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Abby Martin on Israeli Settler Terror



Billy Joel wears Star of David amid rising White-Nationalist activity

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ADL donations spiked 1,000% after Charlottesville

ed note (tony)…After ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’, America has fallen in love with the Jews.

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Slavery or Tariffs: What Really Caused Secession? By Prof. Ray Goodwin

CAN A STATE IGNORE FEDERAL LAWS THAT HARM ITS CITIZENS? This was the question that ultimately led to the Civil War. Northern industrialists and politicians were determined to force the South to “buy American” by placing high tariffs on cheaper goods coming into the South from Europe. The South found this an onerous burden and did what it could to bypass these tariffs. In the end, this unresolved issue was the cause of the war

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The Trump administration’s 3 ‘court Jews’ disgrace themselves

ed note (Tony)…Jewish columnist Dana Milbank engages in the usual (bordering on cliche) wailing, moaning, screeching, hollering, bellyaching, howling, sobbing, weeping, and sniveling that TUT readers have been accustomed to.

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Right on cue: Jones, others, call Charlottesville violence a ‘false flag’

ed note (tony)…As predictable as a sunny day in late June. A pattern has developed over at infowars/prison planet, etc. Anytime something goes ‘boom’ and Mohammad pulled the trigger, it is REAL and Paul Joseph Watson says ‘the religion of peace strikes again’. If a non-Arab is involved, then it is a false flag, it didn’t happen, there were crisis actors, etc….

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Conviction Of Blackwater Killer Overturned

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