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ADL donations spiked 1,000% after Charlottesville

ed note (tony)…After ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’, America has fallen in love with the Jews.

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Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Jewhadists To Escape Safely In Syria

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ZERO HEDGE – Video footage obtained by Al-Masdar appears to show convoys of ISIS fighters fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqa untouched by the U.S. military, which is currently bombing that exact location. As Al-Masdar notes, despite having Kurdish and American drones hovering around the city of Raqqa, U.S. bombs are nowhere to be seen as hundreds of fighters pass safely. The release of this footage comes on the heels of accusations from both Russia and Iran that the U.S. is colluding with ISIS to allow the group’s safe passage into areas controlled by the Syrian government. CONTINUE READING


WATCH – Hervé Ryssen – The Jews and the Russian Revolution

Sabba – This video (in French with English subtitles) is a very good and comprehensive synthesis of everything we need to know about the savage jewish butchery that shook Christian Russia in 1917. We should stop referring to it as ‘Russian’ Revolution as there was nothing Russian about it. More than that, the jews were so vicious and ferocious in their destruction of anything Russian that they purposefully chose not to include the name Russia in their newly created state – the USSR – as if to erase Russia from the pages of History and from Mankind’s memory. What they did to the Russians is what they are doing to the Palestinians and the Middle Eastern Arabs in general and what they promised to do to all of us, as soon as they get a chance. This video should encourage us all to do whatever we can to build and strengthen a ‘Christlamic’ Alliance because that is truly the only thing that will save us from the synagogue of Satan.


With Bannon Unleashed, Things May Get Worse for U.S. Jews Before They Get Better

With predictions of a liberated ‘Bannon the Barbarian’ going ‘thermonuclear’ against ‘globalists’ outside the White House, the American Jewish community may not want to celebrate his departure from the White House so quickly

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Palestinian leader says White House peace efforts ‘in chaos’

ed note–as we have discussed here for over a year now ever since Trump started making noises about the ‘ultimate’ peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians (whose very existence Judea, Inc wants wiped off the map) of all the things contributing towards the drive to (1) Prevent Trump first from winning the Presidency and (2) Now that he has won, the drive to get him removed, this–the ‘ultimate’ deal, ranks up there as numero uno in terms of best explaining why it is that ‘the Jews’ as a group ant him gone and replaced with someone who is not going to undo the plans they have meticulously put into place for almost 2,000 years.

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How They Do It– In Boston, concerned Jews gather in prayer and protest against bigotry

An interfaith vigil and well-publicized ‘dueling rallies’ draw thousands of Jews to denounce racism and anti-Semitism in America’s Cradle of Liberty

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Petition calling on White House to recognize Antifa as terrorists has 35k+ signatures

ed note–there is no doubt whatsoever that Antifa is indeed a terrorist group in the same classical definition that is used by the USGOV in determining other groups to be such.

At the same time however, it must also be recognized that Antifa and other associated groups would be absolutely POWERLESS in their agenda of managing the narrative were it not for the willing, cooperative stupidity of at least certain ‘neighborhoods’ within the ‘Alt-Right’ and ‘White nationalist’ neighborhoods. As we saw with the counterprotest that was organized in reaction to the ‘free speech’ march that took place in Boston this weekend, the Antifas were careful not to be strutting around with assault weapons cocked, locked, and ready for business. There were no Communist placards or signs trying to reinvigorate and rehabilitate the bloody past of Marxism or to glorify Lenin, Trotsky, etc.

Rather they held up signs that resonated with the average American, protesting ‘racism’ and ‘Nazism’ and calling for ‘tolerance’ and ‘love’, etc,  and until the right wing learns how to manage its stage presence in the same way by ‘culling the herd’ and getting rid of the crazies who think that by going out and beating their chests like gorillas that somehow this is going to result in hundreds of millions of white Americans joining ‘duh muuvmnt’, we can all count on the continued downward spiral of any semblance of meaningful resistance to the aims of Judea, Inc and its war on us both as individuals and as a civilization.

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