Women’s March Leader Slams Jewish Group ADL, Claims It ‘Constantly Attacks Black People’

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Must Read–Trump’s Disengagement From Syria Is More Important Than the Embassy Move

If the U.S. leaves Syria in the hands of Russia and Iran, this is bad news for Israel

ed note–once again, and particularly for all the geniuses and experts out there who take a cyclopic view of geo-political intrigue that requires stereoscopic vision in getting the full picture, please pay close attention to what our panicked Hebraic writer is saying here–

1. That the ‘Jew-rusalem move’ was just for show and was done purely in the interests of creating the illusion of a ‘pro-Israel’ Trump so that when he made the move that really counted–withdrawing troops from Syria and disengaging from the Middle East quagmire–that he could fall back on the political currency he accrued.

2. That all the fanfare and noise that has been/is created surrounding the ‘friendship’ said to exist between Trump and Nutty Netty is all show and no go, and that the Jew-rusalem’ declaration that was the result of this ‘friendship’ was–in the words of our jittery Judaic–merely a ‘gesture’ more ‘symbolic’ than genuine, going so far as to add that ‘even if a few more states follow suit’ in moving their embassies,  that ‘this won’t change Israel’s situation’.

Bottom line folks is thus–the world is sick of Israel, it’s sick of the Jews, and even the most craven and cowardly political leaders who never miss an opportunity in kissing Judaic hind quarters are quietly throwing their lots in with those who recognize that humanity has reached a ‘do or die’ moment and that something must be done in getting a muzzle around the mouth of this rabid, mangy Judaic mutt before it devours the entire planet.

‘But, but, but…Trump’s Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law’…

Yes, yes, we know all about them…Heard about it a million times already…

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Trump Invites Putin to the U.S., Offers Visit to Moscow, Russia Says


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How a Jewish civil rights group became a villain on the far-left

Critics accuse Anti-Defamation League of ‘selective’ activism and backing institutions seen as perpetuating racism

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Lavrov– ‘US attack on Syria has changed the rules, and now Russia’s moral obligation to not sell air defense to Syria is over

ed note–please note the following statement from Lavrov–

‘We made clear to the Americans a week ago what the red lines were before the attack.’

In other words, Trump, May, and Macron knew well ahead of time that the Russians upping the ante vis a vis arming Syria with more sophisticated defense capabilities  (against Israel) would be the inevitable result of any attack on their part.

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Middle East: Whose Wars?


BY PHIL GIRALDI – In March 2003, Pat Buchanan wrote a groundbreaking article entitled “Whose War?” in opposition to the Bush Administration fueled growing hysteria over Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (…) Buchanan rightly identified a number of prominent Jewish officials and journalists closely tied to the Israel Lobby as the principal driving force behind the rush to go to war (…)

But if he were writing his article today, even though those demanding war are pretty much the same people with the same names including Podhoretz, Krauthammer, Kristol, Kagan, Brooks and Boot, he would have to broaden his purview to ask “Whose Wars?” as it is no longer a simple case of going after one third-world autocrat and overthrowing him, we are now instead being urged to attack Syria, Iran and even nuclear superpower Russia due to Moscow’s support of Damascus and its friendship with Tehran. CONTINUE READING

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President Assad is well-liked in his country and enjoys broad support, despite media distortions

Image result for antioch christian

ED-NOTE – The article highlights that “Syria’s Christians [are] one of the oldest Christian communities in the world”.

It is a little bit more than that: it is in Syria that Christianity was born. It is in the city of Antioch, which is now in Turkey (courtesy of Sykes and Picot) but which had ALWAYS been part of Syria ever since it had been founded in the IVth century BC by the Seleucids, it is in Antioch, Syria, that the followers of Jesus (PBUH) were first called Christians. And it is in Antioch that the very first Christian Patriarchate was established, making it thus the oldest Patriarchate in the world. So whether we look at it from a modern or historical perspective, Syria, of which the Holy Land is only a province, is the birthplace of Christianity. Syria’s branches might now be Muslim but her roots are deeply, deeply Christian. And this is one of the many reasons why Syria has to go. CONTINUE READING

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