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How They Do It…MK Bennett says to ‘Expect an increase in violence’

ed note–as soon as Trump started making noises about a ‘peace deal’ between Israel and her neighbors, thus began the campaign to take him down, because, as anyone who has studied Judea, Inc knows, ‘peace’ in the Judaic lexicon means ‘no opposition to our agenda’.

Having said this, it was a done deal that Judea Inc would engage in the business of provocation in order to get the Palestinians to lash out, thus giving the Jewish state the platform it needs in creating the ‘proper’ narrative, i.e. that the Arabs are irrational, violent, and untrustworthy and that no ‘partner’ for peace exists, thus taking the wind out of Trump’s sails vis a vis any ‘peace deal’.

All can rest assured as well, that even though Bennett’s inference in this piece regarding ‘violence’ aims at leading the reader to conclude it is violence in the Middle East, that what remains unspoken is the violence Israel is planning to inflict in the US and elsewhere in order to further along that narrative of the ‘irrational, violent, and untrustworthy’ Arabs who cannot be trusted with an independent state of their own.

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Rabid dog Jewish supremacist lawmaker in Israel says he wants to ‘execute’ the relatives of Palestinians who killed police officers

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Connecticut rabbi charged with sexual assault of former student

Eliyahu Mirlis claims Daniel Greer raped him hundreds of times when he was at religious boarding school

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Russia Must Die ~ The Deep State Has Spoken

War!  It’s all out war, and nothing can call the pitbulls off of Trump, Putin, and Russia ~ other than the total defeat of those in the USA who are sending the attack dogs, the Deep State hell bent on maintaining its power at any cost. Every player in the US establishment is in a bat-shit frenzy to demonize Russia, Putin, and  by association Trump. 

It is hard to overstate the no-holds-barred media assassination of all things Russian.  It is beyond the Cold War days, when the same ideological crowd now vilifying Russia were considered “soft on Communism”.  You hear it all over, including the oft repeated phrase that, “Russia is our biggest enemy.”

Yes, you heard right: Our. Biggest. Enemy.

Putin is, according to the US mainstream media, the equivalent of the antichrist, the beast, or the head of the oligarchic mafia that is out to rule, and by implication ruin, the world.

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How They Do It–The story behind a staged coexistence picture–Israeli and Palestinian boys embracing in famous image were actually two Jewish friends from Jerusalem

A photo of a Jewish and a 'Palestinian' boy overlooking Jerusalem and embracing each other, 1993. The picture was later uncovered to be a farce. (screen capture: YouTube)

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New study shows WWI-era Jewish spy network played key role in advancing the Balfour Declaration

ed note–NOW REMEMBER, the notion that Jews operate with a hive mentality, are engaged in 5th column/state-within-a-state machinations in every country in which they reside is an ‘anti-Semitic canard’ that has no basis in reality, and not even when it is Jewish sources themselves saying it.

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CHA-CHING!!! Likud surges to record high in new poll as Israeli left plummets

New poll shows Likud surging to 32 seats, while opposition hemorrhages support

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