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Right on cue–Abbas announces immediate halt to ‘all contacts’ with Israel

Palestinian Authority president says interaction will be frozen until Israel cancels measures ‘taken against our people… in Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem’

ed note–again, as we predicted/prognosticated months ago immediately following Trump’s announcing his plans of bringing about ‘the ultimate deal’ that would end the never-ending conflict between Judea, Inc and the rest of the region, Israel would create instability, violence, provocation, etc in order to ‘create the mood’ whereby she would be painted as the rational, innocent, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow victim and the Palestinians as the opposite, and if this does not work in changing Trump’s mind a bout the issue, expect things to begin blowing up in America and elsewhere. Read the rest of this entry »


How bad will the ‘Conspiracy Movement’ get, and will it be bad enough to take Trump down as Israel wants?

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US special operations chief confirms end of CIA support for anti-Assad forces in Syria

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Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting–Congressional report

ed note–jes’ a lil’ reminder that it wasn’t DEM MOOZLUMS or DEM CAT-LICKS that forced this abomination down the throat of the ‘Christian’ west and the ones making sure that it remains untouchable as far as the long arm of the law is concerned.

Furthermore, to all those ‘Christians’ who love Israel and the Jews more than they love their professed savior, Jesus Christ, what is the substantive difference between this–

–the result of an abortion performed in a clinic in the ‘Christian’ west, and this–

A VERY ‘late-term’ abortion performed by Israel against an innocent Palestinian child, using American made, high-tech weaponry?

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Stun-gun-wielding rabbi kidnappers fail to convince court they were just ‘practicing their faith’

ed note–a few things worth considering here–

The basis upon which the ‘good rabbis’ justify their ‘holy work’ is Jewish religious law, also known as halacha. It is the judaic equivalent (in only a few respects) to the same Islamic ‘sharia’ law which organized Jewish interests in control of the media in the West are constantly warning about in high-pitched decibels is gonna ‘take over’ in the West and force everyone to conform to its dictates, or else.

And yet, these same organized Jewish interests in control of the media in the West who are constantly warning in high-pitched decibels that ‘sharia law’ is gonna ‘take over’ in the West and force everyone to conform to its dictates, or else have no problem whatsoever with judaic Halacha taking over in the West and forcing everyone to conform to its dictates, or else.

Next–please notice how the entire operation from top to bottom as described in this piece reads like an episode of the Sopranos, when in fact it is not the Sopranos as much as it is the Shapiros. Organized Crime is as much a Jewish outfit as Chinese restaurants in America are owned and run by guys with names like Wang, and truly it is not Cosa Nostra that people need to worry about but rather Kosher Nostra.

Note as well the defense that the ‘good rabbis’ use in trying to wrench themselves free from the long arm of the law–‘freedom of religion’, in other words, it is part of their religious practice to inflict violence against people for monetary gain.

And finally, we can all imagine what kind of dirty business is involved at the much higher levels involving groups and organizations such as ADL, APAIC, Amreican Jewish Congress, etc, when the stakes are much higher than simply a divorce but rather when a nutcase, nuclear-armed, messianic theocracy such as the Jewish state is involved. 

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WATCH – Lavrov trolls NBC questions about Putin-Trump meeting: Maybe they went to the toilet together

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Russia to maintain a military presence in Syria for at least 49 years

THE DURAN – The Federation Council (upper house) of the Federal Assembly of Russia just ratified relevant legislation which after Presidential approval will enshrine into a law an agreement to maintain a presence of Russian forces in the Syrian Arab Republic for 49 years. CONTINUE READING

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