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Trump’s radical message to Israel


The American president shocked many with his willingness to abandon the two-state paradigm. But that wasn’t the radical part of his message to Netanyahu and Israelis.

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How They Do It– South Carolina man with white supremacist ties planned a shooting to ‘fight for Yahweh like Dylann Roof’

Apple cut into half.

ed note–as we said in a recent post dealing with the White Nationalists, whether they realize it or not, they are now a sub-corporation of Judea, Inc in creating the narrative that organized Jewish interests need in order to keep the masses entrenched in their stupidity, and despite the fact that these WN elements may themselves be ‘anti-Jewish’, nevertheless they profit the parent corporation immensely with their violent, racist rhetoric and unappealing-to-the-masses delivery. Anyone who thinks that all the recent coverage of the ‘alt-right’ and its associated knuckledraggers is because these elements pose a substantial threat to the system need to check in to some detox facility and get their brains enemized.

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American Jewish Leaders Call Trump’s Ideas on Israel ‘Terrifying’ and ‘Bizarre’

The ZOA’s Klein says Trump and Netanyahu might be discussing the possibility of a confederation with partial Jordanian rule over West Bank Palestinians.

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Rebroadcast–The Piper Report Jan 5, 2011


Tonight’s program–

Michael Collins Piper discusses the lunacy of those within the ‘patriot’ movement who think that by playing with words that somehow they will slip under the radar of Jewish interests.

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CIA chief Pompeo met Palestinian leader Abbas ahead of Netanyahu visit


ed note–now WAAAAIT a minute here….Trump HATES DEM MOOZLUMS, and especially THOSE PALEE-STINYANS….We have been told this over and over. Why bother dealing with them at all, if indeed, as we are told on a regular basis, Trump is just a ‘pawn’ of Judea, Inc?

All sarcasm aside folks, as we predicted here a year ago, Trump has other plans for the region, plans that Judea, Inc obviously don’t like, hence the UNIFIED drive to derail his presidency. Reading between the lines, including the statement he made yesterday at the press conference with Nutty Netty where he all but called the Israelis unreasonable a**holes who make noises about wanting peace but who do everything they can to make sure it never happens, what he more than likely envisions is the cessation of all settlements and for Israel to join the family of nations like the ‘democracy’ it claims to be, with equal rights for everyone, something which God’s chosen people obviously reject with every molecule in their beings, as it is an absolute refutation of the very foundation of their identity as a ‘special people, chosen above all others’, borrowing the exact wording from the book of Deuteronomy.

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NY Times Editorial–‘Time for Congress to Investigate Mr. Trump’s Ties to Russia’


ed note–as we pointed out in a recent post dealing with the resignation of Michael Flynn from the post of National Security Adviser, no one should under-estimate the importance–in a very bad way–of this latest development. As has been made clear now since before the election, Judea, Inc is universally opposed to Trump and what he plans to do, particularly in the Middle East, and having failed in their mission of preventing him being elected, now they are planning to take his presidency apart piece by piece if necessary, using the ‘Russian’ angle to do it as a platform for bringing impeachment proceedings against him.

Neither should anyone underestimate what Trump, Inc is willing to do to prevent this. If it means some major event that justifies taking a heavy hand with the country, then if this is what is deemed necessary, the forces behind him will do it.

The point is, no one should be resting on their laurels and enjoying ‘the good life’ right now, because the fact is that there is a political hurricane headed this way that has never been witnessed before that will make he trauma and drama of 9/11 look minuscule by  comparison and which will not just be isolated to places such as NY or DC, but indeed will find itself manifested at the front door of every person residing within the US.

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ed note–But, but, but…what’s wrong with ONE state? Every other country in the world is expected to embrace pluralism, multi-culturalism, and in all other ways, to possess no social compass whatsoever that acts as any kind of glue for a strong, stable, productive society.

Except, of course, the ‘Jewish State’. The ‘Jewish State’ must be just that–Jewish, with no other contaminants–i.e. Gentilism–contained therein, and while we all spend decade after decade listening to the various Jewish groups–including ‘J-Street’ chirp about the benefits of a ‘1 state’ solution over a ‘2 state’ solution and vice versa, the ravenous Jews–applying the same tactics that a pair of pickpockets utilize, where one distracts the soon-to-be victim while his partner snatches the goods–take advantage of this opportunity and do what they do best–steal more and more land as commanded in the religious texts contained within their infernal Torah.

Let this be a lesson to those well-intentioned Gentiles who praise the work of various Jewish groups advocating for ‘peace’, whether it is J-Street, Jewiwsh Voice for Peace of Neturei Karta–If it has the word ‘Jewish’ in its title, that means it is hyperfocused on the benefits/detriments of one particular group and only that particular group, and we’ll leave it up to you to figure out which group that is.

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