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TUT Broadcast Oct 18, 2017

Tonight’s program–

1. A continued discussion of the events in Las Vegas and why–even if there were a case to be made that there is much more to it than simply what is being revealed by the JMSM–it is impossible for the 9/11 Truth movement to make any headway in revealing the deeper implications of this terrible event due to the self-inflicted damage done to the credibility of ‘the movement’ as a result of the league of nutters claiming that Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, San Bernardino, the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, etc, were all ‘hoaxes’ that ‘never took place’.

2. A discussion of the recent ‘declaration of independence’ on the part of the Kurds and how Israel plans on using this in keeping the momentum going in destabilizing the Middle East in the aftermath of the defeat of ISIS arising out of the heroic successes of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Hezbollah.

And finally, Harvey Weinstein–his meteoric takedown and the likelihood that it was not as much the doing of Judea, Inc as much as it was of Trump, Inc.

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded.

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TUT Broadcast Oct 5, 2017


Today’s program–

Another massacre in the US involving firearms, and while everyone is debating all the tangentials swirling around it–pro gun control/anti gun control, that it was a ‘hoax’ involving crisis actors and fake blood, or that it was a ‘false flag’ conjured up by dark forces out to disarm America, the one discussion that is not taking place but which needs to be is the fact that this is the INEVITABLE result of a nation that has been subjected to decades of psychological warfare by organized Jewish interests vis a vis the daily drip of violence and violent programming into the nation’s psyche as a preparatory precursor to that nation being used as the primary weapon in going forth and murdering 2 billion Muslims for the benefit of Judea, Inc.

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TUT Broadcast Sep 11, 2017

Tonight’s program–On this 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks engineered by Judea, Inc we discuss the striking parallels between the danger the world faces today as a result of Judea’s ‘parole’ following its 2,000 year period of ‘incarceration’ and the storyline of the 1991 film Cape Fear, where Max Cady, a psychopath who has just been released from prison, initiates his plans of revenge and utter destruction against the defense attorney (and his family) who failed to get him acquitted of the charges brought against him for having raped and beaten a 16 year old girl.

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TUT Broadcast Sept 5, 2017

Tonight’s program–‘Disinformation agents’ within ‘the movement’–easier created/cultivated than some realize. Rather than all the cloak and dagger that some assume takes place, sometimes all it takes is a few flattering emails and a steady flow of cash-ola.

Also–President Donald Trump becomes the first US President to meet and greet a survivor of the USS LIBERTY–what it means in the tug of war between 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and Tel Avivand  what kinds of ‘countermeasures’ that Judea, Inc is likely to deploy in scuttling any maneuvers that the White House may be planning in bringing about the President’s much discussed ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East.

And finally, the icing on the cake, a special guest appearance by the one and only Michael Collins Piper who gives some perspective as to the ‘love affair’ that exists between members of the American political class and the organized Jewish interests who put them in power.

As usual, not for the hopelessly closed-minded or comfortably numb.

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TUT Broadcast Aug 20, 2017

Tonight’s program–the fiasco taking place last weekend in Charlottesville had as its primary objective one thing–putting enormous, dare we say INSUPPORTABLE–political pressure on Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, as an extension of the same strategy used by hyenas in driving out a male lion–exhaustion and the desire for some peace of mind and quiet of soul.

In the immediate aftermath, Trump announces the quitting of Steven Bannon, his chief strategist and adviser in what some have claimed represents a ‘betrayal’ on the part of Trump to the ‘anti-White conspiracy’ being waged by Gentiledom’s eternal enemy, Judea, Inc.

HOWEVER, Bannon’s statement upon departure that this was ‘war’ and that he was now going to concentrate his energies on defeating Trump’s enemies, using Breitbart News as the vehicle for doing so, indicates that what is really afoot is that Trump is preparing to employ the ‘Samson Option’, utilizing Bannon as the field commander in doing so, by setting loose certain pieces of information heretofore kept out of public sight and thus out of public discourse–whose primary target are those working in Tel Aviv who have sworn mind, body, and soul to see Trump removed as POTUS before he can affect any changes vi a vis Judea’s long-awaited/long planned destruction of Rome as payback for the events of 70 AD.

ALSO, special guest appearance by the one and only irreplaceable Michael Collins Piper whose yesterday words ring incredibly true today, and particularly in the aftermath of the events taking place in Charlottesville last weekend.

Caveat Emptor–not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded so listen at your own risk.

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TUT Broadcast Aug 15, 2017

Tonight’s program–the unregenerate and unrelenting stupidity of the ‘White Nationalist’ neighborhood within the ‘911 Truth’ movement. At a time when Trump has the hounds of hell nipping at his heels over ‘Russiagate’, with a special prosecutor being appointed and a grand jury being impaneled, thousands of ‘truthers’ gather in Charlottesville, Virginia, dressed to the nines in their Nazi regalia, white robes with pointed hats, BDUs and strut around town with AR15s locked and loaded as they chant Nazi slogans for an all-too-eager Jewish mainstream media who utilize the events of that day to put even more pressure on Trump in the drive to see him pack his bags and leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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TUT Broadcast Aug 7, 2017

Tonight’s program–the implosion (controlled demolition) of Netanyahu’s political power–a genuine act of the laws of nature, or a clever Judaic scheme designed to confuse Gentiledom that the Jewish state is a nation of laws rather than a nutcase theocracy bent upon world domination?

Also, the ‘911 Truth’ movement, how it has been penetrated, corrupted, subverted and compromised so that it poses no threat whatsoever to the messianic plans of Judea Inc, and how of all those poisoned darts that have been the most effective in achieving this goal, the elevation of the cult of Hitler and the hyperfocus on the Hollerco$t have been the most instrumental in achieving this goal. 

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