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I.S.I.S claims responsibility for Egyptian church attacks: President al-Sisi Declares 3 Month Emergency

Egyptian christian children hold palm fonds during the Palm Sunday mass inside the Cave Cathedral or St. Sama’ans Church on the Mokattam hills overlooking Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, April 9, 2017. Christians in Egypt celebrate Palm Sunday, the start of the Holy Week that leads up to Easter.

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Putin Says Russia Has Information About Another False Flag Being Planned in Syria

This image of the strike in Syria reminds me of Pearl Harbour. Kind of minimal damage to make a maximum point.

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Lord Baron Rothschild on the Balfour Declaration

In the following video you have the oh! so British sounding Baron Lord Jacob Rothschild addressing the creation of Israel, due to the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration which the Jewish Theresa May Government is making into an annual British event (UN)worthy of celebration. Here the despicable old creature boasts of how that document is the greatest writing in thousands of years of Jewish history.

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Homosexuality Exploding Among Youth

Ed Noor: Basically, this article just proves everything I put together 8 years ago in The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt. EVERYTHING we are dealing with today in terms of cultural Marxist sexual conditioning is covered there and makes what you read below all the more frightening and comprehensible. We can see how effective this programming is just by looking around the nation/the world today. Homosexual couples are everywhere on television ~ “normalized” whether we like it or not. Shows I have never watched brag of openly gay characters. And that is why I avoid them. I was recently advised by some that to close one’s eyes during a gay kissing scene is homophobic; such scenes have always made me queasy.

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Saturday Alternative Cartoons: March 11, 2017

This week the emphasis is on Fukushima, a topic that effects each and every one of us on some level. To be honest, this issue is so close to me; I see its effects daily; I don’t like to discuss it much, simply acknowledge the gravity and reality of this major extinction event, and move on. I don’t even care who is responsible any more; we are beyond blaming because this effects us all. It never goes away and shan’t for a very very long time. However, you just cannot let these horrific things bring you too down because what can you do other than feel helpless? Anyhow, this week I offer much for you to enjoy and, hopefully, ponder over. Please enjoy!

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Saturday Alternative Cartoons: March 4, 2017


As usual there are far too many images and cartoons, editorial and otherwise, tasteful and otherwise, etc etc, awaiting for you over at Snippits and Snappits. Please pop by and enjoy. All comments and suggestions and links gladly received. Cheers!


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Above is possibly the most relevant cartoon of the week ~ in these days of social media assassinations when one misspoken phrase can be tweeted around the world by an enemy and result in the decimation of a life’s dedicated work. Read the tragic story of 72-year old British scientist Nobel Laureate Sir Tim Hunt, and his equally accomplished wife, both destroyed by vicious feminazis. Seriously, no mercy with these madwomen. The power of the hashtag/tweet.


For so much more, please head over to my place for your weekly dose of… humour? But grab a cuppa first because there are a lot of them… as always I overdid it.


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