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The Victory Hour June 2, 2014


FSB Colonel Igor “The Gunman” Strelkov commands the Donbass Resistance.

This latter-day Leon Degrelle, a student of Sunsu, carries out a brilliant guerrilla campaign of cunning and devastating strikes against The Empires demoralized drones.

Travelling overland in Kamaz military trucks, Chechens in their hundreds arrive in Donetsk and are cheered by thousands!
Muslim and Christian soldiers fight together and lead the world by example.

Hundreds of Volunteer Legionnaires from Europe stream to the battlefields of Donbass.

The Battle for Europe enters a new chapter!

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Greystone and NATO mercenaries guide Kiev’s Takfiris into Ukraine’s largest loss of life since World War II.

After running street battles, 100 Resisters are trapped in Odessa’s Union Trades Building.

Thirty die in stairwell infernos and five more die jumping from windows.

Survivors fleeing the building are killed or beaten and arrested.

46 murdered. A beloved babushka, High School kids, local workers, men and women alike.

Hundreds of Russian volunteers, all veterans, have evaded Russian border guards and joined the fight for Humanity in Ukraine.

A lonely abandoned mine guarded by a tank platoon and 500 troops holds Ukraine’s small arms arsenal.

Can Kiev trust these soldiers?

Playing right into the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the world’s Trotskyites will find themselves in the dock in People’s Courts.

We’ll hang them in Nuremberg.

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The Victory Hour Broadcast May 4, 2014

TVH-Russian Front

Theorist, philosopher, historian, fighter.

Claudio Mutti from Rome Italy joins the show.

Since the 1960’s, Signore Mutti has fought to liberate Europe from it’s would-be destroyers.

Among other fascinating topics covered are Operation Gladio, the murders of independent-minded Italian politicians, the differentiation between Europe and The West and assessments of the present situation.

A critically important war college not to be missed!

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The Victory Hour April 16, 2014



Luhansk, Slavyansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv.

Across eastern Ukraine, the resistance storms police stations, government headquarters and special forces offices.

The Kiev junta promises ‘large scale anti-terrorist operations’.

-Ukraine stands on the brink.

Just returning from 2 large marches in Kharkiv, Denis brings us the latest from The Ukrainian Front.

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The Victory Hour April 11, 2014

TVH-Russian Front

Joaquin Flores and Tesha Tesanovic in Belgrade report on the 15th anniversary of NATO’s bombing campaign against Serbia.

Also covered are developments in Ukraine and European patriots’ scorn of the Kiev junta.

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The Victory Hour April 5, 2015

TVH-Russian Front
In a round the world news round-up, Max and Alexandr bring you the latest from the frontlines.

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The Victory Hour March 22, 2014


TVH-Russian Front

Kostantyn from Simferopol reports on the latest developments in Crimea.

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