JERUSALEM – Jews call for the building of a wall encircling 28 Palestinian villages in East Jerusalem to preserve the city’s Jewish identity


And this is how all the ghettos of Europe ended up being built: it was always the jews themselves  who demanded that a wall be built to separate them from us, in order to preserve their jewish identity and ‘ethnic purity’. They did it, not us.

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Bashar Al Assad’s mother dies, aged 86



Our condolences to the Assad Family and to Syria.

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Turkish Women March for Peace Amid Fighting in Diyarbaki


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Europe is Built on Death, Destruction and Theft

honore de balzac

Sabba – What this giant of French Literature said applies at an individual level as well as at a national level.

That being said and putting things in perspective (again), I would say that Europe was originally built on Helleno-Christian foundations. But when Europe deliberately started drinking from the judaic golden chalice (Renaissance), she started turning her back on her Christian roots until ultimately rejecting Christianity and therefore her identity altogether. 

When Europe deliberately rejected her Christianity, Christian Europe died, Christian Civilization died and from her ashes, rose what is known as ‘Western (judaic) civilization’.

It is modern western civilization that was “built on Death, Destruction and Theft”.

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AUSTRALIA – John Pilger speaks passionately (again) on ‘Australia Day’, aka Invasion Day


Sabba – When we hear about the ‘Great Replacement’, when we hear about hordes of brown people coming to our countries to erase our identity, our demographics, our culture and change it forever, remember that this is precisely what we have  successfully done in North America, South America, the Caribbeans, Australia, New Zealand and the numerous countries in the Pacific Ocean. 

We went there, stole their lands, raped their women, scalped them , genocided them, and replaced them in terms of demographics, culture, religion and identity.

Just putting things in perspective.

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WATCH – Obama (correctly) depicted as a murderous devil in downtown Moscow


Making room for the Eretz israel project – Syria’s Lost Generation

syria child

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