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Mask of Zion Report March 25, 2016


“YEMEN BATTLEFIELD UPDATE 4 – Can’t Uproot Us! Zionist Rescue Ops and Saudi-Proposed Fake Ceasefires Won’t Stop Ansarullah” – Debuting “Can’t Uproot Us”, his second single off his brand new Yemen album “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, Jonathan Azaziah breaks down Mossad’s infiltration of Sanaa to ‘save’ 19 Yemeni Jews and the Saudi-UN-proposed ceasefire on April 10th. Another hard-hitting, brilliant effort from our resident Iraqi iconoclast.

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Mask of Zion Broadcast Mar 24, 2016


“The Great Geopolitical Purim Extravaganza – Trump, AIPAC, Belgium, and Libya” – Title says it all. Resident TUT fire-spitter Jonathan Azaziah takes us through Mr. Trump’s strategic AIPAC speech, the Belgium false flag attack and the anniversary of Libya’s destruction at the hands of International Jewry, right in time for the Jewish revenge festival known as Purim. Don’t miss this one.​

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Mask of Zion Report March 21, 2016


Tonight–‘Iraq, 13 Years After Invasion – The Iraqi People’s Triumph Over Zionism’–With typical fire and second-to-none sense of political and religious history, Dr. Azaziah walks through Iraq’s current state of affairs 13 years to the day that the Jewish serial war on his homeland began.

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Mask of Zion Report March 20, 2016


It’s All About Syria!

‘The Russians, The Resistance In Tadmur (Palmyra) And The Kurds’– Jonathan Azaziah is back for his third show this week with a detailed analysis of Russia’s partial withdrawal from the Syrian front, the very important impending liberation of the ancient desert city of Palmyra and the Kurds’ Zionist-adored declaration of federalism in northern Syria.

As expected–Bang-on and brilliant.

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Mask of Zion Report March 18, 2016


my personal ed note, MG, in just 2 words–


‘The Rise Of The Donald Trump Phenomenon – True American Populism vs. Organized Jewish Interests’ – A brilliant, balanced, much-needed analysis from an Islamic perspective on Donald Trump and the all-out, 360-degree Zionist war on his presidential candidacy, delivered in a fashion only Jonathan Azaziah can deliver–Factual, furious and ferocious.

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Mask of Zion Report March 17, 2016

saudi arabia

“YEMEN BATTLEFIELD UPDATE 3–Zayd Lives! The Anatomy of Al-Saud’s Khamis Market Massacre and Ansarullah’s Crushing Response” – Dr. Azaziah introduces the blistering single “Zayd Lives” off his upcoming album (next week!) on Yemen, and then rips Saudi Arabia from limb to limb for its horrific slaughter of at least 107 Yemenis in Hajjah.

Not another place on Earth that you can get this kind of analysis.

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Mask of Zion Report March 5, 2016

“YEMEN BATTLEFIELD UPDATE 2 – Ansarullah’s Victory Train Just Keeps On Truckin’ Along”: Dr. Azaziah kicks off the second edition of his ‘Yemen battlefield update’ series with more documentation of the House of Saud’s Judaic crime spree and the Yemeni Resistance’s continuing success against the invaders before closing out with some heartfelt insight on Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech. As usual, this is ‘can’t miss’ material.

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