Going to the Mattresses–Apocalyptic gangwar within the ranks of La Kosher Nostra and the entire world caught in the crossfire


ed note–I was scheduled to discuss the essay below in Iran this weekend at the annual Habilian conference to which I was invited, but which, due to the usual business of obtaining a Visa in timely fashion, I was unable to attend.

My sincerest gratitude, respect and affection for Habilian for inviting me to such a sophisticated  and enlightened gathering nonetheless.

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Cruz, Trump to hold anti-Iran rally


“The rally is sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, Center for Security Policy, and the Zionist Organization of America.”

ed note (Tony)…That tells you all you need to know.

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Obama to appeal to US Jews with webcast on Iran deal


Friday’s live broadcast is co-sponsored by American Jewish groups, follows anti-deal online message from Netanyahu

ed note–just a lil’ reminder that whenever organized Jewry begins some screeching campaign in the aftermath of someone stating the obvious–that as a group Jews are over-represented in terms of political power in the US–that they are LYING. When the President has to crawl on his hands and knees before Jews in America in order to get their ‘okey-dokey’ for some policy decision that as the Chief Executive Officer of this political corporation he has decided is in America’s best interests, something is wrong.  Does he do likewise for Christian groups, Islamic groups, Hindus, Buddhists, etc?

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christian ziionist star of david

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Lest We Forget…


ed note–hmmmm, this is a dilly-of a pickle….now, let me see…one with dark hair and eyes, ‘semitic’ in appearance and one who we would expect lives in regions where there is lots of sunlight….the other one, pale as death, light-colored eyes/hair/features who has not one ‘semitic’ feature that would indicate his ancestors originated in a place with lots of sunlight and who would probably burst into flames if his skin were exposed to more than 5 minutes of the kind of ultraviolet radiation that exists in a desert environment…..

I give up, not enough info…


Utah Man Justifies Child Molestation With Bible: God Doesn’t ‘Set Age Limits’


ed note–hate to say it, but he is right. The Old Testament encouraged using Gentile girls captured in war as sex slaves and Lot, Abraham’s cousin, gave his 2 virgin daughters away to sex freaks from Sodom to be ‘abused’ as they saw fit.

It is for these very same reasons that within Jewish communities–and particularly the Orthodox–there is found a disproportionately-high instance of child sexual abuse. People can do all sorts of mental somersaults in trying to ‘contextualize’ what appears in black and white within the pages of the Old Testament (as I am sure they will do in response to this story) but the sad fact and the ugly truth is that–just as the old saying goes–‘it is what it is.’

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Ancient Roman vase is fixed, but who broke it?

After claiming girl accidentally smashed 2,000-year-old glass treasure, Israel Museum now says cause of mishap unknown

ed note–we here at TUT are often accused of being government disinfo agents because we don’t jump onboard the political equivalent of the Titanic in endorsing the various ‘hoax’ theories that now inevitably pop up like a painful boil on a pig’s ass whenever a shooting, bombing, or–believe it or not–shark attack takes place.

Just to show then that we acknowledge the possibility of hoaxes, we’re here to introduce our own theory concerning the breaking of a Roman vase in an Israeli archeological museum that recently took place.

Were it any piece other than Roman, we would not have wasted even a micro-second in postulating that something else happened. That it WAS Roman however, gives us cause for a certain amount of ‘hmmmmmm…..’

The story started out as one involving a little Israeli girl–awwww, isn’t she cute, talking about how much she looks forward to joining the IDF one day–who ‘accidentally’ knocked over a priceless Roman vase traced back to the Roman occupation of Judea. According to the story, the vase includes a ‘Latin inscription’ and a ‘depiction of a Christian couple with their children’.

So, a vase written in the language of occupying Rome and showing a Christian couple with their children being destroyed–Who wants to bet that some mentally-deranged Jew(s) saw it, had a fit, and deliberately destroyed it in yet another act of violence resulting from Judaic psychosis?

Let no one accuse us of not endorsing ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘hoaxes’ if they can be responsibly postulated.

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