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IDF Establishes ‘Hezbollah’ Unit


The Israeli army is changing the structure of its training exercises in order to better simulate combat situations against Hezbollah and Hamas, Haaretz reported.

In addition to constructing tunnels on some bases, the army is set to create specific training units that will perform the same maneuvers and tactics of the guerilla organizations, according to the Zionist newspaper. CONTINUE READING

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GERMANY – Jews Furious At German Politician’s Call To End Nazi Guilt


Berlin (AFP) – A leading member of German right-wing populist party AfD sparked an outcry Wednesday by criticising the Holocaust memorial in Berlin and calling for the country to stop atoning for its Nazi past.

Bjoern Hoecke’s comments also exposed a damaging split in the anti-immigration party, just months before Germany heads to the polls.

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Samantha Power Accuses Russia of ‘Tearing Down the World Order’


Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the UN delivers blistering speech condemning Russia’s role on the world stage, accusing Putin of a ‘deny and lie’ strategy to evade responsibility for alleged war crimes. Read the rest of this entry »


Syrian opposition says Palestinians are ‘living in paradise’


‘Israel’s help is vital,’ says representative of Free Syrian Army in rare meeting with Israelis; Zionist Union MK insists ‘Assad must go’

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WATCH – Bloodthirsty IDF soldiers shoot and kill Palestinian teen during protests in Bethlehem


WATCH – Former ‘French’ PM and Presidential Candidate Gets Slapped In The Face :-)

Sabba – Manuel Valls is a Catalan crypto jew. He was born in Spain, got his French citizenship in 1982, is  married to a proud jewess, has declared on French national TV that the Holocaust is ‘holy’, never misses an opportunity to declare his love to the jews and went as far as admitting that he is ‘eternally linked to Israel’. Not to France. Nope. To Israel.


An Inauguration Day Surprise?


Obama laying down landmines for Trump administration

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