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Netanyahu vs Lieberman–The clash that may topple Israel’s government

Netanyahu’s Gaza policies may have staved off war but may have cost him his coalition.

ed note–as it is with any and all things where the Jewish state is involved, the very first thing that must be factored into any and all analysis of what is taking place is to remember–well–that it is the motto of Israel’s murder/sabotage agency Mossad ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ and to therefore accept as a statement of fact that whatever the picture is being placed before the world that in some way and in some degree, it is an illusion of sorts.

Having said this, the notion that Israel backed away from YET ANOTHER Gentile massacre in Gaza–i.e the ritual murder that is religiously required within those very clear and unambiguous protocols as explicitly spelled out within the pages of the Torah–in order to ‘save lives’–on either side–is obviously a ruse. Hamas is a sticks-and-stones fighting force next to the 21st century military capabilities of the nutcase theocracy to the north, who could–if she wanted–level the entire area with smart missiles, artillery barrages, drones air strikes, etc, without needing to place a single boot on the ground.

The reason for all of this Jrama is easy to decode once the curious watcher plugs the 2 words into the equation that in the past led to the assassination of one president–JFK–as well as his brother, and then in near-perfect succession, led to the political assassinations of future presidents such as this guy–

Image result for nixon impeachment

and this guy in the middle–

Image result for carter camp david

and this guy–

Image result for george h. w. bush peace deal israel

and then this guy–

Image result for clinton impeached

–All of whom attempted to bring into political reality those 2 words which the Jewish state dreads more than a vampire does sunlight, which are–


Please consider Netanyahu’s words at the ‘Ben Gurion’ event–

‘I stand here at the grave of David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of the State of Israel and a great leader of the Jewish people. In times of crisis Ben-Gurion made fateful decisions. Sometimes he did so against popular opinion, but in the course of time, these decisions proved to be correct…In normal times, a leader must be attentive to the hearts of the people, but in times of crisis, when making critical decisions in the field of security, the public cannot always be a partner in the crucial considerations that must be concealed from the enemy.’

–And understand that ‘the enemy’ he is referencing here is not this guy–

Image result for hamas

Or THESE guys–

Image result for hamas

But rather, THIS guy–

–Whose ‘ultimate peace deal’ limiting Israel to only those lands which she has stolen in the last century is more of an existential threat to the ‘Jewish state’ than a million bottle rockets, ‘terror balloons’ and ‘terror kites’ flying from Gaza.

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Recent shakeup in Israeli government likely to impact Trump’s Mideast peace plan

ed note–besides the obvious, which is that without a functioning  government, there can be no ‘negotiations’ for any peace deal which Trump is proposing, there is the other matter as well–the chance/likelihood that an even more right wing government may come to power as a result of the elections, one which will not bend a millimeter on any peace deal, irrespective of the gestures which Trump has made.

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How They Do It– ‘Trump Is worse than Nixon, and here’s why’

The current president is pushing the country closer to fascism than even the man who was behind Watergate

ed note–for those who still haven’t done the very simple math on this, if you don’t ‘get it’ by now, you probably never will.

But here’s a REALLY BIG clue for you–

They don’t throw out words like ‘fascist’ to those whom they brought to power and are sustaining.

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How They Do It– ‘America will need years to clean up the toxins Trump has released into our political atmosphere’

ed note–and, here we go again, ladies and Gentile-men–

The author of this piece, Max Boot–

Is a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster who is closely aligned with this guy–

Eliot Cohen, also a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster, and who is aligned with this guy–

Bill Kristol, also a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster who is aligned with this guy–

Paul Wolfowitz, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster, who is aligned with this guy–

Robert Kagan, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster, 

as well as his portly brother, and who are both aligned with this gal–

Jennifer Rubin, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist NeoCon Israel firster gangstress and proud member of Satan’s harem…

And all are aligned with this guy–

…that is, before he recently died and went to hell…

And who all are deeply, DEEPLY plugged into Israel’s Likud party, Israel’s intelligence apparatus and who were all in some way intimately involved not only with the events of 9/11, but as well, the disastrous ‘clash of civilizations’ that followed, better known as the ‘war on terror’.

