UN head likely to oppose placing Israel on rights abuse list


Ban Ki-moon inclined to reject recommendation to define Jewish state as entity committing violations against children

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German man loses appeal on ‘anti-Zionist’ chants

censorship causes blindness

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US Senator Lindsey Graham in Israel ahead of likely run as Republican presidential candidate


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Prince William to give speech at special Jewish fundraising dinner


Ed-note (Sabba) – This is the future king of England. This needs to be emphasized because from the outside, it is very easy to mistake him for the king of the jews. He was circumcised by a jewish rabbi (was ‘metzitzah b’peh’ performed on him?), he had his son  George circumcised by a jewish rabbi (was ‘metzitzah b’peh’ also performed on baby George?), he broke a glass at his wedding to jewess Kate Middleton, making thus a vow to never forget the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and to do all he can to help rebuild it. But despite all this, he is not the the future king of of the jews but the future king of England and a hero to all white nationalists in the UK.

We do not know whether he will use this opportunity to officially introduce his baby girl Charlotte to the Tribe, or whether it will be the opportunity to officially get the Tribe’s blessings for the birth of his daughter.

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Israel’s Looming War on Lebanon

Israeli Girls Write Messages on Lebanon-Bound Shells

‘Good’ Jewish girls take turns writing messages an Lebanon-bound shells a few years ago.

ed note (Tony)…With the new filthy Rat-Bastard Netanyahu government salivating over the chance to ‘add new chapters’ to their gods’ declaration of war on the rest of humanity (see Old Testament/Torah), you can bet your bottom dollar that the Jews will not pass up a chance to force Hezbollah to fight a two-front war. As this article points out, Hezbollah is helping Syria fight against western-backed terrorists in Syria. If Israel invades Lebanon, Hezbollah would have to fight to protect their homeland against illegal Israeli aggression.

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‘Canary Mission’ Website targets pro-Palestinian students in effort to harm job prospects

Break glass &% shout antisemitism

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TUT Interview on CII Broadcasting

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