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How They Do It– Netanyahu says ‘Israel Has No Problem With Assad, but Cease-fire Agreements Must Be Upheld’

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Trump at NATO Summit– ‘Any day now Iran will call me and ask for a deal’

ed note–before all the usual suspects making up the tweeker brigade explode with all their usual theatrics, keep in mind a few pertinent facts surrounding this little drama.

Trump does not want war with Iran, which is why Judea, Inc wants him gone, and yes, him backing out of the JCPOA was part of that plan of avoiding war, as the JCPOA was designed specifically with war in mind, as its chief advocates wrote in the policy paper ‘Which Path to Persia’ financed and supported by the Saban Center. What he does want however is for Iran to back away from its posture of constantly threatening the annihilation of the Zionist entity, as this is exactly what the Jews need in constantly throttling whatever US administration happens to be in power for extra money, extra political support and extra blood of American servicemen/servicewomen.

And all can be assured that this is precisely what Trump will demand from Iran if/when they ‘call’ and ‘ask for a deal’. Yes, on the surface there will be talk of Iran’s non-existent ‘nuclear weapons’ program, but behind closed doors what Trump will tell them is as follows–‘Go ahead, keep your nuclear program, just back off from the rhetoric and we can go back to status quo ante bellum.’ Read the rest of this entry »


Jewish Court releases accomplice in Duma murder case to house arrest

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Ex-FBI lawyer who conspired to deny Trump 2016 election plans to defy GOP subpoena to testify on anti-Trump texts

ed note–just in case people forgot about the powerful piece of machinery with deep roots in Tel Aviv that tried to prevent Trump’s election and who is now trying to get him impeached. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trump pulling US troops from Syria while Russia remains in the Levant

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How They Do It– ‘Will Brett Kavanaugh Push Supreme Court Further Out Of Step With America?’

ed note–Organized Jewish interests do not care about the general consensus on the part of a host people. Their energies are not, never have been, and never will be directed towards ‘going along to get along’ or of respecting the norms and customs of a host people, but rather using the power of images and ideas through control of the media to gain control of the narrative for the purposes of intoxicating a host nation’s collective consciousness with Jewish thinking so that this collective consciousness can then be used in forcing political changes that benefit Jewry.

Remember as well what this little drama involving a possible supreme court justice named Kavanaugh is all about as far as Judea, Inc is concerned–murdering unborn children at any stage in their development, abrogating the laws of nature concerning the reproductive process between men and women and a whole host of other moral/cultural deviancies declared to be such by every civilized people throughout human history, all of which have been institutionalized by organized Jewry against the West as part of the thousands-of-years-old vendetta which Judea is waging against Rome for the events taking place in 70 AD. Read the rest of this entry »


How Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may affect issues that matter to Jews

Progressive groups concerned Trump’s nominee may be threat to reproductive rights while Orthodox group welcome his record on religious liberty

ed note–again, without even reading the piece itself but merely considering the TITLE underscores the gorilla in the room which no one is allowed to discuss. Imagine for a moment the screeching campaign that would take place if back when the present Judaic occupants sitting on the Supreme Court were being vetted, news pieces were published discussing how the legal decisions on the part of a Judaic SCJ would  affect Gentiles living in America.

Mon Dieu, the noise…

Putting that aside however, what it does reveal–decades or even generations too late–is that the Jews as a group DO NOT share any of the moral or cultural values held sacrosanct by orthodox Christians and Muslims and why they should not be included in any kind of ‘group hug’ thing as is so often the case today. As Shakespeare once wrote, they come wearing smiles but bearing daggers.

Please note the utter hypocrisy on the part of Jody Rabhan, director of the National Council of Jewish Women who kvetches that Kavanaugh would ‘use religion’ in his legal decisions, despite the fact that Jewish religious protocols have been used in guiding US law on a myriad of issues from legalized infanticide to the billions in monetary support that Israel receives from the US every year.

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