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How They Do It– ‘There’s a simple explanation for school shootings–It’s the Guns’

ed note–The Jews as a group who today are in total control of the media in America (and elsewhere throughout the West) did not get control of this very strategic asset by accident. In seeing their agenda move forward, they recognized that this–along with control of money, but to a lesser degree–must be achieved in the same way that any army seeks to take a hill and use its elevated position as a base of operations in lobbing ordnance down upon the enemy below.

And in this function, the media is more important than control of the money supply or even control of the government, for through the media and its ability to steer the entire culture of a nation, the politics, spending habits, behaviors, etc of people are hijacked and steered via remote control in whatever direction and in whatever manner the occupying power in control of information desires.

mediamindcontrolbasterdsal-goldstein-jews-in-pornographyjews run hollywood so what

And no one should doubt its effectiveness. Merely look around at how people behave–especially young people who are still in the process of ‘finding’ themselves. Compare how they dress, how they talk and their behavior juxstaposed to what is splashed across the media vis a vis whoever the flavor of the day happens to be in terms of pop culture. Body piercings, tattoos, language, sexual activity, etc, all of these things and more are carefully-written/carefully-coded behavioral programs that are downloaded onto the harddrives of a nation just waiting for whoever installed them to execute them and put their operations into motion.

Frum knows that it is he and his cousins who are responsible for America’s culture having gone to the dogs. Bit by bit, drip by drip, drop by drop, a deliberate program of degrading morals and civility while at the same time elevating vice, violence, vulgarity, and every other vicious attribute that defines a nation of barbarians is the result of the decades-long conditioning which Judea, Inc has overseen in turning America into the remorseless, greedy Golem that Israel needs in waging war against almost 2 billion Muslims.

Guns–including modern military type weapons which are now the norm these days in these mass shootings–have been around since America’s founding, but it is only in the last generation, after a prolonged period of deliberate de-civilization of the American mind that we see the kinds of violence taking place now, and it is within the context of running interference and making sure that people remain fixed on the guns themselves rather than on the toxic effect that ‘Jewish values’ have had over the morals of America through control of the mass media and Hollywood that Frum & co seek to ‘change the subject’ as to just who is responsible in the same way that immediately following 9/11, anyone who dared draw a connecting line between America’s overt pro-Israel stance in the Middle East to the events of that day were immediately shouted down as ‘anti-Shemites’ and ‘Joo-haters’. Read the rest of this entry »


Cambridge professor outed as FBI spy inside Trump campaign

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Must Read–Israel’s Aggressive Behavior is Embodied and Prophesied in the Hebrew Bible

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Jewish parents outraged after NY school holds moment of silence for Gaza dead

Unclear if tribute announced over loudspeaker by student was approved by principal; parents say they don’t understand why school waded into conflict

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Congressman seeks US recognition of Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights

Ron DeSantis, a strong supporter of embassy move to Jerusalem, says he has presented proposal to the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs

ed note–again, we must consider the timing of all of this.

Trump is about to release the details of his much discussed ‘ultimate peace deal’ he has been working on for 35 years, and it is likely to contain some provision in it for the return of the Golan Heights–stolen by God’s chosen land thieves–from Syria in the 1967 war, and Netanyahu is pulling all the strings he has in the US Congress to get some ‘official’ recognition of the validity of this theft before Trump starts the peace train a-rolling. It is also somewhere between possible and probable that Trump–working through his back channel with the Russians–has secured at least a tacit agreement with the Syrians that if the Golan is returned to them that they might ratchet down some of their rhetoric and activity in the region, giving an otherwise volcanic situation the opportunity of de-escalating. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump Administration Plans to Reveal Middle East Peace Plan Next Month

Sources say Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are briefing various partners on the plan’s details and aim to roll it out after Ramadan

ed note–the TA is not as much concerned with Ramadan ending as it is to wait until the festivities surrounding the moving of the US Embassy to sink into the Judaic hive-mindset collective, because what Trump plans on pushing vis his ‘ultimate deal’ is likely to be tectonic in its particulars and without his ‘bona fides’ as an ‘Israel lover’ he would be raked over the coals for even hinting at the creation of a ‘Palestinian state’ as ‘the new Hitler’, an ‘anti-Shemite’ and a ‘secret Muslim’.

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Netanyahu: Israel thwarted terror attacks in more than 30 countries

PM’s assertion appears to confirm earlier claim by minister on extent of Jewish state’s intelligence sharing efforts worldwide

ed note–keep in mind a few items here.

Israel ONLY profits from terrorist attacks taking place in other countries. When something goes BOOM somewhere else, and especially in the West, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain, as the narrative she needs of Islam being a ‘violent ideology’ is permanently branded in the adle-minded brain of the average Westerner who for all intents and purposes is an addict when it comes to ingesting the lies of the JMSM.

Therefore, all can rest assured that those ‘terrorist’ attacks which Netanyahu claims Israel ‘thwarted’ were not those being planned by 3rd parties, but rather by Israel herself, no different than the gangsters who show up at the front door of some shop keeper with a can of gasoline and a box of matches and announce that they are there to collect this week’s ‘insurance’ payment against fire damage at the shop keeper’s place of business.

We should understand as well that when Nutty Netty engages in language such as this that he is conveying very subtle and yet impossible-to-misconstrue innuendo-esque messages to the leaders of the world, and especially those in the West, that Israel is the decider as to whether something does indeed go BOOM in those countries and that if the leaders of those countries are smart, they’ll do as Israel says on all sorts of matters.

Perhaps it was best described by ‘ex’ Mossad case officer/agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘The Other Side of Deception’, the manner by which Israel helps her ‘allies’ when planned terrorist attacks are on their way, to wit–

‘In the summer of 1983, this same informant told the Mossad about a large Mercedes truck that was being fitted by the Shi’ite Muslims with spaces that could hold bombs. Now, the Mossad knew that because of its size, there were only a few logical targets, one of which must be the U.S. compound. The question then was whether or not to warn the Americans to be on particular alert for a truck matching the description. Admony, in refusing to give the Americans specific information on the truck, said, ‘No, we’re not there to protect Americans.’ At the same time, however, all Israeli installations were given the specific details and warned to watch for a truck matching the description of the Mercedes.

At 6:20 a.m. on October 23, 1983, a large Mercedes truck approached the Beirut airport, passing well within sight of Israeli sentries in their nearby base and turning left into the parking lot. A U.S. Marine guard reported with alarm that the truck was gathering speed, but before he could do anything, the truck roared toward the entrance of the four-story reinforced concrete Aviation Safety Building, used as headquarters for the Eighth Marine Battalion, crashing through a wrought-iron pate, hitting the sand-bagged guard post, smashing through another barrier, and ramming over a wall of sandbags into the lobby, exploding with such a terrific force that the building was instantly reduced to rubble.

The loss of 241 U.S. Marines, most of them still sleeping in their cots at the time of the suicide mission, was the highest single-day death toll for the Americans since 246 died throughout Vietnam at the start of the Tet offensive on January 13,1968. The general attitude at Mossad about the Americans was: ‘As far as the Yanks go, we are not here to protect them. They can do their own watching. They wanted to stick their nose into this thing, so let them pay the price.’

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