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Mask of Zion Broadcast Feb 1, 2016


Takfirism And The Manufactured Refugee Crisis: The Jews’ Two-Headed War On Islam-

Get your pads and pens ready for notes, folks for a 360 degree overview of Syria, the out-of-control refugee crisis and the global Jewish plan to destroy Islam and Christianity. In a nutshell, truly unlike anything you’ll ever come across on the subject.

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Mask of Zion Report Jan 26, 2016

‘Ansarullah, Saudi Crimes and The Transhistorical Jewish Hatred Of Yemen’

The one and ONLY Jonathan Azaziah returns to the airwaves to mark 10 months since the crypto-Jewish Saudi regime began its criminal bombing of Yemen.

A word to the wise–Buckle up and prepare yourselves for a must-listen classic, and welcome back Jonathon, you have been sorely missed.

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Protected: Mask of Zion Report June 12, 2015

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Protected: Mask of Zion Report June 10, 2015

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Mask of Zion Report–Tribute to Michael Collins Piper

Tonight–A Tribute To Michael Collins Piper, ‘Giant Among Giants’

Resident genius Jonathan Azaziah makes his much-anticipated return to the TUT airwaves with a special program dedicated to our recently fallen brother MCP, discussing what Mike meant to our movement as well as what he meant to the world overall, his epic body of work, the malicious disinformation surrounding his death and the dark place he was in just prior to his passing, as a warning to all of us not to fall into the same traps of our enemies. Sometimes heartrending and melancholy, sometimes angry but always heartfelt, educational and brilliant, but above all, a must listen.

MCP would be proud…

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Mask of Zion Report Feb 11, 2015

kosher reaper

“Is it good for the Jews? – The International Intra-Jewish Gang War and A Third Party’s Entry Into The Conflict” 

Azaziah The Anomaly returns with a bombshell discussion on the Jewish “solidarity activist” gatekeepers’ entry into the Intra-Jewish gang war between the neocons and neolibs that has raged for years and is now reaching critical mass. Also, our host completely eviscerates the hasbara behind the recent WaPo/Newsweek “revelation” about CIA hands in Hizbullah commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination. MUST-LISTEN!


Mask of Zion Report, Feb 9, 2015


“Hizbullah’s Historic Retaliation, Worldwide Resistance, Gatekeepers and What Is and Isn’t News”

The Mask of Zion Report returns in nothing less than blistering fashion as the one and only Jonathan Azaziah tackles the life-or-death struggle between the Donbass Resistance and International Zionism’s Kiev coup regime, the historic retaliation Hizbullah carried out for the illegitimate “Israeli” regime’s criminal raid on Quneitra and the end of our rules of engagement with the “anti-Zionist Zionist” gatekeepers. This is one for the ages folks.



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