300 rabbis vow to ‘wake EU from its dangerous slumber’


“The rabbis met at a time of rising anti-Semitism in Europe, with populist and xenophobic parties in the ascendancy and, as a result, more legislation that severely impacts religious minorities and attack the Jewish way of life.”

ED-NOTE – In the case of France, there have been  223 000 acts of physical aggression in 2017. Out of those, 71 were against Jews. The term ‘act of aggression’ can be misleading when applied to the Jews as it includes pushing, tripping, kicking, slapping  etc. Interesting to note as well as that kicking, slapping, pushing are not considered acts of aggression when the victim is a Goy. 

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UK – Every day is “Punish a Muslim Day” for British Muslims


“You don’t need a hateful letter to help you punish Muslims. Here’s how it’s usually done.” CONTINUE READING

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UK – ‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Letters sent out offering rewards for throwing acid and “burning or bombing a mosque”

mossad christian muslim clash


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Israel Has a Playbook for Dealing With North Korea

A man watches a TV screen showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, right, and U.S. President Donald Trump, left, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, March 9, 2018

ED-NOTE – The article is from September 2017 but is worth a read. CONTINUE READING

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Trump’s Abrupt New Romance With Kim Leaves Netanyahu Hurting, and Stranded

From Left: Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

“Shortly after star-crossed bromancers Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu parted after their cozy interlude at the White House, Trump quickly turned his affections in another direction.

It was kind of sudden, and it would be hard to fault Netanyahu if he felt hurt by the whole thing.

But however hurt his feelings may have been when the Donald’s attentions abruptly shifted in the direction of a new suitor, this one in Pyongyang, it is quite possibly the long-term damage to the Jerusalem-Washington, D.C. relationship that could be even more significant.”

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How They Do It– ‘Blaming the Jews is always bad and Putin is evil for doing it’

ed note–a case study of the root cause of the Jewish problem and why ‘anti-Shemitism’–the deliberately-deceptive term given in ‘explaining’ the autonomic and reflexive Gentile reaction to obnoxious, self-worshiping and self-aggrandizing Jewish behavior–has existed throughout time.

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Putin and the Jews

Silence of the world’s leaders in the face of Putin’s comments about the Jews is dangerous

ed note–again, let’s please revisit the underlying protocols–no pun intended–driving all of this judaic noise and jrama.

What if in fact it was indeed ‘Jews with Russian passports’ who engaged in this, in the same manner as it turned out to be ‘Jews’ who were responsible for phoning in all the fake bomb hoaxes, in exactly the same manner as Trump suggested that then resulted in all the typical jrama that attends anything even SLIGHTLY unpleasant being intimated against GAAAWD’S chosen people?

Again, prima facie evidence as to ‘how they do it’. They understand that every journey begins with the very first step and understand that the way to make sure that those potentially-problematic journeys must be diverted at the very beginning lest all hell break loose.

One thing is for sure however–were it NOT  ‘Jews with Russian citizenship’ doing all of this, those elements charged with trying to undermine Trump’s presidency with all the noise and jrama concerning ‘Russian collusion’ would bring that evidence forth, and the fact that they are not means they know that Putin has them dead to rights and therefore can do nothing more than what Jews are good at doing–complaining, kvetching, and theatrics. Read the rest of this entry »