of political correctness is being peeled away, exposing a mix of skin tones for all to see.’

WOW, what a whopper that one is. Our esteemed Hebraic author is basically saying that despite the very sophisticated and relentless schmooze campaign that has been underway for many years whereby organized Jewish groups such as ADL et al try to paint Jews as ‘just like everyone else’ is on its face a scam meant to lasso deluded Gentiles into opening gates of their world to people who do not share their values. Furthermore, her last statement, vis a vis Trump’s presidency and how it threatens to expose these ‘differences’ between Jews and Christians within the parameters of  ‘morality’ and ‘character’, citing specifically the very same item that we at this website seized upon immediately concerning Netanyahu’s ‘turn the other cheek’ comment is quite telling indeed, in that our Hebraic author fears that what Trump has planned is a series of political machinations meant to show just how out of control the Jewish state is and why the world–for the sake of its own survival-needs to reign this mad dog in before the point of no return is crossed.

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