Iraq: ISIS Demands $2500 in Extorted Money from Civilians Willing to Leave Fallujah


The ISIL terrorist group has conditioned the exit of Iraqi citizens from Fallujah city without being harmed to paying a large sum of money, media reports said.

ED Noor: This story made me think of the Holocaust movie Schindler’s List, (which I have never had the dubious pleasure of viewing). Or maybe it was Sophie’s Choice, another I have not seen. However, I am told there is a scene in one of them where the mother must decide which child to send away to the bad guys. Imagine what these people of Fallujah, who will never ever recuperate from the brutal attack by America several years ago, are dealing with! What does a family do when it does not have the means to save every member? How does one make such decisions?

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ISIS Using Civilians as Human Shields in Fallujah

Civilians flee their homes to head to safer areas due to clashes between Iraqi security forces and Islamic State militants in the town of Hit in Anbar province, Iraq April 12, 2016. Picture taken April 12 2016. REUTERS/Stringer

Civilians flee their homes to head to safer areas due to clashes between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants in the town of Hit in Anbar province, Iraq

As the Iraqi army and the federal police force are advancing towards the center of Fallujah in the west of Baghdad, the ISIS militants are using civilians as human shields, the local leaders warned.

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Donald Trump Blasts ‘Loser’ Bill Kristol for Trying to Start Third Party

ed note–2 goodies worth noting here–

1. Notice the booing when Kristol’s name is mentioned. Trump’s followers are wise to the ways of the Neocons. 

2.Please name for us any other presidential candidate in recent memory who has come out and denigrated an arch-Neocon such as Kristol in this manner.


British Historian Catherine Hall Rejects £225,000 Israeli Award for ‘Political’ Reasons


Academic snubs prominent prize following lengthy discussions about the Israel-Palestine conflict

ED Noor: Well done, Dr. Hall!

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Israeli soldier who shot & murdered Palestinian in Hebron: ‘Indictment is discriminatory’


Elor Azaria’s lawyers call manslaughter charge in case, involving death of terrorist in Hebron, ‘arbitrary’ when compared to other incidents.

ed note–Just like the old saying concerning a broken clock being right twice a day, what this Juhadist is saying is correct–this is selective prosecution for a crime that has been committed by others of his same ilk but which received no legal attention.

The question that people watching all of this drama should be asking is WHY the Jewish state is now choosing to prosecute a Jewish soldier for carrying out a Judaicly-based murder that is not only sanctioned, but indeed COMMANDED by Jewish ‘ethics’ and Jewish ‘rules of war’.

2 reasons, both of which originate with the same source, which is an increasingly awake Gentile world–

1. If Israel were to do nothing after the video of this horrific act of religious barbarism were broadcast across the entire globe, then suddenly, all those stereotypes concerning Israel and Judaic behavior–which groups such as the ADL et al have spent billions of dollars trying to erase from the collective conscience of Gentiledom–would then spring back to life, and Gentiles–realizing what kind of predators and carnivores they have living in their midst–would begin doing what any healthy immune system would do, which is to deal rationally and reasonably with what is a clear and present danger, not only to themselves as individuals, but as well in terms of their respective Gentile societies.

2. By Israel going through the ‘legal’ process with regards to this murderer, she creates the illusion that she is a ‘nation of laws’ and functions on the same level as countries in the West, where a judicial process takes place and where the guilty are charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced.

In sum, the last thing that organized Jewish interests can afford to have take place is for Gentiles to begin grasping en masse the message that websites such as this and others give on a daily basis, which is that these humanoids and their backwards, barbaric religious mindset pose the most serious threat to the continued survival of the human species ever witnessed in human history.

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Lieberman will make country ‘less safe, less popular,’ MKs lament


Opposition leader Isaac Herzog says citizens should be worried about rightist government; MK Tzipi Livni warns of world isolation

ed note–again, as with anything offered for Gentile consumption by those of the Hebraic variety, please read the fine print.

Herzog, Livni & co are not worried about the fact that Lieberman is a bloodthirsty, maniacal carnivore who poses a clear and present danger to the Palestinians, to the region in general, and to world peace, but rather that his brash, out-in-the-open Jewishness threatens bad PR for the Jewish state, which must at all times maintain the facade of being a stable, sane, ‘democracy’ based upon ‘western’ values. Herzog, Livni & co are not pre-lamenting the sure-as-hellfire massacres that are going to take place under Lieberman, or the horrific human suffering on the part of Gentiles in the region that is as written in stone as cold weather arriving in winter.

Rather, it is that Lieberman is going to rip the carefully-crafted mask off of the entire ‘Jewish state’ experiment and reveal it for what it is/was/always will be–a mad dog theocracy driven by the teachings and precepts of a religion that sanctifies violence and theft against innocent, defenseless people, in complete contradiction to what Judaism’s acolytes and addicts claim–that it is a religion of ‘peace’ and ‘ethics’. Read the rest of this entry »


Leading Israeli human rights group says ‘no longer any point’ to filing complaints against soldiers

Israeli soldiers stand guard near the scene where two Palestinian men were shot dead by Israeli troops at the Beit Ainun junction northeast of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on Jan. 12, 2016. An Israeli army spokesperson said that Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man after he allegedly attempted to stab soldiers at the junction. (Photo: APA Images/Wisam Hashlamoun)

ed note–the question that is never (honestly) asked or (honestly) answered however is WHY things such as this take place. When pressed, left-wing ‘pro-Palestinian’ individuals/groups will say it is because ‘conservative’ elements have taken over Israel, but that if more ‘progressive’ and ‘left-leaning’ interests can take the reins, things will be better.

Hogwash. Israel began as a ‘left-wing’ entity, and some of the bloodiest, violent and racist programs against the Palestinians were implemented/overseen by left-wing leaders, including Ben Gurion.

The reason that things such as this exist because whether it is ‘right-wing’ Judaism, where the attacker beats his victim to death with a crowbar or whether it is ‘left-wing’ Judaism that gives the victim pain killers ahead of time so as to ease the victim’s suffering, the bottom line is that it is JUDAISM, which is the source of the violence, a fact that is plainly spelled out in black and white lettering in ‘holy’ books such as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers, Joshua, Kings, etc, but a fact nevertheless that very few people are willing to discuss. 

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