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Russian radar data shows no missile attack on MH17 from rebel side, indicates Ukraine involvement


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Israeli religious soldiers to receive exemptions from activities with women

File photo: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli soldiers

I-24 NEWS – Observant soldiers can now submit requests to be excused from activities if their beliefs risk being violated The Israel Defense Forces chief of staff on Sunday implemented new regulations following a series of complaints from religious soldiers over gender segregation.

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Shimon Peres’ Condition Irreversible, Family Asked To Come To Hospital So say Farewells


I-24 NEWS – Peres’ condition has deteriorated since suffering a stroke and internal bleeding nearly two weeks ago. The family of former Israeli President and Nobel laureate Shimon Peres’ were asked Tuesday to gather at the hospital to say their farewells, Israeli media reported, hours after doctors said that his condition had taken a turn for the worse.

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Former israeli tourism minister to be indicted for cocaine, corruption

La Kosher Nostra Dark Gold Glass

YNET – The State Attorney’s office has decided to indict some 16 senior figures in a corruption scandal centered on officials in the Yisrael Beytenu party; a former PA of Stas Misezhnikov has told the police that he was sent to buy his boss cocaine in Israel and abroad; Misezhnikov and his attorney dismiss the draft indictment.

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FRANCE – Nudist Park To Open In Paris In Summer 2017


THE INDEPENDENT – Paris is set to have an official nudist park after officials voted in favour of the plans on Monday night. The park could open as soon as next summer, AFP reports.Paris currently has a swimming pool on the 12tharrondissement that allows nudity three evenings a week, but many naturists have been asking for larger spaces in which to roam free of clothes. CONTINUE READING

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Jerusalem mayor meets with Pollard in New York

YNET – ‘If Jonathan is not allowed to come to Jerusalem, Jerusalem will come to him,’ Nir Barkat tells the former Israeli spy, who is currently not allowed to leave the US.

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Under close watch: Jonathan Pollard’s life out of prison


YNET – Since his release from prison, the former Israeli spy has been spending his time in court fighting the restrictive probation conditions that prevent him from finding employment or attending morning and evening prayers at the synagogue. Close friends say Jonathan and his wife Esther are dreaming of making aliyah and living in a moshav in southern Israel, but he is barred from leaving the US for another four years.

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