Jewish Refugees From Syria Find Safety in Kentucky

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“Three families, 13 people including seven children, fled Damascus four months ago, arriving in Sweden while posing as Christian Arab refugees. The Louisville synagogue worked with local and federal authorities to allow the families into the US. The families were described as being financially well-off and multilingual.”

Sabba – Why oh why didn’t they simply flee down the road, to israel? Why did they have to go all the way up to Sweden and pretend to be Arab Christians (!!?!) before crossing the Atlantic when it would have been simpler, faster and safer for them to simply move to the jewish state. What were these people up to in Sweden and why, out of all places in the US, have they landed in Kentucky?

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Texas and Israel: 21st Century Strategic and Economic Alliance

BY TEXAS LAND COMMISSIONER GEORGE P. BUSH – America has no better ally and no truer friend in the world than Israel. I was reminded of this again first-hand a few days ago when I led a Texas delegation to Israel (…)  Together, we can expand freedom, strengthen free markets, and continue to fight back against terrorism. The people of Israel have been tested for quite some time, however, their challenges have only created a stronger Israel. I saw that this week in the eyes of the Israeli people with whom I met. They are not afraid to stand for freedom. And we must never be afraid to stand with them.

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Jeb Bush’s Son on Israel Visit: “Best Thing to Do For Israel is Business With Israel”

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“Texas and Israel “have similar stories”, even going back thousands of years. Prime Minister Netanyahu compared the Battle of the Alamo to the Siege of Masada in 73 AD when Jewish rebels were heavily outnumbered by the Romans, and many paid the ultimate price”

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Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part Two: The American Elections: August 27, 2016

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I had just too much material so, for the first time in however many years I have been doing this, there is a need for a second installment dedicated only to the American 2016 elections.

It is inevitable, since the Hildebeaste abomination is just so wicked, that just a few weeks after HILLARY DUMP #1 I am able to offer you HILLARY DUMP #2. Proceed accordingly. Every next thing I read about this creature and what surrounds her, the more concerned I become. Terrifying thought but what is she hiding behind those ugly muumuu things she wears? Her fashion sense has never been good but now she is obviously concealing something more than a plump tummy or generous bottom.

This week I also offer TRUMP DUMP #1. This was much more difficult to create since the media is primed to hate Trump and most images are ludicrous at best, buying into the anti-Trump dialogue of the nano-second. I have endeavoured to offer cartoons that highlight these biases against him and offer more positive and realisticimages, not an easy task since Trump makes enough gaffes to keep his enemies well supplied with ammunition. Pro Trump is literally as difficult to find as pro Hitler or pro Putin in the West.

Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part Two: The American Elections: August 27, 2016

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Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part One: August 26, 2016


Please enjoy this week’s offerings. I had collected so much on the elections, there is a second installment this week, focusing on Donald Trump and the media campaign against him. After just waking up and listening to the news for the past hour or so over tea, I am rather speechless about it all (the entire world…. everything!) to be honest and feeling numbed.

Please, head over for installment #1 of cartoons. Time for me to go clean my ovens.

Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part One: August 26, 2016

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WATCH – First Germany, Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food

Are they telling us that an imminent Americano-israeli mega false flag attack on Europe is soon to happen?


Ex-Bush adviser Paul Wolfowitz slams Trump, may back Clinton


Former World Bank chief says it is important to ‘speak up and say how unacceptable Trump is’

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