Genetic study: Ashkenazi Jews are substantially of Western European origin

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ED-NOTE – This article fails to mention the most important thing of all: what does the word Ashkenaz actually mean? Because it does mean something and it is NOT Khazars.

We find the word ‘Ashkenaz’ all throughout Jewish Medieval literature and it means one thing and one thing only: Germany. The Ashenazi are Jews living in Germany and most specifically, the Jews living in what was known as Old Saxony. And Old Saxony is that part of Germany where the Saxons, who invaded Britain and ‘utterly destroyed’ the druidic Celtic culture, came from. 

The Saxons were (are?) the most brutal, savage and blood thirsty of all the Germanic barbarian tribes and the etymology of their name might perhaps shed some light on who they really are.

The WN/CI would like to believe that Saxons means the ‘son of Isaac’ but traditionally, it literally means”warrior with knives”or “dagger-men”.  As far as I know, there was only one other group of people known as dagger-men: the Sicarii. In other words, Saxons can be and perhaps should be translated as Sicarii. It is the exact same meaning after all.

We know that Judaism used to be a proselyting religion. Could it be that the Saxons-Sicarii had first adopted Judaism before they were brutally forced to convert to Christianity by the Frankish king Charlemagne after his 30 years war against them?

The Saxons-Sicarii-Ashkenazi triangle could explain many things among which:

1 – why the Kabbalah which was meant to subvert and destroy the Italian and French societies failed miserably while in Germany and especially in Old Saxony-Ashkenaz, its success exceeded expectations. 

2 – why the Reformation, triggered by the Saxon Martin Luther, could only have started in in Northern Germany-Ashkenaz, why it took by storm all the Northern Germanic countries, Britain included, while Latin and Slavic countries resisted it.

3 – why there are so many similarities in mindset between the Jews, the Germans and the Anglo-Saxons and why the Anglo-Saxons have been Judea’s favorite attack dog for centuries now.

I think the CI/WN crowds may have been right all along: when they tell us they are the true Israelites, what they are in fact telling us is that they are simply Jews, with all the horror this word conveys or, to use a Jewish medieval terminology, they are the real Ashkenazi, the Jews of the Old Saxony.  CONTINUE READING




Congress Takes Up Bill to Protect the Unborn with a Heartbeat – 69% of Americans back the bill


ED-NOTE – The Dean of TUT Uni, MG, has said many times that there was no ‘movement’ and used many examples to argue his point. But no topic illustrates his statement better than the question of abortion.

In my own personal life, I have come across innumerable anti-feminist women who are pro-infanticide without them being able to see that abortion is the corner stone upon which Feminism has been built.  I have met on social media many self proclaimed Jew-wise truthers – men and women –  who also support it.

Their Jew-wisdom all of a sudden disappears and, like programmed zombies, they forget everything they thought they knew and will repeat ad-nauseam  the Judaic mantra ‘My Body My Choice’ in unison with all the pro-infanticide fanatics, as if they were possessed, as if they have been bewitched by some black magic.  Their vision gets blurred and they become absolutely unable to see the whole picture, to see how the question of abortion is related to the greater question, how it is part and parcel of the bigger problem: the Jewish question/the Jewish problem.

‘My body, my choice’ is a total fallacy and has nothing to do with abortion.

Yes, a woman’s body is hers to do with it whatever she wants: be promiscuous, kill herself, amputate herself, deface herself etc. That indeed is her body, no one is questioning this but that is not what is at stake.

Abortion is not about a woman’s body at all, it is about another being’s body and that should never be forgotten. The life inside a woman’s womb is not hers; an unborn baby’s body is not hers either.

And so when a woman decides to have an abortion, it is not her life she is taking away but somebody else’s and no woman should have any ‘right’ to terminate a life which was never hers. CONTINUE READING


Israel’s Response To Trump’s Peace Deal: Snuff Out Hopes For A Palestinian State With One Million Settlements In The West Bank


RT – Israel’s Jerusalem affairs minister is calling for sheer numbers to root out the very idea of a sovereign Palestinian state. He says about a million Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank should do the trick. CONTINUE READING

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UK – Live-streaming of child sexual abuse a growing trend, charity warns


RT – Children as young as two months of age are being sexually abused online, in what a global charity says is a growing ‘dark’ trend of live-streamed child exploitation. Much of the demand comes from UK-based pedophiles. ‘Cybersex trafficking’ is a new form of exploitation, whereby children are being forced to perform sexual acts for the sexual gratification of online customersCONTINUE READING

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FLASHBACK – UAE ‘secret’ ties with Israel exposed


Knesset member Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) is the contact person between Gargash’s office and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Every week Israeli businessmen come to the emirate, as though Israel isn’t occupying Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque,” CONTINUE READING

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UAE and Israel are like ‘brothers’ says senior general

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MEMO – The UAE and Israel are like brothers, said one of Abu Dhabi’s senior military general. During an interview with an American news agency Defence & Aerospace Report, Staff Major General, Pilot Abdullah Al-Hashmi, answered questions about UAE military capability.

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Jewish identity politics gone crazy: “Anti-Semitism” bill could equate criticism of Israel with racism – Jewish community split over implications for dual-loyalty


SOTT – During the question and answer portion of the hearing, an exchange between Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Dr. Barry Trachtenberg, the Chair of Jewish History at Wake Forest University, was revealing and rooted in American Jewish history. Trachtenberg argued that the State Department’s definition of antisemitism was deeply flawed because it defines all accusations of American Jewish dual-loyalty as inherently antisemitic. By these standards, the ideas of Theodor Herzl could be defined as antisemitic. Herzl argued that because Jews represent one people, it is useless for them to be loyal to any other state but the proposed Jewish State. Rabbi Cooper seemed to misunderstand the argument, reflexively accusing Trachtenberg of providing “cannon fodder for antisemites”.  CONTINUE READING