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Football players at US Christian college charged in anti-Muslim beating

5 Wheaton students charged with abducting, beating freshman teammate, leaving him half-naked on baseball field at night, made comments about Muslims ‘who wanted to fornicate with goats’

ed note–CHA-CHING!!! Another grandslam for Judea, Inc driven home by idiot ‘conservative’ Christians too stupid to see that the only people on the planet who share their moral values are the Muslims and how the entire ‘clash of civilizations’ is a Judaic construct designed to see both peoples exterminated in a protracted, hundred-years-long war.

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Ex CIA Officer Phil Giraldi–America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

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Must Read–Netanyahu is Setting up Israel Up as the Fall Guy for U.S.-Iran Clash

Even when Israeli leaders, unlike Netanyahu, kept a low profile, it took years to shake off the accusation that the Jewish state pushed America into destroying Iraq 

ed note–‘chock full o’ goodies’ as we like to say here.

1. Note how our esteemed Hebraic author frames the sub-title, as if there were ANY FREAKING DOUBT WHATSOFREAKINGEVER that indeed it was Judea, Inc that pushed RELENTLESSLY AND BEGINNING A MERE MICROSECOND AFTER THE 9/11 ATTACKS for Iraq’s destruction. The record is there and the various names and characters making up the minyan who indeed pushed RELENTLESSLY for Iraq’s destruction is now part of the public record and anyone claiming otherwise is either a fool or a liar.

2. For those who can’t seem to wrap their mind around WHY there is this present ‘clash of civilizations’ taking place within La Kosher Nostra, with a gaggle of political gangsters on ‘the right’ (Likud) cat-fighting with political gangsters on ‘the left’ (Labor) this essay by our esteemed Hebraic author gives us a better perspective as to why this gangwar is taking place.

As we have discussed here many, many times, the Jews are by no means a monolithic group, despite what historically has been the seemingly unbreakable cohesiveness of their war against Gentiledom. There are smart elements making up Judea, Inc and not-so-smart elements, and all anyone need do in better understanding this fact is to study the history of the war between the Jews and the Romans that led to the complete and utter destruction of Judea and the 2,000 years of persecution for ‘the wandering Jew’.

First, a few notable quotables from our esteemed Hebraic writer’s piece–

‘The last thing that’s good for Netanyahu – and for Israel – is for international and American public opinion to suspect that he cajoled the U.S. president…The last thing that Israel needs is to be seen as having shifted attention away from North Korea’s ballistic missiles, which pose a far more acute danger to America’s national security, and that it forced Washington to deal with two major crises at once or that it played a key role in sparking a clash that ultimately leads to U.S. soldiers being killed in battle…’

In other words, Netanyahu needs to keep his bullying, badgering and blackmailing under wraps lest the Gentiles see it for what it is–Israel demanding YET ANOTHER war in the Middle East with America doing all the dirty work.


‘If there is a sudden and serious deterioration in relations between Washington and Tehran over the next few weeks, Israel will be hard-pressed to deny that this is what it wanted to achieve all along and when things get complicated, as they always do, it will be easy to point an accusatory finger at Netanyahu and his country.’

In other words, ‘when war breaks out, everyone will remember that Israel was the one pushing for it and we won’t be able to shut up those making such an accusation with the typical charges of ‘blood libel’ and ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’.


‘A sudden spike in tensions with Tehran, never mind an eventual deterioration to actual war, would exact a steep price from Trump and the U.S. and if that happens, you can forget about the beautiful friendship between the two leaders: Trump will quickly blame Netanyahu for pushing him into such a dangerous adventure and if Netanyahu isn’t around by then, Israel will have to foot the bill for him, as it always does…’

No further explanation needed, it speaks for itself.

The smarter elements today understand that not only CAN history repeat itself, indeed it WILL if something is not done to get the dumber elements under control or at least so that the violent, messianic and apocalyptic noises they are making these days aren’t so loud.

