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Syrians murdered by US Airstrikes don’t matter because they’re only Arabs



TUT Broadcast March 17/18, 2016


My two back-to-back interviews with Prof. Alexander Azadgan.

Part I–The Russian withdrawal from Syria–what’s really going on behind the scenes?

Part II–From Atlantis to Tel Aviv…The Occult roots of Zionism, Israel, and the NWO

ed note–had some technical difficulties and therefore the sound quality was not the best, but we are working on it.

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TUT Broadcast March 5, 2016

Back after an extended and difficult 3 month battle with a nasty sinus infection…

TONIGHT–The real reason for organized Jewish interests opposing Trump–Not just their fear of a temporary cessation in Israel’s wars, but indeed the unhinging of a 2,000 year long plan of Judaic revenge arising out of Rome’s destruction of Judea taking place between 67 and 73 A.D.

ALSO–we are honored to be joined by Professor Alexander Azadgan to discuss the recent elections in Iran and the maniacal drive on the part of Israel and her lackeys in tow to destroy this great and ancient nation.

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TUT Broadcast Jan 25, 2016


Tonight–We are joined once again by the irreplaceable Dante Ardenz in discussing the latest political black magic being cast against Donald Trump by all the usual suspects.

The origin/meaning of the picture captioned above–a mystery to all except the listeners of TUT.

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TUT Broadcast Jan 13, 2015


Tonight’s program–Israel takes delivery of her 5th nuclear-capable submarine produced in Germany and named ‘Rahav’, after the Gentile prostitute who assisted Joshua’s spies prior to the invasion and destruction of Jericho as recounted in the Old Testament.

Netanyahu’s bomb cartoon at the UN now takes on a whole new dimension.

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TUT Broadcast Jan 7, 2015


The current facelift Israel is attempting to bring about in the aftermath of the video showing the ‘wedding of hate’ celebration of the deliberate murders of the Dawabshe family–an application of the ‘Menendez Effect,’ whereby stonecold killers attempt to sway the jury in their favor with tears and a false sense of humanity.

Also, Trump’s latest swordplay with the organized Jewish interests trying to prevent his presidency and their inability to effectively best him.

We are joined once again by the ever-interesting Dante Ardens

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TUT Broadcast Dec 28, 2015


Tonight’s program–‘Bloody Trump’.

In mid September 2015, in the midst of the 10 ‘High Holy Days’ that commence with Rosh Hashanah and end with Yom Kippur, the above artiste, Sarah Levy, painted a picture of Donald Trump using her own menstrual blood which she collected in a Diva cup and which she entitled ‘Bloody Trump’.


Rosh Hashanah is the day that Jews believe all persons who follow the dictates of the Judaic god Yahweh have their names written into the Book of Life, whilst those who do not are inscribed into the Book of the Dead.

Like Netanyahu’s infamous ‘bomb cartoon’–meant as a threat to world leaders–was this a warning to Trump in mid-September that organized Jewish interests were out to destroy him, or just a simple case of a young Jewish artiste painting a picture of Donald Trump using her own menstrual blood?

ALSO–we are joined by Martin Hill, the protester at the Trump rally who challenged Trump on his ‘Dancing Muslims on 911’

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