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UK – Bath Abbey exhibit denounced because it ‘promotes Jew-hatred’


TIMES OF ISRAEL – An exhibition at Bath Abbey, “Raising Voices, Holy Sites”, has been denounced by both Jews and Christians, with one Australian visitor claiming that through it, “the Church of England promotes Jew-hatred”.

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(Yet Another) Senior Israeli Rabbi Calls for the Mass Execution of Palestinians


ALTERNET – Senior Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu believes the Israeli army should stop arresting Palestinians and execute them instead. “It must execute them and leave no one alive”. CONTINUE READING

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Stop Special Treatment for Jews – The invention of the persecution of Jews


BY CAROLYN YEAGER – FROM THEIR VERY BEGINNINGS, JEWS HAVE PROJECTED THEMSELVES AS A SPECIAL PEOPLE. According to their holy literature, the Torah, they demanded this recognition from their god Jehovah and from surrounding tribes. Over time, this became enshrined in their tribal mythology which they jealously guarded: the Hebrews are God’s special, covenanted people!

A nomadic people, they very possibly learned of the “One God” from the Egyptians, who were the first to develop the concept. Over time, their god Jehovah became the One God, but before that, he was competing and slaying to prove his supremacy over all other gods. His teaching to the tribe held that they deserved to take what they wanted from other tribes when directed by Him to attack and destroy. Their god Jehovah promised them victory as long as they strictly obeyed his commands. CONTINUE READING


Palestinians in Gaza reflect on 10 years of siege

AL JAZEERA – The past 10 years have changed the face of Palestinian resistance. The Gaza Strip has turned into the front line of defence for the Palestinian cause and against the projects that aim to dissolve the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Gaza has become the icon of the resistance movement, and there has been massive popular support for Gaza whether in the rest of Palestine, in the areas occupied in 1948, or in the Arab world in general. We’ve seen huge campaigns in support of Gaza across the world, especially during the Israeli assaults.

The presence of Gaza, as the bearer of the resistance movement with military resistance of this size, unprecedented in Palestine in confronting the occupation, carries so much value. Unfortunately, it has led to harsh consequences imposed by Israel against the Gaza as a whole. CONTINUE READING

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AUSTRALIA – Bearded men who ‘terrified families after storming cinema shouting Allahu Akbar’ were not Muslims – but turban-wearing INDIANS


DAILY MAIL – Four ‘Middle Eastern’ men supposedly stormed cinema shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.  Movie-goers at the Blacktown theatre in Sydney’s west were reportedly terrified. Police launched a hunt for the bearded men, aged in their 20s, in dark clothes. CCTV footage showed the men to actually be members of the Sikh community. The Sikhs caused a fracas when they walked out of Baywatch unimpressed. They denied shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic and were not charged by police. CONTINUE READING




No, The Bible Doesn’t Command We “Stand With Israel”

jesus christ

PATHEOS – The biblical prophets are the last people who would seem “pro-Israel” because they were constantly rebuking Israel for bad behavior. And they didn’t hold back forceful language, either– some wrote that God utterly hated every expression of their religion because they were ignoring justice for the poor and marginalized.

On top of the prophets, remember that Jesus was executed as a traitor and a threat to Israel. CONTINUE READING


In First, Pope Francis Names Rabbis To Pontifical Academy Of Life

pope francis

THE FORWARD – Two rabbis, one from Israel and one from Argentina, were appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Life, the first time rabbis have been invited to be members of the academy.

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