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There’s no escaping Gaza

Try as it might, Israel cannot ignore the Gaza Strip. The lessons and implications of last summer’s Operation Protective Edge remain unheeded, but the unavoidable fact is that the fighting will erupt again and again.

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Graham tells Goldberg, Iranian regime are ‘religious Nazis’

Senator Lindsey Graham
Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, in an explosive interview with Jeffery Goldberg at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival, accused Obama of ‘sitting down and talking with people [Iran] who are nuts as if they were not nuts.’

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The Poison Pill of Israeli and Wikipedia Censorship


TIKUN OLAM (richard silverstein) – One of the most interesting aspects of the Israeli national security state is the IDF military censor and the ways in which it stymies the free flow of ideas and information within Israeli society.  Unlike in the U.S., where the NSA and the covert side of the CIA operate in almost total secrecy (except when someone like Edward Snowden comes along), Israel is a place more uncertain and anxious about such things.  There the military censor even publicly addresses criticism of her role.  Not because she wants to (I would argue), but because the military constantly feels the need to justify the restrictions it places on Israelis and the sacrifices it forces them to accept.  One of the ten most powerful armies in the world has an inferiority complex that compels it to self-justify.

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PHILIP GIRALDI – Crunch Time with Iran


“It now appears that the longest drawn out negotiations in history since the Treaty of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War have will again be prorogued. I am, of course, referring to the P5+1 talks in Vienna seeking to come up with a peaceful resolution to the problem of Iran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons program. Today represents the third deadline as the negotiations have already been extended twice, ostensibly to permit further discussion of details of timing for the lifting of sanctions as well as verification and inspection procedures.”

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Jerusalem Post Editorial: Spreading pride

gay marriage

Ed-note (Sabba) – Apologies for the graphic picture.

Having been surrounded by gay men for many many years now, having had many gay flatmates, I know that it encapsulates what ‘gay culture’ is truly all about. This is what they want children to get accustomed to and what Putin refuses to, this is what they want us to accept as ‘normality’, these are the people who, we are told, will be very good parents to their adopted’ (i.e. purchased) children from the Third World.

There is no other way to call it but social terrorism.

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Netanyahu’s clandestine trip to hospital fuels talk of succession

Former Shin Bet chief: Netanyahu not interested in peace talks

JERUSALEM POST – The Zionist Union submitted a bill that would require Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appoint a vice prime minister so it would be clear who would replace him if he is unable to function.

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ISIS attacks Egyptian Army, kills at least 60

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