In addition to this, they are all deeply, DEEPLY committed to seeing Trump impeached, and for the singular reason that he stands opposed to any new military adventures for Israel’s benefit and is dedicated to reigning in this Judaic mad dog before it blows up the entire world.

Also keep in mind, that an entire gaggle of geniuses, experts, and prophets, some of the brightest luminaries in fact within the ‘9/11 truth movement’, find themselves in the peculiar and perplexing circumstance of standing alongside these aforementioned warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jews and are lending their voices and their support in causing Trump as much discomfort as possible, thus assisting Israel in her drive to see Mike Pence take over as the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Just try doing the math on that one…

Please note Boot’s bs, which in no way should be seen by anyone possessing 3 functioning brain cells as somehow ‘supportive’ or ‘helpful’ to Trump, despite all the nonsense that unfortunately prevails within certain dysfunctional ‘neighborhoods’ within the 9/11 ‘trooth muuvmnt’, to wit– 

‘Trump is a racist, xenophobe and conspiracy-monger, and his party increasingly reflects all of those mental deformities.  He is turning U.S. politics into a Superfund site and the Republican Party into the leading intellectual polluter in America. It could take a generation to clean up the toxins he has released…’

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and for the simple reason that there are still quite a few out there who just don’t seem to ‘get it’ yet–Gangsters don’t shoot the horses they have bet all their money on to win in a race they have fixed. They give them an open road to 1st place and only a political dolt who has as much business performing brain surgery as they do rendering commentary and analysis on complex and oftentimes convoluted political drama can’t see this.

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Gaza Ceasefire Leads to Shakeup in Israel’s Government

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned Wednesday after a deal was reached with Hamas, prompting speculation that early elections will be called

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Trump Peace Plan on Course Despite Israeli Election Talk, Official Says

White House official tells Haaretz the administration still plans to publish its Mideast plan within the next two months

ed note–what this means is obvious–Trump knows what Netanyahu & co are up to with this latest stunt and are not going to be dissuaded as previous presidents have been.

What it also means is that Netanyahu & co are going to up the ante and escalate the situation in order to get Trump to change his mind, which could be anything from Impeachment to assassination, both of which are made all the more easily-achieved now that Trump’s enemies have ‘flipped’ the HoR.

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Outcry as top minister calls largest-ever daily Hamas rocket onslaught ‘minor’

ed note–please try and recall the last time that Israel or one of her mouthpieces DID NOT exaggerate the pathetic ‘striking power’ of the Palestinians and use this exaggeration as the pretext/justification for going in and murdering thousands of innocent Gentiles in Gaza.


Please try and recall the last time that Israel or one of her mouthpieces is quoted saying ‘Let’s keep a sense of proportion’ in dampening the bloodlust that drives the behavior of virtually every Torah-loving Jew in the Jewish state.


And yet, now, in what is a TOTAL about-face for Israel and for ‘how they do it’, suddenly, the ‘terror rockets’ and ‘terror missiles’ and ‘terror kites’ and ‘terror balloons’ are ‘minor’ and do not justify a large scale invasion and subsequent massacre of Ishmaelites/Amalekites as ordered by the protocols of the Torah?

Sorry to have to rain on your parade, all you pro-Palestinian activists who really believe–just as the yoots on the streets of Cairo did during the ‘Arab Spring’–that it was resilience, strength, faith and bravery that brought about this ‘surrender’, but we’ve got some bad news for you–it is all being done so that Israel will have a free hand to engage in all the mass murder that is every bit as much part of her spiritual DNA as swimming is to fish or flying is to birds by removing the possibility of an American president forcing a ‘peace deal’ which Israel will not/can not countenance. Read the rest of this entry »