Israeli officials are missing Obama earlier than expected

Analysis: Trump wants to reach a formula for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement within a year. His special envoy’s determination is making Jerusalem tremble, as no one knows how the US president will react if the Middle East deal he is concocting fails or is sabotaged.

ed note–please read carefully what the author is saying.

Trump is serious about a resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli situation, and not because he is a ‘nice guy’, but rather because the festering sore now endangers American interests. What the author does not say, but which all should assume is the elephant in the room in terms of the push for some kind of resolution to this problem, is Russia and Iran coming up with a solution of their own and thus pulling the ENTIRE Middle East into their sphere of influence, leaving Uncle Sam either with seriously diminished influence or else none at all.

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The Dershowitz question

ed note–Prima facia evidence as to why it is a complete waste of time to try and have a reasonable, rational conversation with those of the self-chosenite variety, as they are not interested in arriving at the truth, but rather only in achieving their agenda and even when they must lie through their teeth to do so. 

The essay is in and of itself a living, breathing ratification/validation of everything that has been alleged by them since the time of Pharaoh in that they collude and conspire with each other against the interests of any Gentile host society. If there were a speaking engagement scheduled and the speaker in question were the most rabid pro-zionist Jew and a campaign to shut down that venue and prevent that individual from spouting his/her Hebraic black magic, why we would all be inundated–including by the likes of this author–with screeching Op-eds warning of the resurgence of the 3rd Reich and that a new Hollerco$t was being planned. However, when organized collusion takes place in the interests of censoring a discussion that is problematic in terms of the honest and accurate description of Jewish power emanating out of Judaic self-delusion, well, in such a case, ‘brownshirts’ of the Hebraic variety getting together for ‘book burnings’ is perfectly, well, kosher.

Now, as the world stands at the precipice of oblivion resulting directly out of the toxic nature of Jewish power and the disproportionate role it plays in human affairs, it is high-time that the rest of the world come to understand how pointless it is trying to have any kind of rational intercourse with a tribe of people who believe in all that nonsense of a jealous, vindictive, angry, violent god named yahweh favoring one tiny spec of human DNA as his ‘chosen’ people. You would get further talking to some street crazy screaming about an imminent invasion from outer space then you would with these people. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal

White House extends sanctions relief to Islamic Republic but State Department says president ordered review of 2015 agreement

ed note–keep in mind that this is the same Trump administration that–a few months ago–various ‘experts’ in this ‘muuvemnt’ were claiming was about to start WWIII by launching a military strike against Iran at ANY FREAKING MOMENT. This is also the same administration that a few weeks ago these same ‘experts’ were claiming had just started WWIII by launching a for-the-most-part-for-show missile attack on an empty air base in Syria.

The point is, people should just WAIT and not allow their worst fears to get the best of their analytical ability until a better handle is acquired as to what is really going on. An egg can be a lot of things, and while indeed it could contain an alligator, sometimes it’s only a turkey.

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John McCain tells NBC, ‘I hope the Washington establishment sucked Trump in’ (Video)

isis mccain

THE DURAN –  Senator John McCain talks about North Korea’s failed missile test, and how the swamp is swallowing up Trump. CONTINUE READING

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UK – Top government lawyer seeking to block prosecution of Tony Blair over Iraq War


RT – UK Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC is prepared to go to court to demand that former Prime Minister Tony Blair not be prosecuted over the Iraq war, according to a report.  The planned move by the attorney general follows a judge’s ruling last year that Blair has immunity from criminal charges over Iraq, and that pursuing a prosecution could “involve details being disclosed under the Official Secrets Act,” the Guardian reported. CONTINUE READING

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Syrian UN envoy claims Israel is directly supporting ISIS by bombing regime sites


DAILY MAIL – A Syrian UN envoy has accused Israel of helping ISIS by bombing government sites in the war-torn country. The extraordinary claim was made by Bashar al-Jaafari, who accused  the Israeli government of ‘adding fuel to the fire’. The comments were made at a UN Security Council meeting about the conflict in Syria. CONTINUE READING

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INDIA – Hindutva Indian Army accused of using Kashmir man as human shield (VIDEO)

india israel shake

RT – Police in Kashmir have filed a criminal complaint against the Indian Army after video emerged showing a man tied to a jeep and allegedly being used as a human shield.

Farooq Ahmad Dar said he was on his way to a funeral before being bound to the jeep and driven to at least nine villages in the region.

Charges of kidnapping and endangerment of the man’s life are being considered against the army by police, NDTV reported. Security sources told NDTV that the incident took place on April 9. CONTINUE READING

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