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Judeo-Centrism: Myths and Mania

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Judaism Does Not have Equals

ed note–in some form and to some degree, all religions consider themselves to be ‘the best’. The difference is, no other religion except Judaism permits/commands its followers to murder others–en masse, if necessary–who refuse to acknowledge its place as numero uno.

And let not the reader think that this is just some ‘right wing religious nutcase’ issue. All followers of Judaism, even those ‘good Jews’ of the left who make the pretenses of opposing racism, elitism, and religious nuttery, all emanate from the same source, they are just better at hiding their fangs than are their incautious counterparts on the right. Ask them if they celebrate Passover, which revels in the destruction/slaughter of the Egyptians. Ask if they dress up for Purim and eat pastries meant to resemble the BODY PARTS AND INTERNAL ORGANS of their Persian enemies. Ask if they celebrate Hannukah, which revels in the slaughter of those Jews trying to escape the concentration camp mindset imposed by Judaism by embracing enlightened Greek philosophy and a Hellenized lifestyle. It is those on the left who are more dangerous and who do more harm to cause of arriving at a rational, practical solution to the problems the world faces as a result of the toxic influence that organized Jewish interests pose because by putting on a pretty face, they disarm the Gentile world from understanding exactly what the source of the problem is. 

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Israeli NGO Gave Thousands of Dollars to Judaic terrorist who murdered Palestinian Teen

The organization provides free legal services to right-wing activists also gave money to other prominent Jewish terrorists and their families, Channel 10 report shows

ed note–There are no ‘right wing activists’–they are Judaic terrorists acting out the protocols of their Judaic religion which commands that Gentiles be subjected to the most extreme forms of violence imaginable, to wit–

‘When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…’–Book of Deuteronomy

And no, just as the above passage clearly spells out, it is not a ‘Khazar’ thing. It is not a ‘Talmud’ thing. It is Judaism, thousands of years old as spelled out in black in white within the pages of the Torah.

But this is the monster in the room no one wants to discuss. Even those ‘pro-Palestinian/anti-war’ activists marching, boycotting, writing, chanting, etc, refuse to deal with the one issue that simply MUST be dealt with if there is to be any rational solution to this problem.

And make no mistake about it being simply a ‘Palestinian’ problem. The protocols that led these feral beasts to beat and then set fire to this child–WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE–is how Judaism views all non-Jews, and whether it is the killing fields of Gaza, the West Bank, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or the streets of any city in the West where Judea, Inc holds uncontested sway with its money and political corruption, this is the end we will all meet unless and until people come to grips with the ugly truth of the matter, which is that Judaism itself is the cause of the problem and everything else related to this is secondary in nature. Read the rest of this entry »


Erdogan says Turkey won’t wait at Europe’s door forever

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ed note–yes, Erdogan is a dog. His direct role in the misery and suffering of Syria is  beyond he definition of a warcrime.

Nevertheless, this is how politics oftentimes works. The Europeans/Americans/Israel dangle the prospect of Turkey joining the EU as contingent upon Erdogan allowing his country/resources to be used in destroying Syria, something for which he may not actually be ideologically inclined to do, and yet he does it.

The Turks would be wise to consider the entreaties from the East–notably Iran and Russia–as a better option than crawling into bed with the devil where you will be forced to do God knows what.

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Russia’s Response to comments by Minister of Defense Fallon–Britain would be ‘literally erased from the face of the earth’ if it launched a nuclear attack

ed note–As the Russians have demonstrated now for some time, they do not act rashly or disproportionately. When provoked by the West, they quietly bide their time while considering the appropriate response to something, whether it is in the form of language or military action.

Language of this sort underscores that the Russians are taking this whole business of the Judaized West attempting to jinn up a war for Israel’s benefit very seriously, and should better clarify what the nature of the game being played here is with regards to Trump and his attempt to de-escalate the artificial tension (s) that has been conjured up by Judea, Inc and why no one should jump to hasty conclusions based upon superficial criteria, such as Trump’s semi-recent bombing of the airfield in Syria.

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Thousands of American Jews sign petition against Trump speech at Holocaust museum event

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Flight Bombs and Airport Shootings: Inside Israeli Bomb Hoaxer’s Indictment

Threats to JCCs are just tip of the iceberg, with damning list of indictments against U.S.-Israeli teen spanning extortion, assaulting police and drug trafficking; extradition battle looms

ed note–much of the story is a re-hashing of things we already know, but there is something very vital to consider appearing in the piece as is contained below–

‘If Israel refuses to extradite him to the US, it would represent a break in policy, because since the 1990s it has agreed to extraditions with the proviso that, once sentenced, Israelis convicted overseas can serve out potential jail terms in an Israeli prison.’

The question that must be asked is–WHY?

WHY would Israel refuse to extradite the ‘yoot’–as the JMSM is trying to portray him–and particularly when considering the sheer size, scope and seriousness of the crimes that took place almost exclusively in the US?

The answer is obvious–the ‘yoot’ is up to his eyeballs in something much bigger than him, and it is likely that in exchange for immunity or reduced charges/sentence he could agree to give evidence to the FBI concerning who else was involved, a possible/likely list of characters that could conceivably include–


Shin Bet


World Jewish Congress

Zionist Organization of America

etc, etc, etc…

In other words, it is a can of worms that once opened, could result in ALL SORTS of other problems, and particularly with a Trump administration that-despite certain superficial gestures, nevertheless–has taken a decidedly different course with regards to ‘Greater Israel’ and especially the issue involving a resolution to the Palestinian situation. If this ‘yoot’ gives up extremely embarrassing evidence involving ANY ONE of the aforementioned groups working in the service of Judea, Inc, this is something that can be used in putting pressure on Israel vis a vis what Trump intends to do and it is for this reason alone that Israel would refuse to extradite.

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