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Israeli to be extradited to US over sale of military parts to Iran


HAARETZ – The arms dealer is charged with exporting U.S.-made warplane parts without a permit and violating American laws barring commerce with the Islamic Republic. In his defense, the man claims all the parts he sold were junk.

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EU Commission Boss, Jean-Claude Juncker: “We Must Fight Nationalism”


DC GAZETTE – Perhaps they have progressed in their conquest to a point where they cannot continue in secret due to the nature of their offenses. Whatever the reasons, the globalists are increasingly exposing their treachery to the light of day. The EU global government oligarchs are still responding to and feeling the sting of the UK Brexit vote.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has opted for a new strategy in his fight to persuade the world to surrender voluntarily. He revealed his true enemies are the independent sovereign nations of Europe, the same nations he hopes to persuade to remain under the control of his Brussels oligarchy.

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Meet Liel Leibovitz, The Man Who Wants To Excommunicate Most American Jews

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MONDOWEISS – Most American Jews believe their faith is cultural, including dedication to social justice. But the fundamentalist Liel Leibovitz in a sneering, nasty article says these Jews ignore the historical and doctrinal truth that they became Jews by accepting the burden of becoming God’s chosen children.

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Spyware discovery points to UAE ties to Israeli hack firm


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South Korean Death Camps Uncovered


FORT RUSS – A mass grave of South Korean children was uncovered who were killed at a labor camp facility, euthanized, beaten to death, or worked to death (…)  Additionally, the bodies of people with physical handicaps, homeless, left-wing and labor activists, and runaway or kidnapped women were also discovered in these mass graves (…) This children’s and homeless people’s prison labor camp turned tremendous profits for the individuals involved. Products made using slave labor at Brothers and similar facilities were sent around the world, to Europe, Japan and beyond, and the family that owned the institution continued to run welfare facilities and schools until just two years ago.

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UK – London Jewish Family Targeted by Antisemitic Abuse, Told to ‘F*** Off Back to Isra-Hell’


THE ALGEMEINER – A Jewish family in east London was reportedly the target of a shocking antisemitic tirade in which they were told to “f*** off back to Isra-hell,” the UK’s Evening Standard reported on Wednesday.

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Jewish Refugees From Syria Find Safety in Kentucky

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“Three families, 13 people including seven children, fled Damascus four months ago, arriving in Sweden while posing as Christian Arab refugees. The Louisville synagogue worked with local and federal authorities to allow the families into the US. The families were described as being financially well-off and multilingual.”

Sabba – Why oh why didn’t they simply flee down the road, to israel? Why did they have to go all the way up to Sweden and pretend to be Arab Christians (!!?!) before crossing the Atlantic when it would have been simpler, faster and safer for them to simply move to the jewish state. What were these people up to in Sweden and why, out of all places in the US, have they landed in Kentucky?

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