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Mask of Zion Report Feb 29, 2016


“On The State Of The Palestinian Cause And The Tidal of Wave of Truth Needed to End Zionism” – Once again the one and only Jonathan Azaziah navigates the current storm of trash that has removed the Palestinian cause from the front of geopolitics in the wake of the manufactured ‘Arab Spring’, as well as recent events in the occupied land, and dives into the solution–Hope and Truth–that is needed in ending the Zionist stranglehold over Palestine and our world.

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Mask of Zion Broadcast Feb 27, 2016


“YEMEN BATTLEFIELD UPDATE 1: Ansarullah Triumphs, Hizbullah’s Alleged Involvement and More of Yahoudi Arabia’s Projectionism” – A brilliant summary of recent updates from Yemen, both military and political, as well as a breakdown of the increasingly overt Judaic behavior of the Saudi regime. Dr. Azaziah’s analysis of the Yemeni conflict is truly one of a kind, folks…

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Mask of Zion Report Feb 25, 2016

ISIS Saudi Turkey Erdogan

“The ‘Jewish Consensus’: Saudi-Turkish Madness And The Zionized Path To WW3” – TUT’s esteemed Dr. Azaziah revisits ISIS’s origins in the face of recurring hasbara and tackles the political–and more importantly–ideological and religious reasons behind the Saudi and Turkish regimes threatening Syria with invasion. Yet another can’t-miss program.

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Mask of Zion Report Feb 18, 2016


“Russia, The Jews, Putin and ‘Israel’–A Much-Needed Historical Overview”

Title says it all folks.

The one-and-only Jonathan Azaziah gives us another one for the ages and in simple terms, puts all the anti-Putin disinformationists to shame.

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Mask of Zion Broadcast Feb 1, 2016


Takfirism And The Manufactured Refugee Crisis: The Jews’ Two-Headed War On Islam-

Get your pads and pens ready for notes, folks for a 360 degree overview of Syria, the out-of-control refugee crisis and the global Jewish plan to destroy Islam and Christianity. In a nutshell, truly unlike anything you’ll ever come across on the subject.

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Mask of Zion Report Jan 26, 2016

‘Ansarullah, Saudi Crimes and The Transhistorical Jewish Hatred Of Yemen’

The one and ONLY Jonathan Azaziah returns to the airwaves to mark 10 months since the crypto-Jewish Saudi regime began its criminal bombing of Yemen.

A word to the wise–Buckle up and prepare yourselves for a must-listen classic, and welcome back Jonathon, you have been sorely missed.

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