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Comment on the friction between Sunnis and Shi’ites


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Ed-note (Sabba) Jew-hatred, it’s in the Quran… hmmmm.

Well, it was first in the Old Testament, it is also in the New Testament. In fact it is in every single writing of all the greatest writers, philosophers, artists, wise men, statesmen who have at one stage pondered over this ‘people’, who have thought about this ‘question’.

From Ancient Egypt up to 1945, all of them were anti-judaics. All. And even those who may have written some positive things about them, they were philo-semites for reasons which would now be considered anti-semitic. Recently, the French MSM have realized that one of the greatest architects of the XXth century, Le Corbusier,was a staunch anti-judaic. Oh dear…

Just like the Bible is THE mother of all Racism and Hatred, it is also THE mother of jew hatred. So what do they do about it?

In France for example, that country which was once known as ‘La Grande Nation’, the LICRA (French equivalent of the ADL) has managed to have 19 parts of the New Testament removed. Just like that. And that was back on October 14th, 1995… That’s right: 1995…. And that went unnoticed, unchallenged.

And so since 1995, the French Christians read a judaic, philo-semitic version of the New Testament, without even knowing it. They can not do such thing with the Quran, however they can very easily do it with the books of Hadeeths and they have done so already and I am sure we have not seen the end of it.

I often post links about how they are slowly re-writing our History, our Religion, our understanding of the world we live in to make us Noahide Laws compatible. And I have to admit, I am in awe at how much they can do, how much they have achieved without us even being aware of it.

If anything, this ad campaign vindicates Hitler: he was not that bigoted, islamophobic racist they would want us to believe. Au contraire, he was all in favor of a Christlamic Alliance against the common enemy, that Christlamic Unity which alone will save the world. Let’s hope this ad will reclaim as many ‘white nationalists’ as possible, wake them up from their slumber and  get them to join the Forces of Resistance.  


On the flag, we can read ‘Palästina’….

Source: Haaretz

Philadelphia to allow bus ads showing Hitler with Palestinian leader.

“American Freedom Defense Initiative’s proposed ads will appear on sides of 84 buses, carrying the tagline: ‘Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran.’

Philadelphia’s transit system says it won’t appeal a federal judge’s order that it must accept provocative ads that include a 1941 photograph of Adolf Hitler with a former Arab leader.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority said Thursday a pro-Israel group requested advertising space before an agency policy change allowing it to reject offensive ads.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative’s proposed ads carry the tagline: “Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”

The ads will appear on the side of 84 buses. One features a 1941 photograph of Adolf Hitler and supporter Hajj Amin al-Husseini, a Palestinian Arab nationalist.

SEPTA says it changed its policy last October so it can reject ads without violating free speech rights. It says attempts to vandalize the ads or deface vehicles won’t be tolerated.”


Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen


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Senator McCain applauds Saudi-led offensive in Yemen


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Yemen’s fugitive president Hadi arrives in Egypt


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It’s time to start worrying about what Russia’s been up to in Latin America

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Israel to resume tax revenue transfers to the Palestinian Authority
The announcement was made in a press release by the Prime Minister’s Office just before sundown Friday.

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