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June6 1990 trump thrifte

ED Noor: Dear lord, Trump is a member of “The Chintzy Thirteen”!  I stumbled upon this wickedly amusing anecdote about Donald Trump that was worth sharing. It is an excerpt from a piece at Mad Cow News titled Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach

After a long disclosure about Trump and Russian mob money and shared real estate dealings, the author lightens the mood with the following rather sly little story of a competition between Trump and Adnan Khashoggi.  Just a silly story to make you smile at the extreme vanity of highly successful alpha males.


“The first time I saw Donald Trump’s name linked with Adnan Khashoggi’s was in a wickedly funny article from the early 90’s in Spy Magazine called  ”Who is America’s cheapest zillionaire?”

Spy magazine ~ cruel, brilliant, beautifully-written, and feared by all ~ incorporated a company called the National Refund Clearinghouse, gave it its own checking account, and zipped out refund checks to 58 “well-known, well-heeled Americans” for $1.11 apiece.

Chortling, the magazine’s editors settled back to see who cashed them.

26 frugal people ~ “The Bargain-Basement 26,” including Cher, Harry Helmsley, Michael Douglas, Shirley MacLaine, Kurt Vonnegut, and Donald Trump and Adnan Khashoggi, who partied together in swank Palm Beach Florida ~ cashed their $1.11 checks.

Each then receive a second “National Refund Clearinghouse” check,  for 64 cents,  half the amount of the first check as compensation said a cover letter,  for ”a computer error.’  Trump, Khashoggi, and 11 other extraordinarily cheap people each cashed checks for 64 cents apiece.

“The Chintzy 13” then each received a final check for 13 cents.

Donald Trump & Adnan Khashoggi were the last men standing. Trump, who the magazine called a “short-fingered-vulgarian,” and Khashoggi, who personally endorsed his on the back, each cashed checks totaling one dime and three pennies.

Whether by accident, coincidence, or cosmic design, over the next two decades Trump and Khashoggi’s names will be inextricably linked.”

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Latin American Spring: Venezuela-check. Argentina-Check. Brazil-in the works

“What better way to thwart Brazil’s successful dealings with Russia and China, as part of the BRICS economic alliance, than to insert an oligarchical leader whose party heavily favors U.S. interests.”

ed note {tony}…In the above photo, we see Eduardo Cunha shaking hands with war criminal Netanyahu. Cunha is an ‘Eeeee-Van-Gel-eeee-Cal’ christian, who is the chief politician going after the Brazilian president.

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Israel Police Refuse to Release Video of Thwarted West Bank Stabbing Attack


Eyewitness accounts by Palestinians contradict police’s claim that Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and her brother Ibrahim Salah Tahah, 16, refused their request to stop and posed a threat to officers.

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IDF officer attacked by Jewish settlers near Hebron


Police say army liaison assaulted by Havat Gal residents when he came to inspect suspected illegal construction

ed note–to many observers who don’t understand the associated deeper implications, this falls into the ‘so what?’ file. Others–who operate in the all-too-common default mode that seems to predominate within certain neighborhoods in this ‘movement’ will make the claim that ‘everything is a trick’ and therefore somehow this is all ‘for show’.

The truth however is that despite the appearance of being monolithic, oftentimes Judaic interests diverge rather than converge, and as such, sometimes the hyenas take a break from their war against Gentiledom long enough to be at each others’ throats rather than at ours.

During the period of Roman occupation of Judea, a group of radicals known as the Zealots advocated for all-out war against Rome in cleansing the ‘Promised Land’ of Gentile influence. Specially-designated assassins known as the Sicarri were tasked with murdering not only Roman Centurians, but as well other Jews who were deemed ‘not sufficiently patriotic’ vis a vis the Zealot agenda. Jews operating within the ‘business class’ and who had formed a comfortable relationship with the Romans and who personally benefited from the occupation in terms of both money and influence opposed what the Zealots were doing, knowing that war with Rome was suicidal and that they themselves would pay a heavy price for any uprisings.

We see a virtually identical repeat taking place today, as ‘left’ leaning Jews understand how precarious the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm is and how those ‘rightwing’ elements threaten to bring down the entire Judaic construct that today enjoys a very comfortable arrangement with ‘Rome’ in terms of Jewish control of Western finance, influence, media, politics, etc.

It is based upon this that we see this gangwar taking place these days, both in Israel proper and in ‘Greater Israel’–meaning the rest of the world–between the radical forces of modern day Zealotry and the more ‘moderate forces’ who understand that a worldwide awakening of Gentiles to the inherent pathological nature of Judaic influence could signal the destruction of thousands of years of planning/progress in the same way that the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Read the rest of this entry »


ADL to Trump: Come up with something other than ‘America First’


Organization reminds Republican frontrunner that term is closely associated with WWII-era anti-Semitism, pro-Nazi proclivities

ed note–The ADL and all associated Judaic spy organizations are correct in that Trump did not just ‘come up’ with this phrase from out of the blue, and no, it was not because he ‘liked Hitler’ or is ‘planning another Holocaust’ as the world is warned on a daily basis.

The America First party recognized clearly the role that organized Jewish interests played in the establishment of Bolshevism and the unimaginable and unprecedented horrors that this Judaically-created/inspired monster unleashed upon the peoples of Russia. Furthermore, the AF party also understood that Judaism was a world-wide threat to all human civilization, and that America’s entry into WWII was a planned step towards creating a Judaic Imperium that threatened not just the United States, but indeed all peoples.

As we have discussed here, both on the website and in various programs, Trump (as well as those as-of-this-moment unseen forces who are supporting him) understand that we are now ‘down to the wire’ as the saying goes, and that if drastic measures are not taken soon, a threshold will be crossed towards an oblivion from which there is no turning back, if indeed this is not the case already. Trump utilizing the phrase ‘America First’ (audiogenic in much the same way as his ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’) is in effect a shot across the bow on his part, signalling to those organized Jewish interests out to bring about WW3 (that, just like its 2 predecessors, will have but one beneficiary, which are those same aforementioned Organized Jewish Interests) that a change of plans has taken place and that an American-led Armageddon has been put on indefinite hold.

This one statement alone–‘America First’–should suffice in underscoring that Trump is not ‘their man’, despite the empty-headed ‘analysis’ put forth by certain self-described ‘experts’ in this movement who don’t have enough intellectual horsepower to find their own asses, and not even when using both hands, a map and a GPS unit. Please ignore these people and their mindless mutterings and start making noise aimed at helping this counter-revolution take place. Read the rest of this entry »


‘Never forget,’ the world said of the Holocau$t. But the world is forgetting

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You didn’t think the US was really detaching from its Israeli-Saudi alliances and normalizing relations with Iran did you?


Sabba – The best definition of geopolitics was given by Lord Palmerston (1784-1865) when describing British policy: “We have no eternal allies and we have no perpetual enemies. We only have eternal and perpetual interests”. 

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