Our esteemed Hebraic author knows full well that indeed it was his cousins who authored the destruction of Iraq–going all the way back to the early 1990’s –and that indeed it is these same cousins now trying to bring about the same process for Iran and that there is a good chance that this time it may have repercussions that cause Gentiledom to wake up and smell the gelfilte fish in all of it. It is this–and not the murder of 75 million Iranians that could very well get out of control and involve the Russians–that has him worried, that the trance in which Gentiledom is currently held whereby Jewish interests merely whisper a few sweet nothings into the ears of Americans in order to put them to sleep vis a vis the plan on the part of Israel to use America’s blood and treasure in furthering her messianic and Apocalyptic agenda will lose its magic properties and in the process, a repeat of the events of 70 AD which NO JEW ANYWHERE wants to see take place again.

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From Wearing a Yarmulke to Miniskirts and Wigs: Avant-garde Israeli Drag Queen Is Making Herstory

‘Inside me,’ says Asis D’Orange, ‘I have both a religious person who eats kosher and a gay man who dances in tight clothes on a truck’

ed note–Jes’ lil’ somthin’ to keep in mind the next time some paid liar from Judea Inc–as well as one of their willing enablers within certain neighborhoods making up the ‘white nationalist’ movement–begin conjuring up the black magic that DEM MOOZLUMS are destroying the ‘Christian character/culture of the West’ with their ‘Shariah Law’ and their ‘jihad’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Despite Netanyahu’s Efforts, for Trump, Peace With Palestinians Comes First

Netanyahu worked hard to frame the meeting with Trump as one about Iran. Unfortunately for Netanyahu, Trump had other plans

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U.S. Opens First Permanent Military Base in Israel

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Trump to Netanyahu: ‘Good Chance’ for Peace Between Israel and the Palestinians

Netanyahu tells U.S. president he wants to address the ‘terrible’ Iranian nuclear deal while Trump changes the subject to talk about ‘peace’ with the Palestinians

ed note–as we have discussed here many, many times, Trump’s stated goal of resolving the situation between Judea, Inc and those unfortunate souls who find themselves living in too-close proximity to her and her radioactive nature can be summed up thus–At this particular point in time, it is in the interests of the US to impose a ‘Pax Americana’ upon the situation in the Middle East before other regional players, including Russia, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, fill the vacuum with their own ‘final solution’ to this seemingly intractable problem.

Having said this, no one should make the mistake of thinking then that Trump’s ‘peace’ talk is just ‘business as usual’ and cut from the same cloth as similar platitudes that have made the airwaves during previous administrations. What is obviously different about this can be summed up in 4 words–‘Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, Russia.’ The fear on the part of the PTB is that the success of this ‘Crescent and Cross’ alliance is something that–similar to Iran’s 1979 Revolution–can be copied and then re-applied in other areas where Judea, Inc seeks to instigate instability, terrorism, and political chaos and this is something that obviously has an otherwise Zionist-compliant American empire nervous, hence why this time Trump and his people ‘are serious’ about peace.

Of course, the ticking time bomb in all of this is–as usual, surprise, surprise–the Jews, who have always made ‘good talk’ about ‘wanting peace’ but whose notions of ‘peace’ are as much misunderstood by the rest of the sane world as the naive shopkeeper does not understand the full meaning of the phrase ‘an offer you can’t refuse’ when it is uttered to him by some extortionist. For Judea Inc, ‘peace’ means the realization of that thousands-years old dream outlined within the pages of the Torah and the implementation of all its Judeo-centric protocols (no pun intended) where all other systems, whether they be ‘Pax Romana’, ‘Pax Americana’ or whatever–are replaced with ‘Pax Judaica’.

Now, for all those who have their knickers in knot over Trump’s ‘bromance’ with Bibi and the niceties he is forced by the difficult circumstances of his office to perform in such situations, please note (as pointed out in the article) that Bibi was not in the least bit pleased with Trump’s ‘changing the subject’ from ‘Iran’s nuclear program’ to the discussion of ‘peace talks’ between Judea, Inc and those unfortunate souls who find themselves living in too-close proximity to her and to her radioactive nature. Read the rest of this entry »