Confession of Judaic terrorist involved in arson/murder of Palestinian family stricken from evidence

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Russia seeks to expel foreign rabbis as ‘national security threat’

A new law targeting non-Orthodox Christian missionaries has been increasingly used by authorities to expel Chabad emissaries

ed note–yes, the same Russia led by the same Vladimir Putin whom a gaggle of experts in ‘duh muuvmnt’ claim is chummy-wummy with d’Jooz and who some ‘experts’ claim is actually a Joo himself. Read the rest of this entry »


How They Do It– ‘Radical anti-Zionist organizations turn cameras into weapons’

ed note–it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway–

CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE the campaign of screeching, wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc that would ensue if some Judaic organization were threatened with jail time for filming or documenting something the exposure of which was to their benefit and to the benefit of Judea, Inc?

My God, the noise level…

The other thing that goes without saying but which we’ll say anyway is as follows–

Much like ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, where an open, honest discussion about what Jewish interests claim took place over half a century ago is not permitted to take place, what is it that ‘the world’s most moral army’ has to fear by having its actions filmed and made available for public viewing?

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Judaism in action–Yahweh’s chosen murderers taunt survivors of Dawabshe arson–‘Your Grandson’s on the Grill’

Screaming in Arabic, protesters supporting defendant Ben-Uliel chanted at Hussein Dawabshe – whose daughter Reham, son-in-law Sa’ad and grandson Ali were killed in 2015 – ‘Where is Ali, there is no Ali, Ali burned’

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How They Do It– ‘Trump’s use of the word ‘infest’ when describing illegal immigrants smacks of Nazi actions in the past’

US president tweets that illegal foreigners ‘infest’ the country – a term employed by Goebbels ahead of the Final Solution

ed note–yes, this is the same Donald Trump whom a certain brigade of experts claim is LOVED by the Jews and whose daily turmoil at the hands of the JMSM, Congress, and the Mueller probe is all ‘just an act’ and a ‘charade’ put out there to confuse us.

Please note how William Kristol–devout and devoted NeoCon and Trump hater–chimes in with his own commentary on Trump’s ‘Nazi’ proclivities.

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Israeli Jew charged with spying for Iran– ‘I wanted to fool the Iranians and come back to Israel as a hero’

Former minister who spent time in jail is reported to says he had no ideological or financial reason to spy for Iran.

ed note–several important takeaways from this story to consider.

1. Assuming the information concerning Segev’s prior criminal activities of drug smuggling, forgery and fraud is accurate, what it shows is the manner by which Jews involved in criminal activity are not shunned, alienated, disgraced or marginalized by their own, but rather, rise to the very top tier of influence and power by being elected to govern the Jewish state. ‘La Kosher Nostra’ is not just bantied around as a phrase just because it happens to sound good.

2. Also, please note the manner by which a Jew insinuates him/herself into the ranks of Gentiles by saying things they want to hear, something to carefully consider these days given the number of ‘good Jews’ who have also insinuated themselves into the ranks of various ‘anti-Zionist’, anti-war and ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups.

And finally, the one question that all need to consider here is just why would Israel choose to go forward with publishing a story of this type, given the obviously embarrassing parameters which encompass it? The smart money says that the very public exposure it has received is part of an intelligence op all its own in order to make the Iranians believe what whatever information they received from Segev must be true if he has been arrested for giving it to them.

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Terrorists charged with setting fire to and murdering Palestinian family receiving lenient treatment because of their ‘Jewishness’

According to the prosecution, if the defendants were Palestinians, the 2015 murder by arson of the Dawabshe family would be an open-and-shut conviction

ed note–as we point out here on a regular basis, whenever Jewish terrorists are brought up on charges of engaging in criminal behavior against Gentiles, the situation is ‘sticky’, in that the Jewish state–governed as it is by Judaic law–is put in the difficult position of charging/prosecuting/convicting Jews for doing PRECISELY what their religion–as clearly and unequivocally described within the pages of the Torah–command they do, to wit–

‘When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy. You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…’–Book of Deuteronomy

At the same time however, the Jewish state also understands that the eyes of the world–especially in this, the age of the internet–are on them 24/7, and if indeed the Jewish state is to continue on with the delusion that it is a ‘Western style democracy’, it must in the interests of public perception conform to some degree to the standards and expectations of the civilized world and therefore cannot simply award medals of honor to Judaic terrorists who engage in the kind of behavior as is encompassed in the case of those modern day Zealots and Sicarri who set fire to the Dawabshe family home, murdering several inside.

And remember, all of yooz out there who either maintain the completely irrational and unsupportable notion that ‘Judaism and Zionism are different and distinct’, as well as those who continue to hang on to their own brand of religious schizophrenia by maintaining that all the endorsements of religiously-based murder found in the Old Testament are justified commandments emanating from the same god which Jesus Christ followed, keep in mind that the above passage which clearly is the basis upon which these terrorists murdered several members of the Dawabshe family did not appear in Herzl’s book ‘The Jewish State’, but rather with the thousands of years old book that functions as the beating heart of Judaism, the Torah. Read the rest of this entry »

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