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Mask of Zion Report Feb 11, 2015

kosher reaper

“Is it good for the Jews? – The International Intra-Jewish Gang War and A Third Party’s Entry Into The Conflict” 

Azaziah The Anomaly returns with a bombshell discussion on the Jewish “solidarity activist” gatekeepers’ entry into the Intra-Jewish gang war between the neocons and neolibs that has raged for years and is now reaching critical mass. Also, our host completely eviscerates the hasbara behind the recent WaPo/Newsweek “revelation” about CIA hands in Hizbullah commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination. MUST-LISTEN!


Mask of Zion Report, Feb 9, 2015


“Hizbullah’s Historic Retaliation, Worldwide Resistance, Gatekeepers and What Is and Isn’t News”

The Mask of Zion Report returns in nothing less than blistering fashion as the one and only Jonathan Azaziah tackles the life-or-death struggle between the Donbass Resistance and International Zionism’s Kiev coup regime, the historic retaliation Hizbullah carried out for the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s criminal raid on Quneitra and the end of our rules of engagement with the “anti-Zionist Zionist” gatekeepers. This is one for the ages folks.


TUT Broadcast Jan 11, 2015


We are joined by the one and only Jonathon Azaziah to discuss the massacre
in Paris–what it was, what it is now and where it will be going.

Listen Here


Jonathan Azaziah’s new album preview sampler is up! “Enemy of the Entity” drops on Oct 29th!!

The debut EP from Madd Cold aka Jonathan Azaziah, “Enemy Of The Entity” is a masterpiece work of unmatched passion and next-level lyricism dedicated to the Palestinian people and their precious cause. Mixed and mastered by underground Hip-Hop legend Payday Monsanto, Madd Cold’s “Enemy Of The Entity” will be released for sale on October 29th, 2014, the 58th anniversary of the Kufr Qassem massacre, and all proceeds will be donated to the Zaytoun-Bil’in Project which aims to plant olive and fig trees in defiance of criminal Zionist settlers who habitually attack Palestinian farms. Buckle up, ’cause you ain’t never heard Hip-Hop like this before!  (EP cover by Chris Katko)


The Victory Hour Aug 3, 2014

The one and only Jonathan Azaziah joins the show with a blistering analysis of the supremacist Jewish origins of the cartoon neo-nazi Kiev junta.

The false-flag MH17 operation is also mercilessly dissected.

The North and South global Axis of Resistance has read the Empire’s playbook.

Always 10 moves ahead, the only possible outcome?


Listen Here 



Mask of Zion Report July 31, 2014


The one and only Jonathon Azaziah returns for a nuclear-level discussion of the current Judaic ritual Bloodshed in Gaza.



Gaza, Zionism & The Destabilization Doctrine: An Interview With Jonathan Azaziah



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