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GERMANY – Muslim woman banned from wearing headscarf in court


The Blessed Virgin Mary Wearing The Islamic Veil

THE INDEPENDENT – A German judge has banned a Syrian woman from appearing in court without removing her headscarf, claiming “religiously-motivated” attire is prohibited. Najat Abokal, a lawyer representing the woman, said the order was made for divorce proceedings in the district court in Luckenwalde, Brandenberg. She said the letter warned of legal action against the woman if she does not comply, but also ordered her to appear in person to present her case against her husband. CONTINUE READING

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IRAQ – Vice President says Middle East survival was ensured by Russia’s role in Syria


THE DURAN – The Iraqi Vice President stated,

“I have said this before and I will repeat it again – if it were not for the Russian stance, the region would be fully destroyed, its map would be new and unusual … Without Russia’s approach to the Syrian issue which differs from the one of the United States, the Syrian regime would have fallen, terrorists would have intensified their actions thanks to this, the regional map would change and in the end it would lead to the fall of Baghdad”.


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Pig’s Head in Swastika Bag Is Left Outside Islamic School in Australia

brazil jesus christ

NYT – A bag marked with a swastika and containing a pig’s head was left at the front gate of an Islamic school in Brisbane, Australia, this week. The police were called to the school, the Islamic College of Brisbane, on Wednesday after the bag was discovered by a groundskeeper and a teacher. The school is one of only two Islamic schools in the state of Queensland. CONTINUE READING

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Saudi King asked US to intervene in Temple Mount standoff

destruction JERUSALEM

YNET – King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has asked US officials to intervene with the Israeli government to end the standoff with Muslim officials over new security measures at the Temple Mount compound, an Arabic-language website reported Tuesday.

Elaph, an online news site based in London, reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Saudi officials to visit the al-Aqsa Mosque to show the status quo has not changed.

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Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz: ‘I felt it was something I had to do’


YNET – Rotem Bides visited the remains of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp six times, and each time she felt like she had left a part of herself there, or perhaps the other way around. The 27-year-old student, who has been preoccupied with the Holocaust for years, has sparked a controversy both in Israel and abroad with her final project at the Beit Berl College’s Faculty of Art, which includes samples she collected without permission from the Auschwitz Museum: Shards of glass, small bowls, a metal screw, soil and even a sign clearly warning visitors not to steal anything from the camp’s grounds.

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Teacher at ultra orthodox school gets 7 years for sexual assault


YNET – A teacher at a religious school—who was convicted of indecent assault on his students—was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison and two years of probation. Aharon Shlomo Lisson, 34, from Beitar Illit, was a teacher at an ultra-Orthodox middle school in the city. In December, he was convicted of sexually assaulting three brothers aged 13-15.

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Pentagon Furious After Turkey Leaks U.S. Base Locations In Syria


On the one year anniversary of the failed coup against Erdogan, “”Hard Not To See This As A F-You”. CONTINUE READING

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