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The Love/Hate Relationship Between ‘White Nationalists’ And The Jews

NEO NAZI untermensch white nationalist

THE FORWARD – “Spencer says his dream of building a “white ethno-state” is “very similar to how Jews conceive of Israel.” He even describes his vision as something like “white Zionism.” (…)  And Spencer has said he respects some Jewish nationalists, including the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. “I would say, if I were to have a beer with Netanyahu I bet we would agree on everything. I think we would see eye to eye”

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Is America Preparing For War With Russia?


DAILY MAIL – These are the amazing scenes which show a Russian-built fighter jet taking on a US Air Force F-16 in a mock dogfight – in what could be a sign that America is preparing for the possibility of war with Moscow. 

The images were captured by air traffic controller Phil Drake in the skies above Area 51 in Nevada, one of the world’s most secret military bases, on the day Donald Trump was elected President. According to Drake, the aircraft in the photographs are a single seater Sukhoi Su-27P and America’s veteran F-16. CONTINUE READING


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Trump Aims to Break the Russia-China-Iran Axis, Preserve US Global Hegemony


Sabba – And here we have the real meaning of ‘Make America Great Again’

STRATEGIC CULTURE – In Syria, Washington and its puppet allies have almost exited the scene without achieving their strategic goal of removing Assad from power (…) 

Donald Trump has emerged with a new approach to foreign policy affairs, shaped by various political thinkers of the realist mould, such as Kenneth Waltz and John Mearsheimer (…)  The Trump administration intends to end the policy of regime change, Arab Springs, and color revolutions. Such efforts are ultimately ineffective anyway and are too costly in terms of political credibility (…)  The Middle East is in chaos, with a Moscow-Tehran axis emerging and going from strength to strength (…) 

[Trump will try and ] seek dialogue and cooperation with all nations. Probably what lies behind these overtures is actually an explicit willingness to try to break the cooperation between Russia, Iran and China. The motivations for this action stem from the implications for the United States if a full military, cultural and economic alliance between Beijing, Moscow and Tehran is formed, it would almost ultimately consign the United States to irrelevance on the grand chessboard of international relations.


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Russia Seeks Strategic Partnership With Pakistan

INDIA PUNCHLINE – Without doubt, a visit by Putin to Pakistan would signify a shift in the tectonic plates of regional politics. It will render hopelessly unsustainable the Indian establishment’s zero sum mindset that characterises the present course of foreign policies toward China and Pakistan. In the changing scenario, it will be small comfort even if Trump were to continue with the US’ friendly posturing toward India. Simply put, a new thinking is needed in India’s policies toward both China and Pakistan.


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John Kerry: US Officials Should Not ‘Step Into’ Politics of Other Countries


REUTERS – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was “inappropriate” for Donald Trump to brand German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy “a catastrophic mistake”.

“I thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the United States to be stepping into the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner,” Kerry told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour during a one-day visit to London in the last week of the Obama administration.  CONTINUE READING

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GERMANY – Vassal-in-Chief Angela Merkel vows to fight Donald Trump, and challenge his “Make America Great Again” mission


THE DURAN – Angela Merkel is the last neo-liberal, globalist leader standing…and the German Chancellor says she is ready to take on Trump and fight for the rights of the 0.1%. CONTINUE READING

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GERMANY – Udo Ulfkotte: Europe’s Courageous Journalism Voice Has Passed Away


Herr Ulfkotte had lived in fear of his life ever since he exposed the CIA and publicly said that European media were all writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure. Watch his interview on RT on October 2014 here.  After often claiming that ‘they’ were trying to kill him, he has now been found dead of ‘heart failure’…  CONTINUE READING