How They Do It– ‘Is Guilt Killing the West from Within?’

ed note–the latest Judaic madness from the Judaic madman Jew-lio Meotti, who argues in J-code that the reluctance of the West–and especially the US–to assert itself militarily in destroying the Islamic world for the benefit of the Jewish state is rooted in ‘guilt’ over the centuries of Western colonialism.

Yes, the same Jew-lio Meotti who is constantly agitating the guilt gland of the West over that great barbecue said to have taken place in the last century known as the Hollerco$t.

Of particular puke value is Meotti’s pretending to be morally mal-affected by what happened to the Christians of Iraq by those mean ol’ muzlims after the US–per Israel’s orders–invaded and  destroyed that country.

Riddle for TUT readers today to de-code–

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The Chosen People and anti-Semitism

Most Jews are unable to adequately explain the concept of Jewish election to outsiders. Most Gentiles think Jews feel they are better than others because G-d chose them.

ed note–as we like to say here often, the ‘Jewish question’ is not as difficult to discern or deconstruct as we are led (by the Jews themselves) to believe. It really all boils down to a few basic protocols–

1. Jewish narcissism as characterized by the ‘we are the chosen people’ paradigm,

2. The elitist and narcissistic behavior (oftentimes criminal, violent, and irrational) that inevitably flows from the elitist and narcissistic mindset that embraces the notion of being ‘chosen’, and

3. The unwillingness on the part of these elitist and narcissistic elements to climb down from the exalted position they have created for themselves and deal fairly and squarely with others, or as famously put by Jesus Christ, the singular man most hated by the Chosen–

‘…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

As far as the piece itself, it is a typical, text-book case example of the thousands-of-years-old Judaic mental illness which we like to refer to here as ‘Jtosis’. However, just like a broken clock being right twice a day, our unesteemed Hebraic author does manage to hit the bulls-eye, although he fails to fully grasp the implications of just what he inadvertently blurted out in black and white letters for the entire world to see–

‘ this election (being ‘chosen’)  is probably one of the roots of anti-Judaism.’

Well, what more can we say about that other than–


In other words, Gentiles dislike of Jews throughout history–otherwise mis-named as ‘anti-Shemitism’–is not ‘racist’ in nature but rather–as our unesteemed Hebraic author states plainly–is due entirely to the elitist and narcissistic behavior (oftentimes criminal, violent, and irrational) that inevitably flows from the elitist and narcissistic mindset that embraces the notion of being ‘chosen’ and is therefore not some ‘irrational’ hatred as Jewish hasbaratchiks like to claim.


‘Anti-Shemitism’ is brought on by the Jews themselves, and anytime they truly want it ‘eradicated’, the ball is in their court to do so simply by detoxifying themselves of their Judaism and of its elitist and narcissistic behavior  that is oftentimes criminal, violent, and irrational.

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How Netanyahu’s Father Adopted the View of Arabs as Savages

Benzion Netanyahu, the late father of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, looked to historian Joseph Klausner as his intellectual mentor and fully embraced his view of Arabs as a nation of half-savages to be defended against.

ed note–remember a few things here when ‘decoding’ all of this–

1. It is not only the Arabs whom the Jews view as ‘savages’, but indeed, all Gentiles, and whether it is dark-skinned people, light-skinned people, people with blond hair or people with slanted eyes, it does not matter–The Jews are the ‘chosen’ people and the rest of us–as made clear in the words of Israel’s Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef shortly before he died and went to hell–are ‘donkeys created in human form so as to better serve the Jews’.

2. There is a particular hatred which the Jews entertain towards the Arabs however as a result of the various tall Torah tales dealing with Ishmael, the Phillistines, the Canaanites and the Amelekites, whom the Jews have been commanded to exterminate via religious protocol and decree.

3. As it pertains to Netanyahu’s father, he also knew there were practical reasons for embracing this already-Judaic notion of Arabs as ‘savages’, given that it is a necessary psychological precursor to dehumanize the very people you mean to murder, displace and oppress. 

and, finally–

4. No one should make the mistake of thinking for a microsecond that Netanyahu does not share the same views as his father, and that every time an Israeli missile lands on the home of some Arab family and killing everyone inside, that in his heart of hearts he says ‘This one’s for you, Dad’.

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Netanyahu hints: Israel prevented Iranian attack on France

Israeli PM says ‘no coincidence’ Iranian plot to bomb rally in Paris was thwarted.

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Convicted murderer, Judaic terrorist Elor Azaria receives hero’s welcome on return to scene of Hebron massacre

Dozens chant ‘Hebron loves you’ as they line up to take photos with the former soldier, who served 9 months for killing incapacitated Palestinian attacker

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Yad Vashem slams ‘highly problematic’ Israeli-Polish Holocaust statement

Joint declaration includes ‘grave errors and deceptions,’ institution’s historians argue; senior minister demands Netanyahu rescind it

ed note–a few ‘protocols’ that need to be discussed and understood here.

1. Incredible yet true, if organized Jewish interests today could get into a time machine and go back to that era just prior to that event which they refer to as ‘the Holocaust’ and rescue every single Hebrew and Shebrew from what they claim was Hitler’s deadly grasp, they would not do it. Israel’s 1st PM Ben Gurion made a statement to that effect in so many words when he talked about the need for ‘Jooish suffrink’ in helping to establish the Jooish state and how if he had to choose between saving the blessed 6 million or a handful of hardcore, violent, religious nutcase Zionists, he would choose to save the latter.

The point being, powerful Jewish interests have not/do not/never will shed a genuine tear for whatever it was that took place during those ‘Hollerco$t’ years because it has been a winning lottery ticket that is/can be cashed in whenever these powerful Jewish interests are demanding something.

2. An honest, intelligent analysis of just what encompasses this ‘agreement’ between Poland and the Jewish state reveals that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever about which Jewry should be getting its collective panties in a pinch. The main Hollerco$t narrative remains the same, the numbers have not changed, and the position on the part of the Polish government (that indeed did cease to exist temporarily during WWII) that it was ‘duh Not-zees’ responsible for it is perfectly reasonable from the most basic level of historical accuracy.

So what is it that has Judea, Inc so nervous?

Probably many items, but 2 things for sure–

Although it has not been explicitly stated in any news coverage of this latest drama, more than likely what the Polish government has told Israel is as follows–

‘Look, we’re tired of your s*** and tired of being pushed around by you cockroaches. We’re tired of you screwing around with our politics and our domestic affairs. We’re tired of you sending your Mossad people here to blow things up and start trouble. If you don’t back off, we’re going to open the archives of what actually took place in Auchwitz, Bergen Belsen, etc, from the OFFICIAL Polish government archives and show the world what conmen, liars, and frauds you are. After that, we are going to bring it up at the UN, where we will be sure to get plenty of support from all sorts of other countries who hate your guts too, and pretty soon, the narrative upon which you have based the justification for all your murder and mayhem in the Middle East and beyond will fall apart like a cheap suit.’

The other thing we know for sure is that Jews fear the truth as much as a vampire fears sunlight, and since the entire ‘poor, suffrink Jooz’ narrative is a house of cards that will fall apart the moment it is jostled or moved in the slightest, therefore Israel cannot tolerate anything whatsoever that comes along and destabilizes that precarious narrative upon which all her power is based.

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Lawsuits against Alex Jones by Sandy Hook victims totaling over $1 million in damages

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