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German soldier ‘posed as Syrian asylum-seeker to carry out terror attack and blame it on refugees’


THE TELEGRAPH – An officer in the German army who spent more than a year posing as a Syrian refugee has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack (…) Prosecutors were at a loss to explain how he was able to register as a Syrian asylum-seeker despite the fact he speaks no Arabic and is not believed to be of Syrian origin. The authorities raised no suspicion at the time of his application.

He is believed to have continued living sporadically at a refugee shelter in the months that followed, dividing his time between there and the military base in France where he was posted. CONTINUE READING

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John McCain tells NBC, ‘I hope the Washington establishment sucked Trump in’ (Video)

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THE DURAN –  Senator John McCain talks about North Korea’s failed missile test, and how the swamp is swallowing up Trump. CONTINUE READING

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UK – Top government lawyer seeking to block prosecution of Tony Blair over Iraq War


RT – UK Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC is prepared to go to court to demand that former Prime Minister Tony Blair not be prosecuted over the Iraq war, according to a report.  The planned move by the attorney general follows a judge’s ruling last year that Blair has immunity from criminal charges over Iraq, and that pursuing a prosecution could “involve details being disclosed under the Official Secrets Act,” the Guardian reported. CONTINUE READING

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Syrian UN envoy claims Israel is directly supporting ISIS by bombing regime sites


DAILY MAIL – A Syrian UN envoy has accused Israel of helping ISIS by bombing government sites in the war-torn country. The extraordinary claim was made by Bashar al-Jaafari, who accused  the Israeli government of ‘adding fuel to the fire’. The comments were made at a UN Security Council meeting about the conflict in Syria. CONTINUE READING

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INDIA – Hindutva Indian Army accused of using Kashmir man as human shield (VIDEO)

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RT – Police in Kashmir have filed a criminal complaint against the Indian Army after video emerged showing a man tied to a jeep and allegedly being used as a human shield.

Farooq Ahmad Dar said he was on his way to a funeral before being bound to the jeep and driven to at least nine villages in the region.

Charges of kidnapping and endangerment of the man’s life are being considered against the army by police, NDTV reported. Security sources told NDTV that the incident took place on April 9. CONTINUE READING

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Israeli Planes Spray Herbicides Inside Gaza for the Fourth Time This Year


GLOBAL RESEARCH – Israeli planes have been reported spraying herbicides over land inside the Gaza Strip on four occasions in 2017, including twice in the last two days (…) This year marks a decade since the start of Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip. Israel controls Gaza’s airspace and territorial waters, as well as all of its land crossings save for Rafah, which is controlled by Egypt and closed on all but the rarest of occasions. Gaza’s exports and imports are also controlled by Israel, as is the movement of people — residents and otherwise — in and out of the enclave. CONTINUE READING


LOL!!! Check Out The Jewish ‘Pyramid’ Discovered in Israel


YNET  – Archaeologists are beginning to study and excavate an ancient Jewish pyramid believed to be related to a burial structure near Hirbet Madras; pyramid is believed to be a vestige of Hellenistic influence in the area.

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